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From $60,000/Month To $300,000/Month In Just 6 Months

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Increase In Revenue In Just 6 Months


Return On Advertising Spend

How We Helped Sameem Go From $60,000/Month To $300,000/Month In Just 6 Months By Building A Sales Funnel And Profitable YouTube Advertising Campaign

“I literally see the path to $1,000,000+/month, it’s weird I thought this would be hard, but you showed me it can be so much simpler.” – Sameem Rouhanifard

About Fitness Business Mentors

Sameem Rouhanifard’s company Fitness Business Mentor helps personal trainers and fitness coaches grow and scale their online fitness businesses.

Industry: E-Learning/Coaching
Offer: Helping health and nutrition coaches transition online
Offer price:  $12,500 and $36,000

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Sameem was already making $60,000/month with solid client retention when he came to us.

He wanted to increase his monthly revenue and continue to grow but reached a bottleneck.

Rather than getting new clients, Sameem’s profits were coming from renewals. While client renewals are great, they don’t create growth.

Sameem wanted a solution and a strategy to start acquiring new clients.

After trying various marketing and advertising services from different providers, he was disappointed with the unpredictable results. 

Tired of getting poor results and working with providers who under-delivered, Sameem came to Scaling With Systems.

Working With Scaling With Systems

We quickly identified the missing piece and what Sammem needed first; a profitable and predictable sales funnel with a consistent inflow of traffic.

Within 4 days of working with us, we provided Sameem with a sales funnel, a sales letter, an advertising campaign, and a script for YouTube ads.

After Working With Scaling With Systems

After one day of launching ads for Sameem, he was profitable. In just 24 hours, he made a whopping $36,000 with just $60 of ad spend. 

A few days later, $3,000 in ad spend resulted in a $66,000 return on investment.

It was $3,000 in, $66,000 out, in 7 days.

These are regular numbers for his company now. Recently, Sameem spent $10,000 on Youtube ads and made $77,000 in 50 days.

Within a few months, Sameem’s business went from inconsistently making $60,000/month to a predictable $300,000+/month.

Not only is Sameem’s business now growing faster and more profitable, but Sameem also now has more time.

Sameem is no longer involved in client fulfillment and delivering service to his clients directly. He is also working on delegating all sales. He now has a clear path to $1,000,000/month.

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