Darius Safavi

Before Scaling With Systems, Darius Safavi had been trying to make entrepreneurship work for the last decade. From building a handyman marketplace business in London, a taxi financing business in Ghana and a crypto arbitrage bot, he had tried ‘everything’ with some moderate success, but nothing had ever really clicking for him. For the past year specifically, he had been building a platform to connect software engineers in Asia to fast growing technology companies in western markets, but this venture was badly hit by the pandemic.

“Upon joining SWS, I took a bit of time to digest the course material and transition out of some “freelance consulting” work that I had been doing in Singapore. I started outreach week commencing 8th March 2021, and within just 35 days, had landed 7 clients, amounting to $216K SGD ARR (approx. $162 USD ARR). My business ‘Cahoop’ achieved more in those 35 days than I had in the past several years of “trying in entrepreneurship”.

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