How to Track sales [training]

  • Tracking Sheet For Sales
    • This is something I wish I had together so much sooner.
    • Sales is very much a game of emotions, human beings have a tendency to blow things out of proportion.
      • “I haven’t closed any deals.”
      • “My closing percentage is awful.”
      • “These leads suck.”
    • The truth is while some of this may be true, a lot of it has to do with poor tracking on the part of the salesperson.
    • Without the correct tracking it is difficult to pinpoint where the weak points are, you could end up “fixing” something that is working great.
    • Our Sales Tracking Sheet
    • Can use ours or yours, but important to track major KPIs.
    • Law of averages will give you the numbers to work with.
      • Look on a 7-21 day window.

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