4 Reasons Why You need A Virtual Assistant!

In this Virtual Assistant video, I show you 4 reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines.

Virtual Assistants from the Philippines can be incredible employees, and I walk through exactly how to use your Filipino Virtual Assistant to grow your business.

There are many reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) from the Philippines, however in this video I boil it down to only four key reasons why a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines needs to be your next employee.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solopreneur, a freelancer, or this is your 1,000 hire, there is a lot to be said about the benefits and opportunities that come from working with a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.

After you’re done watching this video you’ll know exactly why you should be hiring a VA from the Philippines and will have the tools necessary to do so!

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[00:00:00] Hey, what’s going on everyone, Ravi Abuvala here founder of ScalingWithSystems.com and in this video I’m going to show you four reasons why you need to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines. And one reason why you shouldn’t. Now, any time I talk about virtual assistants, I usually hear one of two reactions. Either people are incredibly interested, they see the value in it and they want a higher one as soon as possible or they think it’s a scam, that they’re going to run away with their money and their identity and that they’re taking jobs away from hard working Americans. Let me very quickly tackle why the second category isn’t true. And then I’m going to show the people in the first category and the rest of this video what’s your next step should be.

[00:00:38] Now inside of our company Scaling With Systems, we’ve literally placed hundreds of virtual assistants all around the world. And I can assure you that it is not a scam. I’ve actually had less issues with virtual assistant workers than I have with the u.s.-based UK based Australian bases from the first world country employees. Just like anytime you hire anybody, there are going to be some bad apples. But more often than not, we can actually usually chalk that up to poor communication on the business owners part or poor hiring slash training process on the business owners part as well. Finally, virtual assistants do not actually take away work from hardworking Americans or hardworking workers in the first world. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Let me explain to you why.

[00:01:18] AT&T, Microsoft, Airbnb, Apple all these companies leverage overseas virtual offices and specifically in the Philippines to do the work that most Americans or First World employees won’t do because they’re able to outsources overseas to a lot lower cost than they would be able to do in America. They’re actually able to increase the bandwidth and their profit margins inside of the United States and thus hire workers at a higher pay grade to do even more fulfilling work locally around their headquarters. For example, for my advertising agency, Prospect Social, when we first started, I literally almost crumble by myself. Then, luckily, I learned the power of virtual assistance, which is exactly what we teach inside Scaling With Systems and everything changed from there.

[00:02:02] We were going so much that I had to hire a sales team, account managers, ads, managers and even more back end people. After I finally hired a chief operating officer across all my companies, I employ over 24 people and that would never have been possible if I hadn’t hired my first worker in the Philippines to be able to scale my companies to the point that I can now support all of my employees all around the world. Shout out to you Meljane. All right. Some of that out of the way. If you’re still with me here, let’s dove into the four reasons why you need to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

[00:02:33] Number one, they do this stuff that you don’t want to do but needs to be done inside your business. As business owners, we all know the things that need to be done inside of our company, but we aren’t actually doing. That can be anything from content creation, posting distribution, copywriting ads, creation, back end funnel set up, website administration or for a lot of people that come to us inside Scaling With Systems lead generation. Look, I get it things come up. Your kids get sick. There’s a new season, a Westworld out there. The point is things get in the way and prevent you from doing what needs to be done consistently inside your company.

[00:03:08] The difference in the successful entrepreneur and the unsuccessful entrepreneur, however, is that the successful entrepreneur still makes sure that those tasks are being done even when they’re not doing them. Take a moment here. Just think, if you had somebody consistently for the next 365 days, for the next year, send out 100 emails every single day to your target market. Do you know what that could do for your business? Let’s say that just 10 percent of those e-mails that they sent over the year respond back to you. And only 10 percent of people that respond back actually become clients for you. That’s going to end up being around 365 new clients for your business by the end of the year. And even if you just sell a five hundred dollar products, that’s going to be a lot of chatter. So the number one reason is so that you can make sure that the most important stuff is going to get done, because you and I both know you’re probably not going to do it.

[00:03:54] OK, so the second reason why you need to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines is because of how affordable it is to do so. Did you know that in a recent study published by the government in the Philippines that a family of four can live very comfortably in the Philippines for under five hundred dollars a month? That’s in something called currency rate exchange. I’m not going to get too inside this video, but essentially the U.S. dollar is stronger in the Philippines than it is in the United States. So they need less money or to live a great life for anywhere from two to four dollars an hour like the ones that we train in place and Scaling With Systems. It becomes an incredible option for those who are maybe just starting out or our solopreneurs and are looking to make their first hire, but don’t want to make a costly mistake hiring someone from 40 to 60 thousand dollars a year. And the downsides that come with that, no taxes, no health insurance, no lawsuits, no H.R., just results. And even if you have already someone working inside your company, maybe this is your tenth hire your 100th hire your thousand hire a virtual assistant is an incredible option for those looking to free up the time either on the employeers palte or either they can focus on the real reason why you hire them and not get bogged down by all the minutia detail.

[00:05:08] The number three reason why you need to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines is because the incredible work culture that takes place in the Philippines. Let me start off by saying I absolutely love my Filipino workers. Did you know that the Philippines is the second largest English literate country in Asia? So that means that they’re highly educated. They speak, read and write English really well. And they’re eager to work as literally bread inside of their culture. They believe in dedication to your job and taking pride in your work. Which is exactly the qualities that you as an employer should look at for your next employee. And not only that, but they hold very strong family values. So it’s not just about money for them. They’re not just looking to make a quick buck. They’re actually looking to create a better life for their family and their family’s family as well, which gives more motivation than money ever could.

[00:05:56] Finally, reason number four, you know, hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines. This one’s a little selfish, but it’s because it makes you a better person. That’s right. I firmly believe that hiring another person, hiring employee is one of the best personal development journeys you can ever go on. There’s something to be said about the satisfaction that comes from having other people rely on you and makes you perform as a better person. It makes you systemized your business more, makes you cut out the stuff that doesn’t make sense and makes you focus on the stuff that does. It makes you work harder because you know that other people are relying on you. It also makes you work harder because, you know, other people are watching you. And even more important than all that. It makes work more fun, in my opinion, because I build businesses by myself. And that was OK. But once I started working with other people. When you can start building something that’s going to last with other people, it’s so much better of a feeling than you ever could do doing anything alone.

[00:06:46] So if you’re building a business alone right now or a solar producer or a freelancer, I challenge you in this video to hire an overseas virtual assistant and work with them over the next few months and see if you don’t become a better employer. So, ladies and gentlemen, now you know exactly why you should hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines. But do you know where to find them or how to make sure they’re reliable or what you should exactly do whenever you do get a hold of one? Probably number one question I get asked is, Ravi, where do I find a safe, reliable and fully trained virtual assistant that I can take on inside my company? So because of that, I will invite you to a free training. I created the links gonna be in description below where I walk you through the exact steps I took to scale two companies to seven figures in under two years and that’s no include where to find virtual assistants, how you should be hiring them, the questions you need to be asking them, and the exact steps they need to be taking as soon as you on-board them onto a company.

[00:07:35] Thanks so much for watching this video of you. If you got some value out of it, please like it. Subscribe and share it with some of your friends. Comment down below. Any questions that you have at all about virtual assistants? And I’d be happy to answer them. Be sure to check out the free training like I just said, the links in the comments and I look forward to speaking with you guys very soon.

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