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From An Underperforming Offer To $54,000 In New Revenue In Just Weeks

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How We Helped Justin Go From Spinning His Wheels With His Low-Ticket Offer To Skyrocketing His Clientele & Revenue In Just One Month With A New Productized High-Ticket Offer

Within a few weeks, I doubled or tripled the amount of investment I put into Scaling With Systems. It was an instant return on my money. – Justin Barnett

VR Creator Academy

Website: https://vrcreatoracademy.com/

What does your company do?

I teach people how to build VR games. My company actually started out [offering] a self-paced course. And then, after Scaling With Systems, we’ve started to do a higher ticket offer where it’s more of a very involved transformation where I take people into the career of VR.

Where were you before Scaling With Systems? 

I’ve been doing a YouTube channel for two or three years and then actually started doing one-on-one coaching for four or five clients. It was a once-a-week meeting with the client for an hour. I just didn’t really enjoy it. So I decided to just make a self-paced course, where I just filmed a bunch of videos, and then deliver it as the lower ticket offer, which went well for about six months. 

How did you find Scaling With Systems, and what made you decide to work with us? 

I started to look around for something different and found Scaling With Systems and how you actually productize a higher ticket offer, which is a lot more of what I was looking for (instead of the coaching program where everything’s different). Transitioning people into a career in VR made a lot more sense. 

It was really the system’s part of Scaling With Systems that really drew me in. Because I’ve been doing just organic outreach through YouTube and I have an email list that passively generates leads. 

I wanted to start to systematize things in order to scale them up and then realized there’s a whole other market opportunity that I’m missing out on in these high ticket offers.

What did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business?

It was really offering the transformation and nailing that down. So, the first few days when I was in Scaling With Systems, we actually created a cold-friendly offer. That whole process was really powerful in helping me narrow down and focus on what I wanted to provide to people. 

Because up until this point, it had really just been, “here’s a bunch of information – do with it what you will” and, so people would pay for that or come to the YouTube channel and get it for free. 

And actually, coming up with an offer and offering a transformation that I could provide people really helped me develop this product that I could create and replicate and start to scale up.

What were some big wins that occurred inside your business once we identified these problems?

Coming into it with the approach of “here’s the actual process and the actual mechanisms” really changed my thinking from just trying to draw on anyone and everyone to, “here’s a very specific lead that I want to come in and client that I actually want to work with.” 

This specific client goes through the same process every single time, and being able to nail down that process and come up with that ahead of time, really just makes the rest of the fulfillment super easy. I love that. That was like the piece I was missing. 

What are some “Before & After” results in tangible metrics you experienced in your business from working with us?

It was super cool, actually. The course had done pretty well; I had sold a decent amount of units for the course. But you have to sell a lot to get a decent amount of income. 

Whereas within a couple of weeks of coming into Scaling With Systems, nailing that offer down, I had 11 sales. I ended up getting $54,000 in contract sales, which was wild.

Within a few weeks, I doubled or tripled the amount of investment I put into Scaling With Systems. It was an instant return on my money.

When I first started out coaching, the fulfillment was so annoying because it was different for every single client. I would have to mentally shift where I was at every single time.

Now I’m handling three or four times the number of clients than I was a year ago when I first attempted the coaching thing, and it’s been super easy.

What would you say to someone considering working with Scaling With Systems?

Even the first week or two has been worth the money that I invested in Scaling With Systems because we really nailed down what I wanted to provide. 

Even just having that focus has been able to drive me toward the number of sales that I’ve gotten. 

I’ve gotten my money back and more already within the first month. So, it’s very worthwhile.

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