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What’s going on guys, Ravi Abuvala here. We are going to talk about three leads right now. That’s right. You don’t got to pay a dollar. I’m going to show you how you can implement these strategies right now in your business to get more leads, more appointments and more closings for you. Check it out, you guys. What’s out right now? Number one you should be doing this in your business every single day email, OK? We are going to talk about two types of e-mail. OK.

So the first type of e-mail is called e-mail and what I mean by cold e-mail that means that there are people who really never heard of who you are, what you do, what you say, any of that kind of stuff. They don’t know about you and you’re sending e-mails them every single day. What are you saying in the e-mail? Hey, Mr. or Mrs, business owner, I do this, this and this. I offered for this, this and this. I saw that you were this, this and this. The best part is we guarantee our results. This one or this person’s actually made this amount of whatever with us. If you want to learn more, you know, reply back with yes or click the link below, whatever it is. So you should be doing that every single day, probably about, you know, 250 to 500 a day. You can use online softwares and tools like reply fi and online scrapers. I will be able to get you emails to send those things more or you can manually scrape them or bind this online.

The second type of e-mailing is retargeting e-mailing. What do I mean? I retarget e-mailing because he said, Ravie, it’s free and this was free and retargeting is paid ads. Don’t worry slow-down, put your hands down and listen to I’m saying retargeting e-mails warming up the e-mail as you already have. So if you’re in business, you’ve been established for a long time. If you’re any like some of my current clients probably have lists of hundreds, if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of people. That bottoming something from you once a good long time ago. They signed up for something a long time ago and they just sitting dormant in your CRM, you’re at your customer relationship management. So what you do is you start seeing in e-mails every day. You don’t sell them every single day. You just literally send them e-mails every single day where you’re going, hey, this is what we do, here’s some values, a little bit more about our process. Here’s how it works. Here’s some people have results, work and then out of every 10 e-mails, two of them should be like, hey, look, if this seems like something you’re interested in, click the link below book. It’s on to speak with us so you’re slowly warming them up. And the cool thing is, if you do a cold e-mailing, right, they’ll eventually get on your e-mail list and then they can become retargeting, warm emailing. And if you do this stuff correctly, guys, you can get you know, if you’re sending 500 a day, you get as much as 10 to 15 appointments or positive leaves our agents being with you every single day. The trick is to do every single day. OK.

Number two, Facebook, Instagram, linked …very, very credible channels. You guys see me on it all the time. You guys might be watching it on one of the three channels as well. So what do I mean by it? Once again, two types of two types of it. Number one is maybe organics. That just means that every single day or every other day or three times a week, I’m posting on those channels. I’m posting content that I my target market likes, that educates my target market and makes my target market want to work with me? OK, if it’s pictures of me drinking tequila bottles here in Cabo San Lucas, probably no reason to work with me. But as me shooting content, showing you how I’m able to work in Cabo San Lucas and still have my business be running. Well, now you guys are interested in it. OK. So sutle differences like that. So organic content every single day. And then they will reach out to me when they are ready and they watch my stuff.

Second part of it is the actual outreach, part of it so linked in their software and tools. You can use that send messages every single day to your target market, Facebook and Instagram. You can do it or like we have a client, we actually our virtual assistants run for us where they can send messages to your target market every single day on your behalf sending exact same messages that I talked about in an email section I said a little bit earlier. Once again, if you guys this really great, you reach out to the person. Maybe then I respond. But they see who you are. They decide a friend you or follow you or connect with you on LinkedIn and then you get to hit them with your organic stuff every single day. You guys start see how both of these play into each other. The idea is just give people your funnel and then from that you’ll be able to sell them or help them or add value to them later on. OK.

So one is e-mail to Facebook, Instagram, Willington. Number three, we’ll just say phone, OK. And what do I mean by phone? Really? Once again, two types of phones. And warns me co-called is know that initially be cold call, but just calling in general, right. If you’re just out in the business, you’ve nobody to work for. Go on your phone list. Click the contact button and go down every single person there and call them and say, hey, what’s going on? Ravi here? I know that we haven’t talked in a while. I know that you’re my sister. I know that you’re my cousin. But I’m actually starting a business that helps these people do this. Do you know anybody or are you personally potentially interested in learning a little bit more? If you go to your contact list, let’s say you have 100 people because you’re like me and you don’t have any friends. Well, just one percent of them actually turn into a client. That’s one client that you got from your friends and family network worth hundreds, thousands, tens thousands of dollars to you. Right. But more like you would get three to five. That’s what happened. I actually did it. So stop your doings up. Everyone stop. Go to your phone. Click contact, go down there and just call or just look for at least 50 people that you can call, that might be one of your target market.

