FRIENDS determine your success!


Audit your environment.
If you’re not happy I promise you it has something to do with your daily environment.
Figure out who or what is causing it (can be people/things close to you) and cut it.
Fill that void with people that push you and challenge you.


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[00:01:03] If you’re not where you want to be, I’ll ask you to take an audit of the people that you’re spending the most time with. In this video, I’m going to show you why I did that and exactly what happened because of it. Now that they’re gone. Those guys are a real pain in my… No, I’m just kidding, actually my total life has changed when I started surrounding myself with high achievers, people firing on all cylinders. Actually, so much so to the point that I moved out of my house and into a house in San Diego. I sold everything in my old house in Florida and in less than a week I was living in San Diego, California, with two of my best friends. Guys that I literally do business with that send me business. I send them business. It’s actually kind of incredible how much we push each other, call each other out whenever we’re talking B.S. call, each other I out when we are not doing our daily disciplines and then hold each other accountable for waking up. At 5:00 a.m., I’m going to the gym, doing our meditation, whatever it is.

[00:01:04] So what you do, you start realizing is look at your inner circle, look at the people that surround yourself with if you’re unhappy right now with where you are financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, what you need to kind of realize is that is most likely you have to do with people that are surrounding you and the people that are closest to you. And if you can audit those people and figure out where they’re bringing what they bring in your life and ixnay the ones that aren’t bringing you anything, you would actually be pretty surprised how much you can do with it. So if you’re not where you want to be 100 percent, it has to do something in your environment. Either your physical location or the people around you ordered that immediately change it immediately and watch yourself grow from there. I thought you guys said. So I’m sure this video already has you thinking about the people that you’re spending the most time with and the impact they’re having on your life. Keep an eye out for more videos I’m putting out daily.

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