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[00:01:02] What’s going on, guys? Ravi Abuvala, in this quick little video I’m actually going to show you guys when you join the program, right. One of the biggest mistakes that I see in a lot of coaching programs and a lot of service based businesses, whatever it is, we live in a society where people want everything right now. OK. That’s all you want. You want immediate gratification. One of the best things I’ve ever done in my whole life is have money like discipline and actually delayed gratification so that I can build up discipline and routines in order to have a larger gratification down the road. And so when I first started getting this game, I was winning $10000 my first month, I wanted $100000 a second month. I wanted to have an ABS in six weeks. I want to be deadlifting six hundred pounds in a month. I just want everything now because that’s what you know, we have 90 second dinners. We have, you know, ABS in six minutes, whatever it is. And we live in a society where everything has to happen now.

[00:01:03] And if it’s not happening right now, well, then you must be doing something wrong because everybody else on Instagram, you know, has everything happening right now. I’ll be totally honest with you guys, too. I’m one of the people that also markets the big wins that happen right now. We’ve got people in this program make 18000 hours in the first four days. I have someone made fifty thousand dollars in the first 30 days. We’ve had ten thousand dollars in the first seven days. You know, I my company to multiple six figures in 18 months. That usually doesn’t happen. So you hear all this stuff because that’s the highlights. But most will forget all the stuff that led up to it. And those are also the anomalies. They’re not the norm. Right. So they’re not actually what you can expect. If I got in this program and I was like, hey, you’re going make a hundred thousand hours and 30 days, he has me really pissed off at me. I did this all of myself. And this obvious would be a successful program. One of things I do when you guys go on this program, when you’re filling out the onboarding form, is we actually send you a gift. OK. So you put your e-mail and your address in there and for whatever reason, you didn’t do that. Make sure you send any motives for that. Skilling With systems where you can actually put your address that you’d like us to send the gift to, but actually show you guys what we send you, right?

[00:02:04] So I’m totally not affiliated with this whatsoever. I get no money when we do this with you guys. It’s called The Slight Edge, right by Jeff Olson. It’s actually the book that I think I can attribute most to changing my life. And this is on the way. If you’re watching the video right now, there’s a good chance is on the way over to get to you. We signed so many new people every single week that I think we’ve burned out of their prime delivery supplies. So sometimes we can take up to 30 days to get it, unfortunately. But I do want to let you guys know a little bit of why the slight edge is so incredibly important and how it can actually change your life. OK.

[00:02:39] So once I read the slight edge, everything changed for me because I realized that the most successful people in this world, they’re not the ones that are the overnight success. It seems like the overnight success. And that’s not going to show you in this video right here. That’s also going to be touched upon a book whenever you start reading it. But it’s actually years and years of hard work that led to the success you see every single day. So I deadlift 500 pounds, I squat 400 pounds, I bench 300 pounds. But about four years ago, I could literally barely bench the bar I had never done and had left my entire life. And I was afraid of squats, really. I was embarrassed by it. So the same thing happens in my business. Four years ago, I had no business. I had no business talent. I didn’t even plan on being an entrepreneur. I want to be a lawyer and I had no money in my bank account. Now I’m running multiple seven-figure companies to join you guys in this program right now.

[00:03:28] Four years ago, I hated relationships I didn’t believe in. And like, you know, having other people involved in your life, friends, family, whatever it is. I was just so focused on law school. Now I really set time aside every single day to call all my family members to spend time going out with friends and learn a little bit more about them as well. Joining other masterminds and trying to date as well, because I realized there’s actually a lot of benefits to that also. So over time, people see who I am right now and one of accomplished, but they actually don’t realize that I was just small daily disciplines every single day compounded over time that brought me to where I am. So it’s the same thing when you’re going to this program as well. Right. So technically speaking, a lot of you guys could be at the very beginning of the slight edge, meaning you guys aren’t going to see the fruition to that slight edge for a little bit of time. But that’s totally cool if you guys want to get rich. Quick stuff. Well, then you should join another program. You should be doing for X or Bitcoin or something like that. And you should be doing something totally different, because what we’re doing in this, we’re building businesses for lifetime here. We’re building businesses that can be sold. You can be removed from it. You can travel the world. But that just doesn’t happen overnight. And if you believe that, you’re a sucker. OK. So this slide book actually talks about the concept of this. And the reason why I said this to you guys is because.

