Holistic Pet Health Coach

From $0 to $40,000/Month In Less Than 4 Months

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How We Helped Ruth Scale Her Business To Go From Losing Money To Making Consistent Sales And Bringing In $40,000/Month In Less Than 4 Months

“3-4 months ago, we went from breaking even or losing money to actually having profit in the bank for the first time and a very long time.” – Ruth Roberts

Holistic Pet Health Coach

Website: https://drruthroberts.com/


What does your company do?

My company trains and certifies ordinary people and pet professionals to be holistic pet health coaches. The coaches serve pet parents and give them options for alternative support for chronic disease and clinical nutrition.

Where were you before Scaling With Systems? 

We started about a year ago and just getting it off the ground. I have tried a few things as far as outreach on social media. We were often breaking even or losing money.

How did you find Scaling With Systems, and what made you decide to work with us? 

If I tried to figure out how to set up the tech and how to develop a system, that would have taken me many, many hours to sort that all out and a lot of trial and error. 

So that had been my desire to join the scaling initiative was to have you all help me figure out what system would fit the best. 

What did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business?

One problem was my trying to direct everything. And in doing that, I wasn’t doing anything very well at all. So part of what you helped me do is figure out where to hand off different responsibilities within my team and also bring on additional team members to take care of many different tasks. 

That was just critical to allow me to do what was more important for the business, which is supporting the coaching students as well as developing relationships with other businesses.

What were some big wins that occurred inside your business once we identified these problems?

Once we got the client acquisition system really dialed in, we went from lots of no-shows to an 80-90% show-up rate and then a 30 to 40% close rate with those calls.

And that allowed the cash flow to develop other portions of the business, bring on more team members, improve our whole game as far as the quality of material that was being produced, and really amplify our ability to speak more efficiently with our audience.

What are some “Before & After” results in tangible metrics you experienced in your business from working with us?

3-4 months ago, we went from breaking even or losing money to actually having profit in the bank for the first time and a very long time. So that was, that was a massive shift.

From the get-go, we went from 0 to 5 clients a month consistently. Then in May, we had a really outstanding month; we went to 8 sales for the month, which has been fantastic. So the plan is to continue to grow that and keep scaling up. We’ve got currently 15 graduates and 30 people that are currently enrolled.

What would you say to someone considering working with Scaling With Systems?

If you’re not really crystal clear about what to do next, that’s what all of the courses are geared to. They give you step-by-step procedures to implement and grow your business. The support from the entire team has been just amazing. 

And quite honestly, to the coaching that you’re doing when I’m getting down and being lazy or getting into a little pity party, you’ve been excellent at really kicking me in the butt and getting me up off the sofa to do what I need to get done to make it move forward.

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