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Effectively using Asana
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In this video I am breaking down the best project management tool ASANA. We use ASANA inside of our Scaling With Systems business.

ASANA is one of the most important softwares inside of our Scaling With Systems company. This means that we are able to do all our standard operating procedures, large projects and so much more.

We love ASANA because the fact is: it’s completely free, you don’t have to pay anything. The impact ASANA will have on your business is both efficient and effective.

By the end of this ASANA tutorial, you will have understood and mastered the project software. ASANA will allow you to both be productive and efficient inside your business daily. As well as be in sync with all team members across all projects and tasks.

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What’s going on, guys? I get asked all the time, Ravi, how do you manage multiple companies with multiple different projects and make sure everything hits the due date accordingly and make sure all of your team members are doing it by the due date? Right. So it was actually in the very beginning, this was something that was very difficult for me to do. And I used to just create like a Google calendar and have to do tasks and invite people there or even to write everything out on a whiteboard or I used to keep everything on no path. I’m very disorganized.

However, I came across about a year ago a free software project management tool called a ASANA – A S A N A that has totally revolutionized my life. And if you’re a business owner or you’re a freelancer or you’re trying to do something on the side and you want to stay on top of your game, make sure all your projects are getting hit when they need to be hit, and make sure all your team members are doing the tasks that they need to do and also how you create duplicate able processes for your company. This tool is for you. And in this video, I’m going to walk you through everything that we use it for, how to set it up correctly and how to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it, OK. 

Also, I use ASANA for stuff like standard operating procedures, how we use our standard operating procedures that our companies and employees know what to do. I use it for calendars. I also use it for content creation. So you usually get a whole little viewpoint of how we use this free software management tool inside of our company. Now, if you’re watching this video and you don’t know who I am, my name’s Ravi Abuvala founder of 

We help entrepreneurs grow and scale their business using automation, elimination and delegation. And this is a great example of how we use automation and software in order to make our lives easier and our employees lives easier so that we’re getting stuff done in an effective method. So if you haven’t subscribed to the channel make sure you click the like button on this video, subscribe down below and turn on the bell notifications. I do run a very small bit of ads to people that subscribe to my channel giving away free courses, free iPods, free airports, all that kind of stuff as well. So I think interest free iPods. I don’t think anybody wants free. I don’t know if you could give away an iPod right now, but anyway, free air pods and i-Pad is what I meant to say. So make sure you subscribe to the like button and make sure you check out some of the other videos that I have in here. 

So that being said, let’s dive right into ASANA. OK. So this is ASANA here A S A N A and this is what it looks like when you log in for the first time or when you go to the website for the first time. Once again, guys, the other beautiful thing about our channel is I show you guys everything. About 90 percent of the stuff that we use inside of our company is free. That’s not because I’m cheap. It’s because we really believe in frugality in our company. And I think that frugality breeds innovativeness, meaning if you don’t have a whole lot of money, you usually find a way to make it possible. And this is one of those instances where you’re giving up, you know, efficiency by not having to pay for ASANA an incredible tool. And we have almost 18 people on it and I haven’t paid a dime for it yet. So there’s no reason to pay if you don’t have fees. You could try for free right year. You can put in the name of your company. 

So let’s say, you could try for free. And then you go in here and continue with Google, you have to verify your email. So we’re just going to continue this right here and say, Nobody steal my password. Alligator 1. Excellent, excellent, excellent. 

Awesome. And now it’s asked me to set up with my full name, somebody right here. Your main goal in ASANA. Once again, you know, set up a project with my team. What kind of projects do you do? What kind of business do run? What’s this? Marketing! What’s your marketing team called Scaling With Systems. And then you could invite other people if you want to. Let’s just say, you know, I wonder to invite when my teammates, Raj. Just say continue. 

OK, perfect. And this is a sign of what the basic dashboard looks like. OK. So everything that you’re doing is going to kind of boil down into teams and projects. OK. So teams on the left hand side of here. And think of teams like categories. Right. So I’ll show you what’s on our sonnett here in a moment. You guys know it’s I can’t talk about the categories would be stuff like like the standard operating procedures or content or to do lists. 

Or it could be something as simple as marketing. Right. Or it could be something like clients. We also manage our clients inside of ASANA as well. So think that inside of clients would be what are known as projects. So the client is a team project where either the projects would be like, you know, Henry Ford, James Bind all these people that are our clients, obviously not really our clients.