[00:04:44] Let me show you first, I guess there’s a slight edge, right? So this is a line. This is just time. Let’s just say this is time. OK. And this is where we are right now. This is sometime in the future. OK. The slight edge is the idea that every single day you’re either doing one or two things, you are either on the slight edge. Up. Or that’s called the compound effects. Actually, the gentleman that wrote that book, you might have read already, he was a student of this gentleman, Jeff Olson, who wrote this book. You’re on the Inside Edge Up, which everyone talks about. Everyone loves. What you don’t realize is that. You can also be on the side edge down. OK, so slight edge up could mean a lot of money. It could mean fitt strong. It could mean good relationships. They can be mental health. That’s great. You know, travel, financial freedom, whatever it is. Right. That’s essentially what the slight edge up will get you if you fall outside a job. This line of sound, though, which nobody talks about, you know. Disease, mental or physical obesity? Stress. Anger. You know, divorce. Poor. No money. What are other things I can bring you the slides down poor relationships or no relationships?

[00:06:35] And what you’ll notice here is that up until about this point right here, this is almost identical. And what that means is that up until it’s almost too late, your choices you make every single day aren’t going to show if it’s helping you or hurting you. OK. So people that are you might think that, hey, I’m just gonna have a hamburger today. Right. I’m gonna have pizza today or I’m not going to do any outreach today. I’m not going to work today. I’m not going to take sales calls, whatever it is. And what happens is that’s not going to hurt you today. It’s not an original moral. Probably haven’t heard you a month from now, but three months from now, six months from now, a year from now, you’re going to blink your eyes and you’re gonna be down here, OK? You’re gonna be fat and you’re going to hate your life. You’re gonna be in a divorce.

[00:07:20] You’re gonna have no money, you’re not gonna have a business. And you’re going to be like, oh, how did this happen? I just rolled my eyes and suddenly it happened, OK? And now I know a lot of people in this part right here. I don’t I don’t know how it happened. And I’m like, let’s retrace the steps of right here what you were doing. And a lot of them we’re looking for get rich quick schemes are blaming everything on everybody else. They’re taking no responsibility and they’re just poor business people had no relationship with friends and family. They push everyone to the outside and that’s what you ended up. And that’s actually arguably where I think I was headed when I was trying to do the law school path. OK. Instead, what I did once I read this book, I learned that I was on this path down. And I immediately started to go on this path up. So with this path up and I would say I’m you know, arguably I could be anywhere here.

[00:08:05] It’s all relative. But let’s just say I’m right here in some people’s eyes. You know, I have actual relationships. My family, I have multiple seven-figure businesses. I have less than 10 percent body fat. I can lift more than most people that I know. I live in an incredible house in San Diego on the water. I’m in California. I can travel the world, do whatever I want to, etc., etc.. Right. Mental health. I meditate every single day. I don’t touch my phone until 9:00 AM, whatever it is. And so I live like over here. And what I what people don’t realize is just just this right here is what got me there. Right. It’s not like I just jump from here to here like that didn’t happen. Right. It’s actually here, here, here, here. Arguably, this was like up until October of last year. And then it shot up to me. But all here I was doing cool calls like Facebook messages, Instagram messages, Linked-In messages, calling all my friends emails. Going to be an I mean, he’s going to the Chamber of Commerce. And over time, that just compound in a compound, an incompetent. It seemed like it wasn’t doing anything him. Seems like I was not making any money, any progression, and nothing was happening. And then all of a sudden we did 10K one month that we did 18k. The next month there would be thirty six K in the next month after that.

