B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Deliver Maximum Results

B2b lead generation strategies

If you don’t have an effective B2B lead generation strategy, you need one.

Every B2B (business-to-business company) – no matter the industry – needs clear systems to generate new leads and turn them into loyal customers/clients.

Landing high-quality leads requires more knowledge than following what a customer-facing business would do. 

From your brand awareness campaigns to sales marketing and creating the final sales pitch, certain lead generation techniques will get you to your goals much faster.

In this blog, we’ll share why lead generation systems are essential to your continued business success. We’ll also give you some expert tips on how to create and follow B2B lead generation strategies for your specific business goals.

Here goes – our complete guide to creating effective B2B lead generation strategies guaranteed to deliver maximum results.

What is a B2B Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead generation involves collecting the customers’ information (name, company, email, job title) and using that information for targeting with customized sales pitches. However, marketers need B2B lead generation training to run successful marketing campaigns.

Here’s why you shouldn’t go blind in your lead acquisition system, and instead develop a well-thought-out strategy.

Guide Your Target Audience

Customers are information savvy. They know how to research a product, service, and company. With a smart B2B lead generation process, you can guide your target customer throughout the buying journey and address their pain points to prove your product or service is perfect for them. That’s what they’re looking for as they research in b2b companies – proof that it’ll work. The guidance you offer customers is from the information you include in the sales funnel, your lead magnets, and other communication. 

Get Insight Into The Market

B2B lead generation campaigns enable you to learn a lot about your target audience. You can better understand their needs and customize your offerings and marketing strategy to get more sales leads.

Create Brand Awareness

B2B campaigns help you to create brand awareness for your business. You can use targeted content to approach potential businesses to make them aware of your brand, product, or customer serrvice. As the market becomes aware of your brand, there is more opportunity for organic marketing through word of mouth sharing.

Save Money

If your business isn’t clear about the detailed aspects of lead generation, like the financials, then you could be wasting a lot of money in acquiring clients. With the right systems, you would generate more qualified leads for less money.

How to Increase B2B Lead Generation

Although there are many ways to generate B2B leads, there is no perfect way to do it. You’ll need to do research into your industry and your ideal client and then create some pilot systems to start gathering data. Once you see what works and what doesn’t, you’ll continue to streamline your strategy. 

To know where to start, here are some common tips to generate B2B leads:

  • Generate a targeted list of business contacts
  • Master outreach skills (cold calls, emails and social media messages)
  • Use marketing automation to nurture your leads
  • Join relevant social media groups
  • Master the remarketing skills
  • Use Pay per click campaigns on different platforms
  • Grow your presence on LinkedIn
  • Answer questions on Q&A websites
  • Use online forums to generate more leads.

Let’s go into more depth on specific techniques for B2B leads generation across different platforms.

Effective Lead Generation Techniques

Check out these highly effective B2B lead generation techniques for businesses guaranteed to get you closer to your client acquisition goals. 

Create a YouTube Channel

Youtube is the second most popular social media platform, and one of Google’s top-performing search engines. Many businesses have a website but don’t have a youtube channel. Without YouTube, you’re missing out on a wealth of leads from Google searches. 

Businesses can create a video marketing strategy to drive leads for selling products and services. Creating and publishing engaging videos on YouTube can be a great B2B lead generation strategy as it doubles the power of SEO. You’re not just having your website displayed on search engines, but all of your videos, too.

Use YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are highly effective for B2B lead generation, provided you use them correctly. The platform has over 122 million daily active users. When you use the right advertising strategy for YouTube, there’s a wealth of people who are looking for the exact offering you have. 

One of the reasons why YouTube advertising is so effective is because, generally, the audience on YouTube is more intentional about what they are consuming. Rather than mindlessly scrolling pictures, they are typing in keywords to watch videos. 

This intentional consumption bodes well for businesses that want to utilize YouTube advertising. Businesses can be much more targeted in the ad keywords, getting in the line of sight of people who are genuinely interested in the content of the ads.

Do Remarketing

Remarketing allows b2b companies to target individuals who have shown an interest in their products or services through previous web browsing activity. For example, if someone were to make a purchase but not check out, a remarketing lead gen campaign would allow your organization to entice them back and complete the sale. 

Remarketing can also drive brand awareness and loyalty by providing tailored ads for each individual customer based on their past interactions. With remarketing, you can highly relevant ads with informatics graphics that clearly demonstrate what your business offers and how it has the potential to benefit customers. It can help you more effectively encourage users to become paying customers while also reducing unnecessary ad budgets.