Although James Bond, if you’re watching this, I’m a big fan, would love to represent you. Then you can we use the project inside teams or to manage specific things inside of the team. So all you have to do here and you have a few different options to look at malicious a new project. Right. And let’s actually go back out here. If I was doing this correctly, what I’d probably do is set up my teams the way I would want to do it. So I would probably have, you know, let’s just say clients. Right. 

And then I would probably have another one that would be standard operating procedures. That’s how we create our standard operating standard operating procedures. And I create another video. Exactly what that is essentially to dos for your employees. So you can duplicate yourself. Another one we do as a content. So everything to do with content inside of there. Etc, etc. OK, so that’s how I would set up my teams correctly first, and then I always have what’s known as a to do team and that’s gonna be attitude to do list for me to do list for each of my individual team members. And that’s so we can kind of keep each other accountable.

And then I would come down here and inside of let’s just say content, I would create a project and the way I like to set things up or I like to create templates that are duplicated all over and over and over and over and over again. Right. So my my project name would be like template. And then I would say something like YouTube video, YouTube video. 

And this is actually what I need to do. And you can create it as a listview, which is like obviously listed out with checkmarks, a board view. That’s something really similar to Trello. You have a timeline view or you have a calendar view. So I actually have different views based on what what my project is. 

So if it’s a to do list, I’m going to probably have a list view of it. And then if it’s something like content creation where we have like Meade’s video editing needs, you know, graphic editing needs a headline, then I’ll have a board view because I think that works a little bit cooler. And that’s why I like ASANA, because ASANA allows you to choose in between each one of those views and you don’t necessarily have to only have Broadview view like on Trello or only have listview like on some other to do list. So because of the content, one way to do board view on this and then I’ll show you guys mine. I just want to give you guys a quick little walkthrough on it. You can change the titles up here. I’ve seen people use ASANA for sales as well, right. You could do a whole different team for sales and then have it. 

So you literally have like check us out and we always create our own deal, template deal. I would do a board view and you could just every single time you had a different client or customer or league come in here, you can add them to this. You can use software to add it automatically to it and then you can make it stuff like, you know, book appointment, proposals sent close. Right. 

So this can obviously go as big and as great as you want or as small as you want it as well. And I’m going to jump inside of my ass on an app. I think that’ll be a little helpful for you. But I just want to show you the general idea behind it. If you want to, you can go on something called my task here as well if you want to look at this. I usually keep this view pretty much open on my computer all day so I can see what I have to do by the end of the day as well. OK. So we’re going to actually exit out of here and hop into my own ASANA. This is for one of my companies. And you can see inside of this we have standard operating procedures.  And like you can see, this is literally how we keep our operating procedures like here is Facebook called messaging. This is for one of my virtual assistants. That’s what we do inside selling systems. We give two dollars and fifty cents an hour virtual assistants for our employees that are based in the Philippines or for our clients. Excuse me. 

And you can see in here to be done daily at 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Central Time. And what will happen is my team member will literally come in here every day. They have their assigned of this task. They’ll click the check mark and then they’re going to come through here. They add 40 friends a day. They add them from these specific groups. Once we accept this, then they accept the friend request. Then we send this message. And then if you click on this, these little tasks here, you’ll actually see some tasks inside of here. And this is what so if they respond positive. So if they’re interested, then my team member sends back awesome. What’s on a call so I can learn a little bit more about you. Here’s a link to my calendar where you can book a time to suit you. 

And then there’s a link to our scaling or systems calendar right there. And so they know exactly what to do on a high level. And then they have the exact messages that they need to send inside of that as well. So my team members just get to sit inside us on all day and do the task. I need them to do. OK. So let me put that back out there. And my team actually does use this, so I’m going to uncheck these so they can come in here. And I think that I’m crazy. So we keep our standard operating procedures inside of here. And then we also keep stuff like content as well in here. And as you can see, I’ll probably blur this out right here, because I want you guys to see my secret secret videos I’m making for you. 

But here’s the templates that we keep. So here’s ad templates. Here’s YouTube video templates, research videos, ideas, need of SEO editing and script writing. Need to shoot it, need to edit it, need to publish it. It’s published and it’s on the blog. So this is between myself and one of my team members here. And this is literally what our YouTube Tumblr looks like. So you can see if you click on this little icon right here, you’ll be able to assign the task of somebody. And if you click right here, there’s a due date you can put on as well. So we the video research, you know, duplicated the mass revolt on Google Drive. You know, here’s the SEO document done in script, written video shot and uploaded to Google Drive.

