How To Get Clients From LinkedIn Messaging | Hacking LinkedIn’s Policy Change

Want to know How To Get Clients From LinkedIn Messaging | Hacking LinkedIn’s Policy Change?

A few weeks ago LinkedIn came out with a policy update that limited the number of connection messages you could send from 100/day to 100/week.

For myself and many of my clients this was devastating, I went from generating 30+ booked appointments / week from LinkedIn to less than 5 / week.

I searched far and wide for solutions, but I saw nobody able to provide any, so I did what any good business owner would do, I found my own.

In this video I’ll show you exactly how you can still send 150+ messages / day on LinkedIn, generating appointments, and closing deals.

Actually, after the LinkedIn policy update this new strategy is working even better than my previous LinkedIn lead generation strategies.

I’ll cover your LinkedIn connection message, what some of the best messaging templates we’ve used are, how to get around the new LinkedIn policy updates for connections and messages, and how we’re still generating plenty of B2B leads on LinkedIn.

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