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the loan scenarios are absolutely flying in right now
the increase in ad spend helped, just need to close some of these loans asap so i can keep the ad spend up
i also think advertising on the weekend helped as well, got more scenarios on the weekend , seems like people sit down and do their research on weekends when theyre less busy from the week
will review the loom video when i get home tonight


We applied yesterday’s suggestion! After calling all 49 leads we already booked 6 appointments.


Hey @Matty Milligan and team ( I can;t seem to tag Maria or Cindy) I’m sorry for being MIA !!! I’m sitting in Fort Collins Starbucks updating you! I’ve SOLD $125,000 gross sales and SO SO busy.. I turned down the marketing from $50 a month to $30.. and still have 150,000 invoices waiting to come through!!


Just wanted to share we closed our first client of September on Friday. $9300 close on a 3 pay :tada: This was done with the roadmap structure and was a significantly shorter sales call so thanks for the coaching and feedback
@Joe Mann
@Franbeau Rhaz Beduya


$25k collected now. Just got an $8k PIF


$850,000 cash collected from paid ads


I just got another one as well.
2 calls 2 bookings with new frame


Sold another funnel buildout yesterday :i_love_you_hand_sign::skin-tone-2:
$7500 CV
$3750 CC


Just booked my first appointment from the ads I’ve been running. Meeting with him today at 5pm. Hopefully all goes well and that will get the ball rolling on more to come in


brotha man! Here are the stats, just calculated this morning:
Ad Spend: $6993.99
Cash Collected: $35,000
Cash ROAS (for the month): 5x
Dollar Per Booked Call (Monthly Average): $744.68
Good month :fire: thanks to God


Hey there! We have brought on a new sales guy (started Monday) and he’s made 2 sales already. We have added 11 new clients since August began… and are working hard to build out our systems and get clients serviced. I’ll send you an ads review thingy soon. Just taking a look at those might be good for now… Just wanted to give you a check-in. We aren’t ignoring you just super busy! Steph


Just closed another one from ads – $7200 to Sep already :face_holding_back_tears:


gooood morning.
First booked call from funnel – $80
Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better quality lead. Incredible business, raised capital, already on GHL, proven sales track record, needs help scaling his paid ads & managing marketing automation. looking for a growth partner.


We added another 4.5K p/m client today.
We have a couple more in the pipeline and hope to hit 30K p/m in MRR before the end of September.


Sorry for just getting back to this.

We have had our first win with SWS on Friday. Was able to downsell a lead to DFY Editing which is a 4K ticket! Hopefully this week we can get someone over the edge with the full package!


We are hopefully about to have our best month ever, 29 sales so far previous record 16 in a month.


RINGING THE BELL! First program sold for $5K. :bellhop_bell:
I have 2-3 other people on the wait, very likely to increase the number in the upcoming days!


Things are going really well
So far
$4,194 spent
$18,000 closed
With a couple pending


after making the changes recommended in the coaching call on tuesday i got three new leads and 1 booking last night also i just closed the booked call and have another call in a half hour so far made 2600 from the adds just need to work on closing on the higher ticket offer


@channel Just wanted to let everyone know that we just closed our 4th Deal. We’ve added $11,750 in MRR for the next 6 months($70,500) and hoping to close 1 more this week or early next.
We are also working on broadening our offer to add even more value and bring our price point to $4,500-$5,000 p/m.