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@channel Just wanted to let everyone know that we just closed our 4th Deal. We’ve added $11,750 in MRR for the next 6 months($70,500) and hoping to close 1 more this week or early next.
We are also working on broadening our offer to add even more value and bring our price point to $4,500-$5,000 p/m.


Chandler: @Joe Mann just fyi, this strategy is workign incredibly. We are averaging 6 booked calls per day from 1 setter on 600 ucks ad spend per day
Joe Mann: Sick. How have the calls been?
Ryan: 2 closings so far 4k down, 10k rev


Just got our first sale from paid ads! Still a lot of optimization to go but very excited for this milestone. @channel Thanks SWS team


First email and social media post made it! 2 call booked


Hi Everyone,
@Cindy Molchany
@Maria Gudelis
@Matty Milligan
I just closed my first sale from one of the leads from my ads and it was so easy. He was so ready for my help. Yay!!!! :slightly_smiling_face: It was a $6,000 sale. :money_mouth_face:


$17.8k cash collected


signed 1 new for $5k


For sure!
Ad Spend: $5,087.92
Leads: 177
Cost per Lead: $28
Calls Booked: 5
Cost per Call: $28
Calls Taken: 5
New Sign-Ups: 2
Revenue: $15,600
Cash: $15,600
Looking to triple that this month, I’ve been trying to get my messaging more dialed in to show that the way I do things is different than my competitors.


Sorry for the delay. I am tracking my KPI’s and we are targeting to add $15K in MRR this month. I signed an additional customer this afternoon and believe we have 1-2 more this week coming in from our initial outreach and ads.


Our most popular offer is the $25k plan, but our “low ticket” offer is $10k. The main difference between them is the profit split agreement and upfront cost. I hope that helps!


Hey guys, just want to #ringthebell and share the news as we got our first close yesterday from from our new funnel / offer! $9000 USD contract broken across 3 months, and it seems like shes going to be a solid client. Thanks again for the support, and heres to many more. Lets roll


I’m ringing the bell to celebrate a win with my 2nd sale from FB ads that happened this weekend for $4,995 on a payment plan! I’m excited and encouraged that I was able to have a person opt-into my list in response to my ad, book a session and then a deeper session and then purchase my program. Once all payments are made I will likely be at break-even on ad-spend at that time and everything else is gravy.


July was our first ever $60k+ cash collected month! :partying_face:


Hi Matty, we have couple more booking and closed one account from last week’s booking


I just want to share that I made my very first cold lead sale


Had two booked calls for this week!


GOOD I’ve closed 3 deals last week one this morning ! But more importantly my very first client she is actually having success with her ads and getting consultations booked :partying_face:


You know that feeling you get when you launch your first campaign “ever”, get your first lead, and realize all the systems worked perfectly? That’s me right now :tada:


Looks like I got my first booked call from ads.
It’s for tomorrow. Will keep you posted how it goes!


Happy Friday everyone!
Closed our first cash deal today $5,000 with $800 in ad spend and $20,000 in the pipeline pending :partying_face:
Thanks to the team for all their support :raised_hands::skin-tone-3:


Just hit a client with the financial objection piece we talked about, got half down and one call close @Joe Mann