Richard Gibbons


Richard was trying to scale his business targetting Medspas as niche, so he invested with Scaling With Systems and he learned the exact systems where he can scale his business on autopilot and have his calendar fully booked. He’s doing exactly what’s in the course and it over-delivers and it’s actually incredible! He can’t wait to see what his business is doing in a month and will probably get a new VA.

The Results

Within weeks, Richard was able to get a new customer Paid in Full, and two verbal agreements to start in the next week. 

Doing this allowed him to qualify his business model and start putting money in to ads. Within a few more weeks he was getting quality leads every day with 7 sales demo calls booked.

The Process

Before SWS, Richard had a great business running and clearly understood the Medspa world. He wanted to service his customers better, and by leveraging a SWS fully trained Virtual Assistant. He was able to scale his business to the next level.

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