How I Went From $0k/Month To $200k+/month!

The Exact Steps I Took And Mental Shifts I Made

[00:00:00] And this one is gonna to be a banger because he has a whiteboard here.

[00:00:05] And anyway, yeah. Comment something below so everyone can see this in the group. Sorry. That’s. Hopefully this is up. I can’t see the camera right now. So hopefully. OK. Sorry that I look like garbage. It’s Sunday morning. It’s a rainy day in San Diego.

[00:00:21] That never happens, but it’s in this video is going to be my journey from it. Oh, by the way, let me actually start a little timer here. I’m gonna try to keep this. I know. I know what you guys are thinking. Ravi, are you gonna really I’m gonna try to keep this under 10 minutes. OK. I know. Shocking.

[00:00:41] I may tell you how I make four hundred thousand automatic plus under ten minutes. OK. So let’s dove right into shop. So. OK. First of all, by the way, drop your questions down below. I’m going to answer your questions at the end of this.

[00:00:55] So this is where you guys you guys requested this. And we all know I am a man that delivers. OK.

[00:01:03] So let’s rock and roll and I’m going to break these down a little bit more. So the way I see my revenue path and like my journey in business kind of can be broken down.

[00:01:13] That’s right. So zero to 10 get you’re here. Ten to one hundred a year here. One hundred to duplicate here. Two hundred for a K here, 400 K here. And this is all a month by the way, in case you’re curious. So each one of these is a month. So 0/10 k up to four hundred thousand dollars plus a month which is where I’m currently at.

[00:01:31] Well a word about affording 30k a month but that varies. We kind of do drop below that sometimes. So these are the different steps that I’ve taken in order to get there. And I’m going to break it down more and order. But if you guys have noticed, this is kind of like if you guys ever heard of mass loves hierarchy of needs. And that’s honestly what I see. This being like for a lot of people. That’s why I see businesses like I’m going to go more in depth what it’s like. This is the bottom. You’re just trying to get by. And this is.

[00:02:00] You’re in the very, very top and you’re trying to decide not the very, very top, obviously, but you’re trying to decide what the next move should be.

[00:02:06] So let’s talk about zero to 10K, 0 to 10K.

[00:02:14] Could be what a lot of people here are on or not on, by the way, down questions below. If you guys have a zero to 10k, could be something that you guys are experiencing, maybe you past that step.