Use Facebook Ads

b2b lead generation strategy via facebook ads

B2B marketers sometimes neglect Facebook as a platform for generating leads. But despite that, it is the biggest social media network with prospective B2B leads. According to research, 48 percent of B2B decision-makers utilized Facebook for research, and compared to other people; these purchasing decision makers spend 74% more time on Facebook. B2B firms can benefit from Facebook’s ads in terms of increased website traffic, leads, and revenue.

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Explore LinkedIn Ads

Using LinkedIn ads is another one of the most effective online B2B lead generation strategies. LinkedIn is a professional networking website dedicated to delivering top-notch B2B prospects. You can increase the number of leads for your b2b company thanks to the platform’s millions of active users. 

In 2021, LinkedIn ads reached 22 million more users in Q4 compared to Q3 (a 2.8% increased). It seems like advertising on LinkedIn for lead generation is a popular tactic, and just continues to grow with the expanded reach.

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Use The LinkedIn Sales Navigator

b2b lead generation strategy via linkedin ads

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool can help you collect enriched profile data for your CRM and scrape the Sales Navigator profiles of your B2B leads. By taking advantage of the advanced search filters, users can target their searches and save time by only seeing profiles most likely to add value to their business via LinkedIn

Email Blasts/Automations

Many types of businesses utilize email marketing as a strategy for sales and customer retention. Email automation software is essential if you want email marketing to generate a sizable amount of income.

Email automation is a powerful tool for B2B lead generation. The technology allows businesses to automate the sending of email campaigns, saving time and money while developing new leads consistently. 

Through automated emails, businesses can easily reach and pursue prospects in different stages of the buying cycle. With advanced tracking capabilities, businesses can maintain ongoing contact with leads by sending tailored content based on individual engagement levels. 

Additional B2B Leads Generation Strategies

There are so many B2B leads generation strategies that businesses can leverage to expand their reach and make more sales. Content marketing, joint ventures, referral programs, podcasting, and trade shows are just a few examples of effective lead gen strategies. 

When it comes to successful customer acquisition, B2B businesses must close their leads efficiently in order to maximize profits while also taking customer satisfaction into account. While there isn’t a surefire method that works for everyone, the strategies we outlined above can definitely help. 

Underestimated Strategies to Close Your B2B Leads

Although we’ve outlined a few key avenues to explore for B2B lead generation, we’re highlighting two underestimated B2B leads generation strategies below – as these have worked well for our clients.

Cold Emails

Cold emails should be one of the top priorities if you are looking for the best B2B lead generation techniques. As cold emails are one of the most underrated marketing strategies, many businesses don’t use them. However, cold emails can be the most effective B2B lead generation channel when used for a precisely targeted audience. Also, cold emails are among the lowest-cost lead generation strategies. Although some people have negative judgments of cold emailing and cold calling, we can confidently say that when you do it right, it works. Learn more about this strategy in our cold calling 2.0 article.


LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for lead generation and business networking. Despite being created as a social media platform, it has blossomed over the last decade into an amazing place for businesses to not only build relationships but to generate leads. 

Utilizing LinkedIn’s powerful search engine, professionals can connect with potential customers and increase their visibility, prompting engagement that can lead to increased business opportunities. 

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

Additionally, LinkedIn provides users with a range of marketing tools and features, from initiating conversations through direct messaging tools to creating micro-targeted ads that attract more qualified leads. We definitely recommend looking into LinkedIn lead gen forms, if you’re exploring LinkedIn for B2B lead generation.

B2B Lead Generation Strategy: FAQs

What is the lead generation process in B2B?

Generating leads involves leveraging various methods and channels to capture contact information from targeted groups. This customer information can be in the form of email addresses, phone numbers, or even physical addresses. In successful cases, these contacts eventually become direct sales leads and profitable relationships with clients. 

What are the most effective lead generation tactics that B2B startups use?

For B2B startups, lead generation can play a key role in gaining customers and establishing brand awareness. The most effective lead generation tactics are explained in this article, and include retargeting, content marketing strategy, advertising on social media, and much more. 

How do I generate B2B leads on LinkedIn?

To start, create a strong profile with an attention-grabbing headshot and an up-to-date professional biography that highlights your qualifications and expertise. Part of attracting relevant leads is to make sure you have connected with other business contacts, since a solid connection base can contribute to your search engine optimization. Focus on quality content when posting status updates or articles you find relevant; this will help establish yourself as a reliable source of industry knowledge. We also share more about optimal lead generation on LinkedIn in our blog.

The Bottom Line: B2B Lead Generation Strategies

There you have it – the top B2B lead generation strategies to help you attract more high-quality leads. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s possible with acquiring new clients and customers.

If you want to take your lead gen efforts to the next level, book a free consultation call with us today. We’ll discuss your specific situation and put together a plan to develop a profitable client acquisition system guaranteed to get you results. 

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