From $0 To Multi-6 Figures In Just 8 Months

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Multi-6 Figures 0

In Less Than 8 Months

How We Helped Brandon Create His First Business And Reach Multi-6 Figures In Revenue In Just 8 Months After Launching

“I joined the program, and it led to a now thriving partnership because I took that action.” – Brandon See

About Digiceptual

Digiceptual is an ECommerce Ad agency that specializes in growing female fashion brands to $2-$4 Million in online sales per year in just 12 months or less with Kinetic Scaling.

Website: https://digiceptual.com/

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Brandon See had never run a business before working with Scaling With Systems. He was working as a high-ticket salesperson for an online business when he decided to break out and create something himself. Being brand new to the entrepreneurial world, he knew he needed help. His friend introduced him to Scaling With Systems as the solution. 

Working With Scaling With Systems

Brandon took action in creating his business as soon as he joined Scaling With Systems and realized immediately that he needed to find a partner to help him with his venture. 

Brandon’s business partner ran the fulfillment side while he focused on outbound and systems within the business. One of the biggest takeaways of working with us was learning the concept of reducing and adding friction to get more quality booked appointments. He also learned to make onboarding a smooth and efficient process for new clients.

Another change that moved the needle for Brandon’s business was implementing SOPs for his team to use, so the workflow was structured and more simple. We also helped him nail his outbound messaging to bring clients in consistently.

After Working With Scaling With Systems

Brandon and his partner were able to take their brand new business from $0 to multi-6 figures a year in just 8 months. In less than a year, Brandon went from closing high-ticket deals for someone else to developing a thriving business, doing what he’s great at, and creating lifestyle freedom. 

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