Zapier Beginner’s Tutorial [Running A $25M+ Business With Zapier]

Maybe you’ve heard that more than 56% of companies are leveraging automation in their business. Have you also wanted to be a part of this majority and streamline your workflow with automation? 

It makes sense, as automating business processes can save precious time and resources, so you and your team can focus on what matters most. The only problem is, how do you know which automated workflow or automation tool is best?

After reading this Zapier tutorial, you won’t have to search any longer. It’s undoubtedly one of the best business automation tools out there.

But what is Zapier used for, exactly? And is it going to benefit your particular business? Read this complete Zapier tutorial for beginners, and all of those questions will be answered (and more).


What is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that integrates various web applications that you need for your business workflow.  That simply means linking up the apps you use daily for your business with Zapier and operating at one interface (without the need for complex coding). 

Whether you want to simplify data entry, messaging, client onboarding, scheduling, or lead conversion, Zapier is your go-to automation tool. If you want to post on social media, you can automate the publishing across different platforms, for example.

How Does Zapier Work?

Zapier links up your productivity apps, allowing them to interact based on your commands. During synchronization, an action occurs when a command or trigger meets the conditions you’ve set.

Understanding the trigger action process is simple; think of it as a conditional workflow. The if/then logic. 

If Q happens, then act like this, but when W happens, act this other way, and so on.

In this Zapier tutorial for beginners, you’ll learn about zaps, how to use Zapier, different Zapier integrations, and everything in between.

What is “Zaps”?

You might have heard of this lingo before – it’s at the heart of Zapier’s concept. Zaps are automated actions within workflows. It’s like a command that has an outcome. Zapier only automates your tasks when there’s a Zap. Every zap is made up of an action and a particular trigger.

Zap = Action And Trigger

A trigger means an occurrence in the first app that will initiate the workflow. Action is the response that comes out after the trigger. The workflow, in this case, is the sequence of events or simply the roadmap. When your zap is active, it executes several actions, but only when triggered. 

Here’s what all that means: 

For example, do you want to book your clients in your Calendly App once they complete the onboarding form? In this case, the action is “book clients on Calendly,” and the trigger for the zap is “a newly submitted form.”

Therefore, when a form is submitted, that triggers the action to book someone onto your Calendly. The two apps that are integrated, in this case, form (whatever you used for that) and Calendly. 

It doesn’t have to be only one trigger and action, however. You can have as many Zaps as you want until you achieve your workflow goals.

Zapier Tutorial for Beginner [How To Use]

In this Zapier for beginners blog, you’re likely starting from not having much knowledge on the tool at all. That’s totally fine; you’re in the right place. Your more focus and concern at this stage of getting started might be how to create the right Zap and where to find workflow ideas that will keep your business streamlined and productive.

Simply from learning the insider tips and tricks in this Zapier for beginners’ tutorial, you’ll understand that Zapier isn’t hard to use when you’re informed.

First things first!

Sign up for a Zapier account. Creating a Zapier account is pretty straightforward. Here are the simple steps to take:

  1. Browse the Zapier platform (feel free to browse what the company has to say about its features and how it works)
  2. Click on sign up for free
  3. Fill out the form and click on sign up
  4. The account is ready for the first Zap

Three concerns will likely arise when you sign up: 

  • Can I use Zapier for free? 
  • If not, how much does it cost? 
  • And, is it worth it?

Firstly, Yes! If you want to use Zapier for free, that free plan is enough to help you get started and follow through with this Zapier tutorial. 

Zapier also has paid plans. They include the starter, professional, team, and company. The monthly pricing ranges from $19.99 in the starter to $599 in the company plan.

Each subscription’s features vary, but more benefits come as you move up the ladder. For instance, the free plan allows for 5 Zaps, the starter plan 20 Zaps, and unlimited Zaps in the professional plan.

Use Zapier Automated Workflows to Work Smarter

With your account live, you can now integrate the apps and optimize your tasks, and share data across different apps and the app without breaking a sweat. Doing that the proper way guarantees the following:

  • Prompt communications with your team
  • Ease of creating contacts and scheduling calls
  • Faster leads follow-ups
  • On-time reminders and responses
  • Accurate and timely posting, reporting, and backing up of data.

If you don’t know how to use Zapier zaps and triggers, however, you won’t get to enjoy those benefits. Read on to fill in this knowledge gap.

Use Zapier to Work Smarter

How To Create A Zap And Action Trigger

Now that you have the Zapier account, next is creating a Zap by adding triggers and actions, as well as any other actions that your workflow demands.

Here’s how it goes:

1. Create Zaps

Log in to your account, and in the Dashboard, you’ll see a “create Zap” icon at the top left. Click the button, and you’ll be prompted to create a workflow.

Before you connect with an app from the workflow section, whether Google docs, JotForm, or others, note that a Zapier API integration might come in handy when starting from scratch.

There are two main ways to create zaps:

  1. From scratch – this is where you can make your Zap exactly how you want
  2. From templates – these are readily available Zap templates to give you ideas and help you with common app integrations. Get them from the Zapier blog, Explore page, or Dashboard.

2. Create Action Trigger

Start by adding a trigger. Make sure you procedurally follow through. That is, choose the trigger app, choose the trigger event, choose the app account, set up the trigger, and test it for assurance.

When adding an action, the same process follows but for an “action.” Select your action account, event, app account, and action. Finalize with an action test.

3. Name and Publish Your Zap

Don’t leave your Zap without a name that you can easily recall. It’s simple; there’s a “Name your Zap” button with some space for a description. With everything in check, publish your Zap with a single click. A Zap cannot initiate actions if it’s not published.