[00:02:23] But this is what it was like to me. Zener Tangey was literally the hustle. The grind. Right. It was like, I need to wake up every single day and I need to work as much as humanly possible. 12, 14, fifteen hour days. I need to be calling all my friends and family. I should be going to in-person events and you’ll be figuring out what like that was really when I was the most involved in my business insider. It’s none of my business, but inside the business, I was just doing things every single day to generate momentum and revenue for my company. And it was really difficult, honestly, and it was really hard. And I think of the 0 to 10K a month mark is where some of you will spend so much time because it does take the most effort. And you’ve heard the saying it’s easier at the top. The truth is, it really is easier at the top. It’s like easier once you get past that point. But so much like blood and sweat equity has to go at the very bottom level of it that that most movies are willing to do it. They’re not willing to go through all the pain and problems and issues and rejection or to get to the next level, which would be like the ten to one hundred K. I’m on your project. Give me a second. So a 0 10k was legitimately just like outreach outflow equals inflow. So it’s just like how many I didn’t have ads on. I don’t have anything. Or just like how many people can I talk to? I need to figure out what my business is like. I need to figure out what delivers results for my clients. I need systemized and productize the back end. But even all that stuff with it really happening is legitimately just like anybody to have a pulse and they had a credit card. I was going out and I was asking them for their business. So like if you think of my laughs, how I gave needs like a bottom level, it’s like survival rate, food, shelter, that kind of stuff. Like that’s what 0.10 a month is like. You can’t think about creating Facebook ads for yourself because you don’t know your business is gonna be here in two weeks. You can’t think about productize in the back end because you don’t know if you’re going to have clients to productize the back end for. So that’s why in the beginning, it’s super important to to just literally put the legwork in the first few months. It could be 10 days. It could be 30 days. It could be. For me, it was six months in order to get to that point. But you continue to do it because if you just don’t, then don’t be surprised when you don’t get the results. That’s that everybody else has or that you want. Right. Because the majority of people are going to stay in that one little block and they’re not going to grow from there because they’re not willing to go through the shit. But let’s talk about what happens if you go for the shit, if you go to shit. Then you get to this magical little stage here, which is the ten two hundred thousand dollar on my part. This is when stuff gets a little bit more fun. This is when you start figuring out, OK, I should probably start kneeling down at this point. Right. What’s my offer. What’s my industry. Who am I going after. Right. You figure out in that for 0 to 10k. Who did you like working with? Who did you not like working with? You’re kind of retracing your steps a little bit here. Who is an easy link to the decision maker? Who is it easy to close? Who did you hate trying to go through the decision maker? We’re trying to go through the gatekeeper. Who did you. Hey, closer. Who did you not be? The clothes. But that’s when you get inside, decide in your industry and you decide what’s the back end product or offer. Right. What is the thing that’s gained the results? The zero to 10k level. You’re like, OK, I just need to do Facebook ads and chat board and posting whatever they said that they wanted from you. You were like, yo, deliver it, just please pay this bill right as 10 to 100k or more. You have a little more comfortability like you’re not crazy, but you have a little more vulnerability to where you can be. Like, no, we actually only do Facebook ads or we only do click funnels or we only work with luxury clients or whatever it is. Whatever your industry is, I only do health insurance for this type of image. These types of people, whatever it is, you can start being a little more selective with it. And because you’re able to do that, then you’re able to systemized your business to the point that you’re sort of remove yourself from it. So Tendo 100k I usually see you have the lead generation taken care of. So if somebody were going to Legian part, whether it’s Facebook ads or that a virtual assistant, whether it’s a referral partner or some combination of the three. Right, you have the lead generation side taking Barot. You most likely, if you’re smart will start that you’re spunky. So doing yourself your start going to have the back end taken care of the film inside. So maybe it’s hiring a buyer’s agent to show the listings for you. Maybe as having a virtual assistant to the Facebook ads, a white label ads agency or n.c.o. or website development to actually do the back fulfillment or whatever else it is. Right. You can imagine you’re not having to do that whenever you place on a client, you’re not having to be involved the actually delivery of that product. And then the next step above that is going to be you’re in the middle part. So fulfillments done on the front end by the V.A. and Facebook ads. The back and you’re starting to figure out the party system and having either your team member or a virtual assistant or somebody to the back end and you’re just doing sales and account management. That’s all you’re doing. That’s and that’s all I was doing as well. I was littler just like all those who has given on sales calls all day long. And I was handling any clients complaints. QUESTION Do you like that, by the way? Drop your questions down below. Once again, I’m running through this for some time. Do this in less than 10 minutes because I want to keep you guys attention. So that’s removes a 10 100k mark. That’s when you’re like a little more comfortable inside a business. I mean, you’re not doing crazy stuff right now, but you are to the point that you can start looking a little bit more towards the future and hiring key team members. What’s going to bring me to the 100 to 200 K a month mark? This one is where things start to get a little trickier. This is when I think something called complexity creep, which I talked about all the time, starts creeping up in here as well. So it’s like, you know, when you’re in a hundred adjudicated people like, oh, you need to start starting. You need to start this business. You need to start that business. You start creating passive income streams. You need to start doing AT&T, buy an Amazon store. You need to start offering YouTube back to your clients. You need to start working in different industries or niches like you’re at this level that like you’ve done everything up to the point everything’s working. But if you haven’t noticed yet, your brain likes to really fuck with you. And it makes you think that when things are going well, you need to change stuff. Right. Because when things are going well, it also means that you’re consistently and always doing uncomfortable stuff. That’s the only way things will go well. And your brain doesn’t like that. So it’s going to try to convince you to stop doing that uncomfortable stuff.

