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How We Helped Marcus Scale To $100,000/Month In Just 2 Months And Make $840,000 In Just 7 Weeks Running An 84.5% Profit Margin With A Winning Sales Funnel For One Offer

About 6 Figure Sales Academy

The 6 Figure Sales Academy helps B2B sales professionals improve their sales skills, become top performers, and increase their commissions.

Industry: B2B Sales
Website: www.sixfiguresalesacademy.com

Before Working With Scaling With Systems

Marcus came to us already doing $30,000 to $50,000/month in his business 6 Figure Sales Academy. 

He signed up to Scaling With Systems with the drive to break past his current figures. Marcus wanted to scale, reduce costs, increase consistency, automate his systems, and go beyond $100,000/month.

He needed to focus on scaling outbound marketing and finding the right messaging for his offer.

Working With Scaling With Systems

Marcus put his nose to the grindstone immediately and implemented everything we recommended and shared.

Within 14 days of joining Scaling With Systems, Marcus closed $15,000 in cash. He did this by using some of our sales scripts, example offer posts, and “looping” sales flow.

But there was more. Marcus wanted to get new appointments from warm leads coming in on auto-pilot.

We helped him optimize his sales process and create more targeted marketing content, which resulted in Marcus getting more booked calls in less time.

“We immediately improved and built out more defined SOPs, which is key for growth. We also started to ramp up cold emailing. This was key to getting in front of more hyper-qualified prospects.” – Marcus

After Working With Scaling With Systems

Marcus generated over $58,000 cash collected in his first three weeks working with us. He went on to generate over $840,000 in revenue in his first 7 weeks. This was all while maintaining an 86.7% profit margin and a 100% show-up rate.

After 2 months, Marcus achieved his goal of $100,000 in recurring revenue with an 84.5% profit margin. This was with a single offer and no cold ads.

Shortly after that, Marcus finally hired a virtual assistant and got a 41X ROI in just one week. 

With his wealth of experience and willingness to implement our strategies, Marcus will undoubtedly continue to see rapid growth in his company.

6 figure sales academy win

6 figure sales academy win

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