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Ads went live yesterday! 7 Leads 1 booked call!! Super excited!!!


Yea that all looks great! Got one more sale today for $4k actually


Robby: @Joe Mann depending on how the day goes we might crack the 6 fig month
Robby: Regardless we hit PR month thoooo


That deal closed at $2500


Total Ad Spend: $1,917.92
Total Cash Collected from Ads: $10,500
Have 2 deals open on the 5 yard line. Prayers up we bring it in by EOW


Hey hey Champ!! Thanks for checking in man. All good on my end, feeling more certain than ever before. Stoked – just closed a deal 5 mins ago hahaha!


Also if im quite its because we are taking action since starting we amended our offer and campaign:
£6,465 ad spend
£36k cash collected
£62k All Sales
From 8 new clients


$3k x 5


$3500 deal closed PIF YA BOY IS BACKKKKK


Ads have been on for less than 24 hours and already two calls booked!!!!


cash in hand after today $6k min, total rev closed $36k
keep in mind we have another person who paid the deposit, is getting interviewed then we have to make a package for, i quoted $5-7k/m


Closed a 8k PIF from the $50k script blast. Less than 24 hrs from launch lol


So I ended up sending out another version of the $50k script from early Feb when we sent it out last (based on the suggestion from Ravi to someone on the weekly calls about doing that every 3 months or so). Booked out my calendar from calls this week and have gotten THREE sales in the last two days!


I’ve gotten 3 booked calls so far.


Another win! Brought back from the dead (came back to me). Offered lower priced version of what she previously couldn’t afford (exchange rate was 2x against her). That’s 3 wins, totaling $11,475 gross w/ $3,577 cash in the door.


We just received a DealSkool signup last night. He was a $50k Script Booked call (and current student of MoneySkool) that I had a call with last Tuesday.


so right now collected
$500 + 4 x $2250 due
$1,000 + $3k next week + 5 payments $2k then $1k
$1,000 + 4 x $3500
so cash collected
$2500 so far
contract value
there’s a couple more fish on the line also & lots of leads to follow up with…


Joe: LETS GO! Amazing, how much was the close?
Alex: $500 down with 4 x $2250


So I sent out my $50K script last week, booked my first 4 sales conversations, and have gone 4 for 4 to say “yes” so far. :astonished: The first 2 transacted today, expecting the others to come through soon. So I guess this is my first official ringing of the bell… $7,600 today! SWS is no joke.


ALSO big update lol. Turns out we closed a deal from ads this past saturday without knowing it LOL
the lead booked in through our cold email funnel. Asked him on the onboarding call today how he found us, and he said, he saw the ad –> googled me –> found my instagram page –> clicked the link in the bio and then booked in a call (cold email booking link) lol
So as of today:
Total Ad Spend: $914
Total Cash Collected: $3500
Cash ROAS: 3.82x