[00:08:24] And the truth of the matter is, like it’s almost like your brain wants you to fail. So you go back to that safe place that you’re at before, which is ironic, right? But with one hundred, a juror came on, Mark. That’s when all that stuff comes up. And you just have to literally you push it, you the suppressed down on the complexity group and you have to continuously ask yourself, what did I do in the last 30 days or 60 days, last 90 days to get me to where I am now?

[00:08:47] It’s not if I didn’t have YouTube ads for my clients before and words we did great with a 70 percent retention and we closed on a thousand dollars like why am I should add YouTube ads right now? So I’m going to do anything but make stuff more confusing both on the pitching side and the film inside for working with your clients. And so like you the realize and identify those things that usually suppress them down because in reality people are forgetting like once you get I think like at these two spots right here, these two spots right here.

[00:09:20] It’s literally like hustle grind time, right. It’s a combination hustle grinding systems. But once you get above that, you there’s one fact that nobody talks about. It’s called time timss. Right. Everyone wants to go from 100k to a million a month. Myself included in a very short amount of time. But in reality, like you just have to start building a brand around who you are and where you are and what you offer you. You started becoming an authority in your industry and you start having enough clients that people start talking about you and you’re like a name, a household brand. And that doesn’t happen no matter how much advertising. But you push it something. Some things take some time and so zero 100k you can do that very quickly. That doesn’t actually take a whole lot of time, but 100k plus a month, that stuff does start taking time. And this is not something that I’m telling you guys is something that my mentors have told me as well. You know, I’m like, I want to get. And like I had a call the other day when my mentors and he’s like, look, man, you’re doing everything 100 percent correct. Like you’re comparing yourself to people that have been in this game for five years and you’ve been in this game for two years, really only making money for a year and a half. So, like, you know, I’m not making excuses here, but I also continue to remind myself that like above a hundred thousand a month to get past that, it’s gonna be a combination of few things. But one of the biggest key factors that people forget is time doing the right stuff for the long enough period of time. Okay. And so from 120k a month, that is when you’re suppressing against the bullshit, you’re staying focused on the stuff that is working. You’re not starting other businesses, you’re not starting other ventures. Whatever it is, you’re staying very, very focused and you’re building up your company. And this is when you, Bobby, you hire the account managers. This is when you hire the sales guys and this is when you hire like chief operating officer C-level executives so that you pretty much the day to day operations, almost 95 percent of your company will run totally and fully without you. And then you get to the 200 to 400 K and for K plus mart. And let me see what I’m doing on time here. Oh, ten minutes and 34 seconds. OK. So for the 200 K plus mark like this is when stuff comes about that you hear that people talk about. This is what I would consider starting out. So I didn’t start scaling with systems until after my advertising agency was doing two hundred twenty thousand dollars a month consistently for over three months. Once my browsing agency started doing that, that allowed me to have enough cash in my bank that I was allowed to try other offers and businesses out without worrying about me, going for me, going broke, whatever it is. And I was still heavily investing back inside of my advertising agency as well. So like 20k plus month, that’s when I start dabbling with other. Maybe another offer. Right, so maybe you’ve been riding that same offer up until you know that you came on. Let’s say it took you a year to get there. And once you get there, it could be that you offer starting a little exhaustive in your industry and that’s when you can start switching Suboxone instead of just having one thing, you add one little thing on top of it. And not just Facebook ads, but Facebook to NASA say we’re not just Facebook as a nice day, but Facebook as NASA and YouTube ads on top of as well. There’s a mix inside of it. So your offer might start getting exhaustive in your market, too. The thing about switching that up a little bit and then you can start thinking about adding other businesses, other partnerships, things like that. And that’s really for me, the tuner to a was it? So it’s obviously starting scaling with systems, you know, that matches the revenue of my advertising.

