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Ads up and running on FB. Closed a full year on a monthly payment plan just an hour ago from the new ad campaign, although it was the old funnel
But we also sold a 4-month PIF this afternoon who saw our new VSL though was from the ads already up and running


Update: @Joe Mann 4 booked calls today. One confirmed in 30 minutes. :pray::skin-tone-5:


@Joe Mann $4k cash collected today from 3 clients ($5250 rev).
That’s a little over $22k for the month so far!!!


Closed another. $2k per month for 3 months

Booked 15 calls. Closed 1. $5k deposit collected. Expecting another $5k Friday from someone I closed today.

Hi @Joe Mann! I am doing fabulous this Monday my friend.
Win: Closed a deal for $2k cash collected earlier today.

great man, have a few sales calls lined up and am going to use some of the modifications I have made since refining some things since joining. We are a little different sales cycle, more b2b with multiple steps.

16.3x ROAS on cash & 31.2x on Revenue


John Smith: closed another client yesterday and collected $2500.


Hey team, @channel
Sorry for the delay, we made a little change to our offer, with the ads, and previous results we had, we made the decision to work our a membership offer (course) to downsell, everyone who is not ready for the Done for You. So we can show our value and get people to upgrade , (like Sws, and scaling school..)
We feel like, in quebec the audience is so small that we cant really be too niched down,
we have been grinding hard to get this out as soon as we can , we are targeting next week, we already got 10k cash collected atm, targeting 20k before we launch.


Gage: Doing well Joe, how are you?
Joe Mann: Doing well thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face: how have calls been going?
Gage: Going well! Closed another lead last night and total leads seems to have picked up quite a bit. I appreciate the check in!
Joe Mann: Beaut!! First close w/ Geobreeze?
Gage: Second high ticket and I believe I’ve gotten a few new Patreon members for her as well!


Quick win, I signed a PIF client from my 50k script launch today 💃 I want to sign 4+ more from it and have three booked calls from the script


3rd PIF locked in. $30k this week alone!


Hey Joe – I just thought I’d hit you up and personally thank both you and Ravi. Last month in Scaling School, I invested my 3 credits into onboarding, fulfilment & the CMP.
I’ve built out slack channels, automations, SOPs, and now, I’m actually excited to actually sell my product lol. Not that the 2.0 version of my product was bad, but this has taken it to a whole different level.
There’s a different confidence you get in your marketing when you actually KNOW that you are selling an amazing service. Now, I can focus heavy on YouTube, and getting others to learn about the “Hybrid Acquisition” model (my mechanism)
Thanks again guys!
(feel free to share this win if you want)


Taking a cue from Ravi, I’ve kicked off this week with a fresh agenda. It involves hitting the gym, diving into inspiring books in the morning, dedicating mornings to proactive business tasks, and fully embracing the world around me. Already, I feel like things are clicking into place in my life.
Next on the agenda: crafting my manifesto for 2027. While it might seem logical to focus solely on scaling my business, I’ve realized that improving my personal life, finding its meaning, and planning for quality time with friends and family is where I need to start.


Aye y’all I just want to share an insight that honestly I already understood. But it wasn’t until this client win that it actually clicked! I recently on-boarded a client and one of my initiatives and commitments to them is to acquire a “quick win” as fast as possible (within the first week). Due to the fact that businesses come to me at different stages of scale my job then is to determine where in their biz a quick win can be generated with the least amount of effort. This is to reinforce the decision they made to work with me. It’s a great way to start the working relationship.
If you look at amazon they provide the same stimuli with prime shipping. They’ve figure out how to provide a turn around time of sometimes less than 24 hours to receive an order. This is crazy to me! Im striving to do the same, Tbh it ain’t always easy.
In some cases no matter what you do because of where the biz is at there’s next to no opportunity to provide an ROI in the first week. But because we perform an end to end diagnosis of their biz directly after cash is collected we can get a solid gage as to what can be done to generate a significant win. So there’s some context for you…
When this client onboarded I acknowledged based on their diagnosis that they had a FB group. I immediately saw that as the most leveraged opportunity to generate a win. I scripted a free resource CTA for them and had them post it immediately. Within a few days the CTA generated 35+ comments (people raising their hands) and a handful of booked calls. Just like that in less than a week working together they closed a deal and generated 6k in revenue. Their FB group isn’t crazy big BUT it’s an audience that they own. Very much like this skool group.. I’m making sure a few more deals cross the line in the next few days!
What I learned is that owning your audience whether a private group or email list is one of the highest leveraged assets you could have. Look at it this way, an owned audience is essentially a backyard pond. First you cast your line in the open ocean (ads, outreach, content, etc..), then you catch a fish (ideal client avatar) then you place them into your backyard pond. Over time & before you know it you own a pond full of fish that are eager to eat up what ever you feed them. The bait/food can be seen as free resources, trainings, insights, etc.. things of value. You then simply throw the bait and catch the ones who bite.
You’ll notice that the same people will bite on multiple free value CTAs. But eventually one of the resources will send them over the edge. It’ll be exactly what they needed to consume for them be ready to work with you.
This might be common knowledge for some but I’ve found it’s the obvious strategies that you sometimes look past due to info overload or complexities. So here’s a friendly reminder lol!
Moral of the story, look for the most leveraged opportunity to generate an ROI or quick win within the first few days of on-boarding. And 2, build a backyard pond of your own and feed them daily the results will be 10 fold. Why do you think this group was made….
Hope this was of value for someone.


@Joe Mann Thanks to your suggestion of just texting the agreement and pay link to the guy who didn’t have an email account we just collected $3500. Boom.
Week to date $8k cash collected.
$40 booked calls.
100% show up rate


UPDATE: Got another $10k full pay this morning, and a third on the 1 yard line! Heck yeah.


Wanted to share a win! 🎉 I updated my launguage of my offer from my offer refinement call and did a new masterclass and signed a client on the spot on a pay plan from the masterclass, more to come! Thanks @Taylan and team


Last Tuesday I started work on Building a Skool Community. I knew I wanted to launch fast as not to drag my feet and procrastinate so I made a LinkedIn Live Event and started a waitlist with hard dates so I couldn’t back away.
I picked my niche, Founders looking to Automate their Operations, and then I executed on the plan.
Yesterday I launched with 6 Courses, roughly 20 modules and I have a bunch more being added. As of this morning, I have 6 members at $97 of MRR coming in through Skool, which is pretty epic!
Thanks for all the advice in the Coaching Calls, they have been amazing!


@Joe Mann
quick wins update
I built out most of the system and automation this weekend and we’ve already closed (signed and paid) two clients in the last two days. $4,500 cash collected. 30% cut of whatever we save them through the lawsuit. Both of these people have $60k in solar loans each and Neal thinks he can cut in half at a minimum. That’s potentially another $9k from each one 3-4 months from now.
I also turned ads back on this weekend and have 6 booked calls in the last two days at about $30/ booked call.
Our goal for may is 20 signed clients which should equal $35k – $50k in cash collected.