And the other thing is actual call calling. So saying we would type out your code e-mail and using all my software as a straight business owners and business names. Same thing with co-called. Right. Pick up a phone. Call them. Hey, what’s going on Ravi here, before you hang up? I know you get these calls. There’s no day. Let me show you on a little bit different and why my company can guarantee we’re going to get you results in this in this amount of time or I’ll give you your money back, plus a thousand dollars on top of it. And if you do enough of those, you can still make a lot a lot of bucks. I see people doing this all the time and they say that it doesn’t work. And it’s funny because I know people creating very successful business, cold calling you whenever I tell them that I hear people saying cold calling doesn’t work. They say, I love when that happens because it means it’s more a market share for us and more people are staying away from it. So I’d recommend cold calling or calling your contact lens.

And the other one is voice mail drops and text message drops. OK. So with that right there is like a voice where jobs essentially you can buy lists, sing lists of ten thousand business owners and your target market. You can record one voice message, where it goes ‘Hey, it’s Ravi here, I guess I just missed you, the reason I was calling you was because I offer this for this or this and I thought you’d be a great fit. You should learn a little bit more just give me a call back or text me back at blah blah blah blah. And what that does, it will actually blast out to all 10000 of those people in that list and it won’t even ring the phone to them, but it will look like a missed call and we’ll just drop a voice mail right in their voicemail box for them and then they think they missed a call from you that pick up the phone and now you have clients potential leads calling you back on your phone to get you money. Okay.

So that’s voicemail drops. Another one is text messages while you’re doing, the same thing. It’s a bunch of services out therthere like, you know, click send or anything like that where an addition to that voicemail you send a text message says the exact same thing. OK. So email, Facebook and certainly ten fold. And the final one, which I don’t necessarily use at scale, but I really, really love are events. Right. So when I first started out, I think it’s really great if you’re just starting on business. There’s something called belly to belly business. And I’m not just on my other personas that I drink here in Kabul. What I mean by A Belly to Belly Business is people in today’s day and age still. Especially older business people, like to do business where you can shake your hands and you can hit belly to belly because that’s how we shake hands, my business. And so you can actually speak to them and describe to them, this is what I offer. This is why I I’m just starting out and they can see you in your eyes and they can trust you a little bit more because you’re actually speaking them face to face rather than just another cold call or another, you know, facing message, another email. You’re shaking them, talking them, learning more about them. So, you know, there’s stuff like B and I there’s Chamber of Commerce.

And then what people forget all the time is there’s just like going out. Right. Put out. So my first clients and I got was just when I was like at a restaurant or a bar, I’m sitting there with my brother and there’s a real estate broker complained to me right next door to another real estate broker because p._s, all your clients hang out together and they go all the lead from blah, blah commerce. So often I think. And I’ll turn around. Oh, hello. I’m using I’ll talk from about 20 minutes about all the Despues Balart ICOM and then you know. I’m so sorry. What do you do? I don’t know. Well, I hope you get this and not stay away from this. Everything you just told me a second ago, I actually signed multiple clients like that back in my hometown doing this exact same thing. So I just listen to people and see them face to face. And I showed up at his office later that day, later closed him. He wrote a check. Lilly right there was waiting for him. So these are for really easy things. We teach someone a Southerner program. Obviously, we got a lot more in-depth in our program on exactly the scripts are exactly out of the cold messaging correctly.

What poster should be doing examples? All the outreach school calling church, etc etc. the softwares we use. But this right here is great enough for you guys to get started. You can just use this and start blasting these things out every single day if you do this every single day. You guys know the compound effect and the very beginning. It’s gonna be like this can be very difficult, but every single day over time you can get to the point where you literally have too many points in your calendar to handle. You are hiring sales reps, hiring virtual assistants, whatever it is, take a load off so you can travel to a place like Corbo and enjoy your life. So hope this is valuable to you guys. If you’re watching this on YouTube, do me a quick favor. Could this scribe button click the like button down below and then actually comment? What are some regions source that you guys are using? You guys are thinking about using and you’re not having success with that. I’ll show you guys how you can fix it. Enjoy the rest your day.

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