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How We Helped David Balji 3X His Business From $10,000/Month To $30,000/Month By Building Him An End-To-End Client Acquisition System That Now Generates New Leads Consistently, Predictably, & Profitably

“This is the best solution I’ve ever found to amplify all aspects of my business. I would significantly recommend hopping in.”David Balji

Impact Launch


What does your company do?

Impact Launch helps expert coaches and consultants acquire new clients. We guarantee them to sign 2-3 new dream clients within 45 days with a focus on acquisition and sales.

Where were you before Scaling With Systems? 

We were a done-for-you offer, but it wasn’t scalable in the way we needed. We weren’t hyper-targeted on who we wanted to serve. We were doing manual, time-consuming outreach efforts that weren’t consistent.

I’ve invested in a good amount of programs but had yet to see accountability and personal 1-1 coaching with such a high-level program that Scaling With System offers. 

How did you find Scaling With Systems, and what made you decide to work with us? 

I was watching YouTube videos of Ravi, and the conviction and value he gave in the videos really kicked it up a notch. I started to apply some of what I was learning. It felt like time for me to take a mastermind, and this is the one I wanted to do. 

You guys offer the full suite of the team, anything that we need, it’s there. Getting on the phone and learning about all of this, I had no objections; it blew my mind. I could see that Scaling With Systems was offering 10 to 100X more than any other coaching program. 

What did you immediately recognize that needed fixing inside your business?

We fixed the offer and the acquisition because they were inconsistent. We revamped it, upped the price, got hyper-specific, and made it efficient. We installed the acquisition system that Scaling With Systems gave us. 

What were some big wins that occurred inside your business once we identified these problems?

We got clear on a more scalable offer, moving from a done-for-you to a hybrid-style offer. Our efficiency was boosted by this change, and we got better results for our clients when we put them in the driver’s seat of the business.

What are some “Before & After” results in tangible metrics you experienced in your business from working with us?

In under 12 hours of signing up, I got my first $9,000 client. We were at around $8,000-$10,000 in revenue a month before Scaling With Systems, and six months later, we are hitting $30,000/month. 

Before, it was all over the place. We had no acquisition system and no consistent leads, we were manually doing outreach and referrals. We knew we couldn’t sustain off of that. Now, we have very consistent acquisition, and we help our own clients with this challenge.

What have been the most valuable aspects of working with us?

For the past two years, our acquisition was terrible. It was the hardest part because I had never found one working system.

I not only know how to do it now, but how to think. You instilled the idea of how to think differently and be proactive about how to do it.

What would you say to someone considering working with Scaling With Systems?

Don’t think, just do. This is the best solution I’ve ever found to amplify all aspects of my business. I would significantly recommend hopping in. Scaling With Systems tailors it specifically to the business very well. 

It’s like a concierge – anything we need, you guys are always there for us. You treat our business like it is your business. I’ve never seen that anywhere else. It is incredible. 


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