9 Business-Boosting Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Entrepreneurs from across the globe are looking for ways to optimize their business. Every business, large or small, is looking to reduce operating expenses and increase productivity.

The truth is that one-third of small businesses fail in less than two years. Over a five year period, roughly half of all new startups are forced to close their doors.

One way to scale your business for success is to onboard a virtual administrative assistant to do prospecting, fulfillment and administrative tasks. Read on to learn how a virtual assistant can help your business. Explore nine business-boosting benefits that are certain to make your life easier as an entrepreneur.

1. Time Is Money

There is no truer statement in business than “time is money.” As a business owner, your time is your most valuable commodity.

Do you want to waste hours per day scheduling meetings or sending out e-mails to clients and prospects? This is precious time that could be used to grow your business instead of spinning your wheels.

You could be meeting with new investors or networking with potential business partners. These are better uses of your time than performing administrative work. Instead, you should delegate out these tasks.

2. Reduce Operating Expenses

Now that you have decided to delegate out administrative work, the next question is “to whom?” Some businesses elect to hire a person to handle administrative tasking. While you may land a great resource, it is not the most cost-effective approach.

You can reduce your operating expenses by using virtual assistants instead. Our service helps you outsource administrative work to employees in the Philippines.

They earn a fraction of the United States’ minimum wage. In addition, they are not entitled to the same labor protections as American employees. For example, your company does not have to provide them with health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

You do not have to worry about pay raises or promotions either. The end result is a reduction in your payroll and operating expenses as a whole.

3. No Down Time

How often are you left scrambling after an employee calls out sick in the morning? Now, you have no choice but to take over those administrative responsibilities.

This forces you to learn a job that you are typically not responsible for. It distracts you from your primary responsibility to grow the business. In other cases, you may have to delegate to another employee and potentially overwhelm them.

One of the major benefits of a virtual administrative assistant is that they are less likely to call out sick. They do not waste time chatting at the water cooler or leave early for a youth sports game. They are head down and focused on delivering what has been asked of them.

The end result for your business is adding a reliable and productive employee. This resource will make everyone’s life easier.

4. Less Office Space Required

With a virtual assistant in the Philippines, you do not need to utilize any office space. This fact yields a number of benefits for your business.

For starters, you have more flexibility for the office space. You may now have an extra desk and cubicle to hire an additional engineer or sales associate, or even keep the square footage of the office down until you need to expand.

This added flexibility also yields benefits with fixed costs. The company’s utility bills, for example, would decline with fewer employees in the office.

Less water and electricity is used when administrative services are outsourced out of the office. Also, there will be fewer employees on the company’s network, making the internet and other applications work more efficiently.

5. Greater Productivity

Virtual assistants are proven to be more productive than the average employee. There are a few reasons for productivity improvement.

With the responsibilities outsourced to the Philippines, your assistant is less likely to be distracted. They are unaffected by water cooler talk and other office events.

If there is a company-wide event, they can continue to work. They can also continue operations in the event of inclement weather, such as a snowstorm or even a power outage.

6. More Flexibility and Less Risk

When a business is relatively new, there is some uncertainty about the company’s future. There is obviously some potential for growth or you would not be in business to begin with. However, there is significant risk for any small business.

By outsourcing to a virtual assistant, you retain more flexibility to make difficult payroll decisions. You can quickly reduce payroll or employee headcount.

It is much easier to break ties with a virtual assistant in the Philippines than an employee you see every day. At the same time, you can bring a virtual assistant back just as easily as they were laid off. This is especially attractive given the current climate of uncertainty.

7. Save Time and Money on Training

When you hire a new employee, they need to be trained. It takes up time and resources to get a new person up to speed. There is also a significant chance that you train a new employee and they leave shortly after.

This is not going to happen with a virtual assistant. They arrive trained and ready to do the job on day one. You do not have to waste any of your precious time onboarding them and getting them ready to fulfill their role.

8. Support Different Time Zones

With outsourced employees in the Philippines, you can now support customers around the clock. This is because the Philippines are in a vastly different time zone than the United States.

While you are sleeping, your virtual assistant will be responding to customers on the other side of the globe. Round-the-clock customer support will heighten your company’s reputation. Customers will be thrilled to get a response at any time of the day.

9. Prioritize Work

With administrative tasking off of your plate, you are free to pursue your most ambitious goals. Instead of wasting time on data entry, you can focus on strategic thinking.

Also, you can dedicate more time for creative thinking and problem-solving. These are the tasks that truly move your company forward instead of getting bogged down with admin work.

Why Virtual Administrative Assistants Are So Important

Outsourcing your administrative work and prospecting will take your business to the next level. You will reduce operating costs and increase productivity at the same time.

If you are interested in adding a virtual administrative assistant to your team, contact us today to see how it could benefit your business.


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