Launching A Brand New Company From Zero To Over $200,000/Month In Just 14 Months

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How We Helped Justin And Zach Create A Winning Offer & End-To-End Marketing System That Catapulted Their Brand New Company “Conversionly” From Zero To $200,000/Month In 14 Months.

“It was through the Initiative that we were able to hit the 7-figure mark in a brand new company and build out a massive team filled with ‘A’ players.” – Zach Williams (founder)

About Conversionly

Conversionly builds profitable client acquisition systems with an effective ‘lead-to-close’ strategy that utilizes overseas virtual assistants to generate leads.

Industry: E-Learning
Offer: Placing overseas virtual assistant for lead generation
Offer price: $10,000+

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

The founders of Conversionly, Justin and Zach, first started working with Scaling With Systems to grow their individual agencies.

They were at the $3,000-$5,000/month mark, making decent money, but didn’t have consistent systems for growth and fulfillment.

We installed an outbound email campaign that generated dozens of booked appointments weekly and put it on autopilot.

Within a few months of working with Scaling With Systems, they hit a 7-figure run rate.

With their newfound free time, Justin and Zach began planning a concept that would become Conversionly.

Working With Scaling With Systems

After leveraging our systems to put their agencies on autopilot, Justin and Zach launched their new company, Conversionly.

Their offer was similar to ours, so it was easy to optimize it for an immediate scale.

Once we defined and created an irresistible offer, our main goal was to install another client acquisition system.

We copied and pasted our multi-million dollar sales funnel and made a few iterations to fit with their market and offer.

We then helped them set up and launch a Youtube Ad campaign to drive qualified traffic to this funnel.

Within a few days of going live, they were generating booked appointments for their $10,000+ offer at an average cost of only $35 per appointment. Since the average cost of acquiring a booked appointment ranges from $200-$500, their result was incredible.

Now that we had the first version of the client acquisition system in place, it was time to optimize.

We implemented a lead curation process (which increased the quality of booked appointments), simplified the opt-in page (which doubled their conversions), and built some sales assets that increased Justin’s closing percentage on the phone.

Now that they had appointments flowing in on-demand, we helped them build and train a sales team (getting four new reps within a few days).

After Working With Scaling With Systems

Less than six months after launching the company, Conversionly hit their first $1,000,000 at 60% profit margin.

Their journey is not an uncommon one at our company.

By optimizing their offer, installing an end-to-end marketing system, and creating a seamless sales process, we helped take Conversionly to $200,000/month in less than 14 months.