So I will come in here and check my stuff. Then once I check myself, he’ll get a notification that he’s checked his stuff. So once again, guys, I love to keep everything organized. I love to keep everything duplicatable also I can remove myself from the process. And also so my whole team knows exactly what’s going on. Do the same thing with ads. And this keeps me accountable and keeps my team members accountable. And it keeps us on top of our stuff as well. And then I have its do list over here. You know, this is shared between my see my COO Raj and myself to do in progress done. This probably blurred as well as you guys don’t know the secret project we’re working on. But, you know, they have different due dates that are done on certain things here as well. So, you know, all have an idea. I’ll put it in there. You’ll have an idea. He’ll put it in here and then we can kind of work on projects. 

He’s in London. He’s in the U.K. eight hours ahead of me. Totally different time zone, totally different countries. So it’s very important that we stay consistent and on the right stuff that we need to be staying on. The only way you can do that is if it is if you use a project management tool like this. Another example is something called Facebook group interview. So I do have a free Facebook group, shameless plug for. It’s called Scaling with systems for agencies, entrepreneurs and coaches and others. Be link to a description below. I go on there. I do. Q&A is all the time. I go live in there. I answer a whole bunch of peoples questions. I’m in there almost every single day, multiple times a day. We share free trainings, resources. But one things we do as there is we interview seven and eight figure entrepreneurs and kind of where their journey, how they got to where they’re going. 

And so I essentially have as I set up an operating procedure, set up where I invite someone to be interviewed or someone asked to be interviewed inside of the group, I submit the link, whatever they book in my town over that specific thing. They pop up as a card here under scheduled interview. I get to see all the questions, everything, whatever or whatever it is that I have interview announces as I have a specific template I use for that. And have you completed and saw just drag people to the columns as we go so I can have this filled out for the next four months and I can keep an eye on exactly who I’m interviewing, what they’re going to announce. All that kind of stuff. So you guys went to the link for the Facebook group is down in the description below. 

OK, so that’s a sign, a very high level. I really recommend you guys checking it out. It’s totally transformed our life. It’s totally, completely free. Do not think that you have to pay any money for it. We have almost 20 people on it. Like I said, we don’t pay a dime for it. And it’s incredible. It’s smart to set it up right now while you need it. And people ask me all the time, Ravi – I’m kind of overwhelmed with this information. Don’t be the basic thing on recommends setting up as a standard operating procedure team inside of there so you can start duplicating your task and removing yourself from your company to do list one because that’s really nice for you and your team members to kind of keep an eye on. What are the bigger project you’re working on as well? And then I personally like a content one so I can map out the content that I’m doing over the next few weeks, months, years, whatever it is, and make sure that my team members are working on it. Other than that, don’t let it overwhelm you. Just get inside of it and start using it right now.

Awesome, guys. So that is my complete walk through ASANA. How to essentially leverage it to create a system and a business that can run effectively, efficiently and without you hitting your due date on time and with multiple team members. And the best part is it’s totally free. There’s gonna be a link in the description down below to link over to it because it’s free. I don’t get any affiliate for sending you guys that way. I’m just trying to consistently send you guys good software and tools that we use inside of our company and our clients companies in order to make more money and have more impact. 

So now you guys understand how to use this on it effectively. But are you curious what kind of other softwares and tools we use inside Scaling With Systems in our company in order to make a lot of money, have a lot of impact and do it with a lot less time? There’s gonna be a free trade and about you guys down to its in the description below is essentially how I made I build to seven figure businesses in under two years while working less than four hours a week. And a lot of that has to do with automation. Some of these software is here and then using virtual assistants overseas. So the link to that is down below. It’s an awesome free trading. I go really in-depth. That’s a lot of fun. I include stuff like Beyonce say in there. I show you guys my journey from law school and then I actually break out a lot of these other software. 

So if you want to learn a little bit more information about that, click the link down below and you can get instant access to that. If you’ve got some value out of this video, please like subscribe and make sure you join the bell notification on so you can be entered into those giveaways and those free courses. And then finally comment down below and let me know. You know, another software tool you guys want me to run through or questions you have about that I can answer on software’s on tools. Or even better yet, if you’re using ASANA or you want to use ASANA and you have a few more questions on it, let me know down below. I’m going to go personally and answer each one of those comments and get to know you guys a little bit more. So thank you so much for your time. And I’ll see you.

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