[00:12:36] And the cool thing is, guys, listen, this is actually even realizes what I did in my advertising that took me almost 14 months to create the monthly revenue, up to 14 months to Greenacre, get above $2000 a month. We did in 60 days or scaled buddhism’s two months, literally one 14 of the top. And one tenth of the time it took me to create the revenue and it was because I waited until I was far enough along the journey that I knew everything that could go right. I knew everything would go wrong. I built a brand and awareness around my name that whenever we launch something new ish like boom, we were putting money at that point. But if you do it too early, you know, there’s an old Chinese saying he chases two rabbits, catches none. So that’s why the majority of time I see people at any point of this little pyramid there and I have excesses because they lack focus. So you’re kind of focused on what’s the most important thing to you. And for me, it was my advertising age because that was kind of making me money. And then once we’re at 200K a month and I was told to move from the whole process, everything.

[00:13:33] Adass sales team AKAM, editor of C.O.O. I had ads, managers, we had the v.a.’s running it. I was literally didn’t I could have gone left. I went to Columbia for three months and that’s when I created scaling with systems.

[00:13:46] And so that’s when you’re going to have to be out and then, you know, scaling racisms. Like I said, we did up to June in the first 60 days a month. And so that’s what you guys got to realize as well. And then for Kate Plus a month. So that’s like when stuff gets a little I can’t answer you guys a question that we’re on the race right now to a million a month.

[00:14:02] But, you know, that’s when we start transitioning away from lower partnerships, lower ticket items. So like we’re transitioning away from $25m months of working with big, big clients that want to do one to three hundred thousand dollars every single month. And that’s like when I realized that volume is not the route I want to go at this point. I built enough energy. I built enough like authority in the industry. I built enough success in the past that I can start approaching bigger dogs, both in scaling up systems, working with Fortune 500 companies as well as advertising, working with a large, large, large lead companies, giving them leads and selling them at the one hundred three hundred thousand dollar a month pop each person. And that’s when you but you have to be. There’s a reason why it goes in order. Right. And there’s all obviously drawbacks for all that stuff as well.

[00:14:49] But yeah, so that’s really the journey of life and the mindset. Just so we can get to get clear here, 0.10 Gaye was like grind, hustle. I don’t you don’t meet anybody else. You just need to prove a concept. I need to prove that you’re willing to be an entrepreneur who are willing to take the shit and get the stuff done. Ten to one hundred K is like, you’re starting with a business owner. You’re starting to figure out like, OK, I need to have team members. I need to have systems in place and you’re starting to productize the back end so that you can take on 10 clients in a week. And you don’t gotta worry about any of that being delivered. You’re not delivering it yourself and you don’t have any slowdown. One hundred and two hundred K is when you’re just like saying it’s just like time is spent staying focused on the stuff that is working and pushing against the people that are telling you you need to start a new business, you need to have new offers, you need new softwares, you use this new advertising route, whatever it is like usually a 10x the stuff that you were doing before.

[00:15:40] So your time is spent reviewing all the stuff that you were doing to get to that point and then just figure out what worked the best. And that’s what the tracking numbers come from. And scaling that up then 200 K plus is like getting rid of low ticket offers, low ticket products. In my opinion, this is my experience trying to shift clients that are doing multiple six figures a month with you and then starting maybe other companies that are generating new cash that you can scale very, very quickly and then really strong referral partnerships, joint venture, stuff like that.

[00:16:09] So that’s everything it is. You guys have any questions? You can drop it down below here and I’ll answer them really quickly. But I hope this is valuable to you if you guys are watching this and you’re in my program. You know, common down below what questions you have and I’ll answer it after the fact. Also coming up below, one other stuff you guys want me to see.

[00:16:27] You want me to do you want to see me talk about as well?

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[00:16:44] But if anybody has any questions, I don’t I don’t see any questions on it. So I’m going to kind of rock and roll and wrap this up here so I can get.

[00:16:51] We’re on this beautiful sunny sun, the sunny day in San Diego.

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