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Another record breaking month guys. Wanted $200k but it’s more than last month by a little $154k :balloon: :tada: still time on the clock too lol


also the youtube video on 2024 new construction loan requirements i made i sent out in an email blast and we got like 7 booked appts from it, and 2 loan solid loan scenarios of $3M and $1.25M


Ads are published and running. Believe I have 3 calls today


LFG $520k done
Jonny C: got another 300k loan approved today, which is the 2nd of two loans approved for one borrower from google ads, both closing next week for $620k loan amount


2281$ Ad Spend
10 Deals Closed
15,467$ CC
43,300$ Rev


Thanks for the program SWS Team!
I joined this program about a year ago so my time in the community will be up soon but I wanted to thank this program a lot! It’s the first online course I ever purchased.
I joined to learn how to scale my brick & mortar print shop. I had no idea the online business world even existed.
During my onboarding call with Klemen, I told him how I was getting clients for my screen printing shop. He told me that I should not be running my print shop and that I should be teaching printers how to do what I was doing.
I had no idea this was even an option!
Ever since then, I thought about it every single day. It wasn’t until a few months later, I sold my print shop to go all in into “Ink Launch” where we help print shops grow.
It was a DFY marketing agency, we grew to $50k / month in about 4 months, but now I am burning it down to create a DWY/consulting model where we teach the marketing skills instead of doing it for them.
Thank you Ravi & team for the course.
Klemen, I don’t know if you know, but your short, one piece of advice changed the way I saw business forever!


just had another demo call and should close that as well. contract value of $6K.. so total gross revenue likely generated of $13K from $650 total ad spend..


I just implemented the jotform and it seems to be a game changer. It just automatically sends people that are not qualified to a free training
So I’m only getting on the phone with qualified prospects now, love it


@Joe Mann @Franbeau Rhaz Beduya maybe I set too low of a target :dart: if we already hit it in the first month of the year? :joy: :joy:


Yo! All good so far, got like $6k in MRR from the 50k script as a post so far, still working some leads that are promising, just have to get them scheuled


Jonny C: $1.1m approved to fund!
next weeks closing schedule :eyes:
4 of those 5 loans came from either google ads or cold email
the only one that was a referral was the $1.7M


Great! Plenty more qualified calls showing up. Looking to close two tonight


hey thanks my friend. Will get to it immediately, and thanks again for all the help, you guys have been the best investment I have made in my business to date and I truly do appreciate everything.


Art: Hey Joe, I just closed Brandy Lewis. She booked this morning for this morning and was closed on the first call.
Joe Mann: Brandy came from the new ads, beautiful! How much cash?
Art: $5,000
Joe Mann: $331 total spend, $5000 out, 15.1X ROAS


Yo! filmed two youtube how to videos last week, hoping to launch those tomorrow. Closing this 520k loan from cold email on thursday, then hopefully getting 2-3 more loans approved to fund this week that will close next week.
got 3 booked appts today from an email blast i sent out about our recently funded deals


Joe: Glad to hear @Emily ! How have sales been looking?
Emily: 3 this week. Hoping to close my next call in one minute.


Jonny C: bro
crushed it on the call with that guy with 2500 paid off loans
straight from cold email
also just got my first cold email loan approved to fund! for $520,000
couldnt do this without you guys


Art: No worries. I reviewed them myself and applied changes and closed two people back to back.
Joe Mann: Copy that – great work on the closings! Those new?
Art: yes. $7500


Tela: Closed.
Joe Mann: Very nice! How is the cash/revenue looking?
Tela: $7k – She went through our finance partner for payment plan so we get all funds up


Sale came in today, paid in full!


I came home to lots of sales calls etc.. we are finalizing and I will be shooting it on Friday.