Specific Zaps That Are Frequently Used in Business Processes

What events and apps are you planning to have in your Zapier workflows? The options vary based on your business needs, but there are definitely some common automations people regularly create to automate workflows. These popular zaps that will inspire your workflow as you get started.

Invitee Created in Calendly

Choose this option from the Calendly App and click continue. Then click “Test&Review” or “Test&Continue.” 

What happens when someone books some time in your Calendly? Decide what you want to happen by choosing an action.

For instance, you can choose a CRM like ActiveCampaign, choose an action like choose/update contact, narrow down to booked calls, get in touch, and later follow up with some emails. You can add a lot more actions based on the previous ones.

Start a New Campaign Using an Audio File in Slybroadcast

The voicemail software leaves a recorded voicemail to clients in our email sequence. You let the client know you care by informing them of your readiness to onboard them through a personal voice note.

You can send emails later with crucial information on what to expect on the first call. Doing so makes them ready and willing to close the deal.

New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads

Whenever you get a lead from Facebook, that lead can get an email, text message, or voice note informing them of the action to take.

Regardless of the number of new leads you get, it is easy to reach each because everything is specific and automated.

New Email Matching Search in Gmail

If an email comes in and matches a specific term, let’s say “recording,” it’s sent to your social media team via slack message.

Such videos, especially the training tutorials, have excellent content for others to watch or social media posting.

How To Integrate Zapier With Other Apps

Downloadable apps now stand at over 3.5 million in 2022, with the number increasing every day. However, only 2000+ productivity apps allow for integration with Zapier, which is still a large number.

None of the apps will be challenging to add, so you don’t have to worry about the integration process. This section will only focus on a few apps as an example of some of the most used Zapier integrations.

Let’s dive straight into it!

Integrating Zapier with PDF.CO

PDF.CO is known for its capability to read, extract, and even edit PDFs, spreadsheets and images. Log in to your Zapier, browse “My Apps,” then click a new account and add the PDF.CO from the search results.

You’ll need an API key to complete the process. Once it’s integrated into Zapier, you can efficiently execute all PDF functions and automatically share them with the team or clients for further interventions.

Integrating Zapier with Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows you to store and manage data in a spreadsheet format.

To integrate that data management with Zapier, log in to Zapier, browse “My Apps,” then click a new account and add Google Sheets. Check your Google account to grant Zapier permission to access your account.

Integrating Zapier with ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is an online tool that allows you to create and manage a sales funnel. To integrate it with Zapier, link up the apps, use either as a trigger, choose an action, choose the information that goes to your leads, and sit and relax as conversions happen and you can easily track them.

Integrating Zapier with ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign focuses on enhancing customer experience by simplifying the sales process. You get to know whatever is happening at each touch point.

When Connecting ActiveCampaign with Zapier, start by accessing your Zapier account, then click on ‘Make a Zap.” Next, integrate the ActiveAccount CRM by choosing the app and updating contacts.

You can go multi step ahead and add other actions like email addresses or even Slack messaging to enhance the workflow experience.

How to Rotate Data Within Apps

Are you finding it hard to move data across your Zapier Apps? Data management, especially when dealing with bulk data from large projects, can be challenging if you don’t know how to use the transfer function.

Zapier actually allows premium apps for you to rotate data, thanks to “Transfer by Zapier.” This standalone app allows you to move data to the specific place you want.

To begin the rotation, know the source and destination, then link the destination and source apps. After that, customize the record’s appearance and add a schedule.

When done, filter the data from the source app, and complete your process.

Troubleshooting Zapier Errors

Errors due to wrongly filled zap fields or your app and Zapier account permission issues require you to search for help in the Zapier directory.

The Zapier community also addresses all your problems when using the platform. Different users give first-hand advice to your queries, saving dire situations.

For the errors that come up when remote servers are out of reach, make sure you use the HTTP codes to know more about them; they are numbers oriented, e.g., error 404 and 504.

Zapier Reviews

Is Zapier legit? That’s a fair question. We should be asking that of any company we come across.

You don’t need to worry about Zapier, however. It’s a safe tool to use, and the online Zapier reviews on third-party websites give you the assurance you need. 

At a glance:

G2 Reviews: 1,022 reviews | 4.5 out of 5 stars

TrustRadius: 587 reviews | 9 out of 10

Zapier Sitejabber: 4 reviews | 3 out of 5 stars

Zapier Scamadvisor Trustscore is 100%

Zapier FAQ

Is Zapier easy to learn?

Zapier is very easy to learn. With complete Zapier tutorials like this article and other helpful videos online, it’ll be a breeze for beginners to set up. 

How do I set up Zapier?

All you need to do is create triggers and actions – known as Zaps – and the automation will do the rest for you! We’ve gone into detail in this blog about how to set up your account and your Zaps.

How much does Zapier cost per month?

There are many pricing options available for Zapier, but as a beginner, you can start using it for free until you decide you’d like some more advanced features and move on to the other Zapier plans.

Can I use Zapier for free?

Yes, you can use Zapier for free with 100 tasks per month. If you want to increase the number of tasks per month, upgrade to a paid plan.

Wrapping Up: Zapier For Beginners

There you have it, our complete Zapier tutorial for beginners.

It’s clear by now that Zapier is a fantastic tool to help automate your workflow and save you time to put your efforts into what matters most. Juggling multiple apps and manually handling that workflow is not effective at all, and that’s precisely why Zapier was created. 

Now you know how to use it and you’ve got some inspiration for handy Zaps to automate your business already, all you need to do is put it into practice.

You obviously care about creating effective systems in your business; we do too. Our entire company is built around helping businesses acquire new clients through proven strategies and systems. If that sounds like something you’d love help with, book a free consultation call with one of our advisors today.

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