[00:09:12] And then I started working out again. I stop being so fat, I started eating cleaner. I start to be sort of meditating, being mentally healthier. I started traveling the world to meditate and I went to Europe. I went all across United States. I was snowboarding and it like it just like felt like a blunt. I blinked my eyes. And so most people when you see ads and you see like YouTube or, you know, Instagram, this is usually when people are selling. Is that all right there? But most people just have no idea. You know, this could be one year. This could be one month. This could be ten years. It could be 30 years. Like there’s no real number here. But would you guys just need to realize is that this is how the truth about life. And once you get this foundation down, I always tell my students, my friends, my family, I’ve given this this book out over 200 times, but I pay for it myself and give it to people. Is that this right here? Once you understand this, this was you need to know first and then everything else can go. So that’s why every single day I read 10 minutes of a book I work out for two hours, I meditate for 30 minutes. I call my loved ones. I make sure I do at least 10 calls a day or 10 sales calls or 10 touch points personally a day. My company does three thousand ten thousand touchpoints every single day. And then I make sure that I’m not eating poorly.

[00:10:22] Most people in their life, they’re eating hamburgers, pizza, they’re sleeping in late. And it’s just it just compounds over time. So there’s a little bit of a mentality kind of thing as well as you guys understand that. But this is why it’s important to do this, because let’s say your virtual assistant starts in a few days. They start sending 2000, 3000, 4000 e-mails. You might not get a response for a week or two weeks. You might not get a sale for a month, guys. It’s but the truth is, all of the sudden, I have someone really messaged me today, said, first 30 days I make any money in this program, but I fall the slight edge in the week after the second month. So five weeks into the program, he did close to twenty two thousand dollars on the fifth week, first four weeks, zero in the fifth week. He did twenty two thousand dollars in this program because he just stuck with it. And so that’s what happened. Three thousand touchpoints every single day over time. All of a sudden, everyone starts responding back. They start getting on the phone with you. You start closing deals.

[00:11:16] The opposite of that is true. Oh, I don’t want to do any touchpoint. I just want to stay inside. I want to get high. I want to drink every single day. And then you end up down here. Right. So that is the truth of life. Mostly won’t tell you. Sorry if it’s hurting or feeling sorry if you’re right here, sort of your I hear sort of right here. You know, but the cool thing is this is all relative. If you’re right here. It’s totally cool. You can go on your own slight edge up right after that. You have to realize that this is how it works. None of this is irreversible. And I’m right here to be honest with you guys. Sometimes whenever I’m feeling too good about myself, also letting my daily decisions slip and I can feel myself going actually on the slight edge down, I lose having this conversation with somebody yesterday. I can feel myself going to slide edge down. And so immediately, within 72 hours, maybe I’m drinking, maybe I’m going out, maybe I’m sleeping in, you know, partaking in some of the California fun, whatever it is. Within 72 hours, I’m like, what the hell am I doing right now? This is a mistake. And I’m back on the slight edge up again, OK? And that’s what happens, that I haven’t had anything to drink, any bad food. I’ve been working out twice a day, every single day since I’ve been to California. I feel fantastic because of it.

[00:12:21] So just remember, there’s no this isn’t to scare you. This is just to make you aware of how life actually works. And once you can crack this code and you’re in committed for the long haul, then your life will be I mean, your life will be here. Liceman to be here, it’ll be up here, etc., etc. So it’s called the slight edge, guys. I highly recommend it. I try to reach out to Jeff. Also, if you know who he is, let me know because he doesn’t even know that I’m selling his book so well. But it’s actually totally changed while life says turning simple disciplines into massive success and happiness. So that’s all it is. It’s literally every single day a daily disciplines. You should be getting it in the mail within 30 days. I highly recommend that you read it. Make sure you posted in the group whenever you get it. Let us know what your first thoughts are and let us know what your biggest takeaways are. So once again, the slight edge. Remember it start now and then within no time at all, you’ll blink your eye and you’ll be exactly where you want to be.

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