It’s probably your fault.

I hear people complain about their employees all the time.

“She’s not doing this.”

“He’s not learning this.”

“Why haven’t we gotten any traction on this?”

Everyone loves to point fingers, I get it.

I have 13 employees and sometimes I even catch myself doing it.

If we really break it down though it usually falls back to one of three things:

1) Lack of Clear Instructions

2) Lack of Clear Set Deadlines

3) Lack of Expectations and KPI Review

What do all of these have in common?

They stem from us, the business owner.

Let’s say their job is to fill your calendar with leads (that should be your first hire anyway).

And two weeks go by…. nothing.

Before you jump on them, did you cover the three points above?

Did you give them crystal, 3rd-grade reading level instructions on what to do?

(Where are the potential leads located, what channel do you want them to reach out on, what happens if they respond back with questions, what happens if they respond back negatively, what happens if they read but don’t respond, etc)

Did you set a deadline?

(“This should be done daily, the first thing you do when you walk in, nothing else takes priority and if you do it all correctly you should be getting 3-5 leads a day.”)

Did you set expectations and review key performance indicators?

(“I am hiring you because I need more leads and I want to continue working with you, but if you do not provide leads or at least update me that we aren’t getting any leads then I will have to replace you.”)

(“At the end of every day please upload how many pieces of outreach you attempted, what channels were they on, how many leads did you generate, how many hours it took, and how does that compare to that day last week?”)

I learned that once we covered all three of these topics, all of a sudden I didn’t have “bad employees.”

I had efficient, grateful, and money-generating animals.

Just a thought, I would recommend trying it.

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