Case Study: Fitness Business Mentors

Turned $10k into $77k in just 50 days


Sameem Rouhanifard’s company, Fitness Business Mentor, is one that he created that helps personal trainers or fitness coaches grow and scale their online fitness business. With fitness professions being more common now than they ever were, they must build their online presence and can set themselves apart. When Sameem joined our program, he wasn’t doing bad by any means, but he knew that he needed to step up his business to reach the desired monthly revenue that he wanted. Sameem tried using other companies before to help his ads but frankly, he didn’t get the desired results that he wanted, and most of all they were not predictable.

The Results

Sameem recognized that his organic ads were doing good, but he wanted to get out there and actually invest some money in youtube ads to try to grow his business even further. Sameem invested $10k in youtube ads, and in just 50 days, that turned into $77k in brand new revenue! That 6-figure a month mark isn’t looking too far for Sameem anymore now!


The Process

When Sameem joined our program, he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to change inside his business, he just knew that it needed some help. For example, in Sameem’s case, the first thing he recognized needed fixing inside his business was his sales funnel. Sameem also discovered some other things inside his business that he really never noticed before and was able to use the knowledge he learned to fix those things as well.

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