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From 4 Failed Businesses To Now Making Over $500,000/ Month

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How We Helped Richard Go From Being A Broke College Student With 4 Failed Businesses, To Hitting Over $500,000/Month At 80% Profit Margin 

“I generated $570,000 cash in the first 24 days of the month (off of only $2,500 ad spend)… I want to say a massive shoutout to Ravia Abuvala and his whole team… this would not be possible without your support.” – Richard Yu

About High Performance Influencer

High Performance Influencer helps coaches and consultants acquire more clients and grow their business.

Website: https://www.highperformancetrain.com

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Richard Yu was a broke college graduate with no offer. It wasn’t for lack of trying. 

He started an ATM business, a dropshipping eCom business, a B2B Agency, and a jewelry company. They all failed. 

His last effort was an online consulting business. Finally, it was working. The problem was Richard didn’t have the tools or knowledge to successfully scale his business. 

Working With Scaling With Systems

Richard was ready to learn. When he joined Scaling With Systems, he was eager to implement the lessons into his business instantly. He hired his first virtual assistant to take the load off and be able to focus on lead generation.

By automating his workflow and simplifying his tasks to setting and taking calls, he could experience rapid growth. He realized that he didn’t have to be doing all of the manual work.

He had more time to focus on higher-level goals. Richard explained it as a mind shift to seeing himself as a business owner (rather than a self-employed entrepreneur). 

After Working With Scaling With Systems

Richard is living the life he always wanted. He now has the time to actually enjoy the lifestyle of owning a business, a home, and driving his dream car. 

He went from having no offer to hitting his first $300,000/month within a few months. It didn’t take long to reach a milestone of $570,000 cash collected in the first 24 days of that month (from $2,500 ad spend). 

He is now making over $500,000/month (which is more than $6,000,000 a year!)



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