How To Use Slack | Features You Aren’t Using (But Need To Be)

My goal in this video is that by the end you’ll not only know how to set up slack (if you haven’t already) but you will be an absolute Slack Master and be able to run your entire company from this little application just like I do.

Slack is a is a channel-based messaging platform that allows team members to work together more effectively, connect all their software tools and services, and find the information they need to do their best work. 

What that means is Slack is your one-stop shop to get rid of email, communicate with your team, manage your clients, and run your company.

Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart and if you just set up slack you may be overwhelmed with our level of mastery of the application, please make sure you are seated and have a cool glass of cold milk nearby for nourishment.

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[00:00:00] My goal is that by the end of this video, you will not only know how to set up and use slack if you haven’t already, but you will become an absolute slack master, knowing how to use certain automations and features that 99 percent of slack users don’t know how to use and how to leverage it to run your entire company from your phone, just like I do. Slack is a channel based messaging platform that allows users to work together more effectively, connect all their software tools and services and easily find the information they need to do their best work. What that means is Slack is your one stop shop to get rid of email, communicate with your team manager clients and run your company. What’s going on, everyone, I’m Ravi Abuvala, founder of Scaling With Systems, and I use slack inside of both of my companies in order to manage over 35 employees, as well as keep updated on customer payments, booked appointments, new leads, clients onboarding and so much more. Not only that, but I’ve taught over 800 entrepreneurs how to leverage slack and how they can run their entire business from it. During the setup phase of this video, I will be creating a slack account from scratch so you can see how you can set it up most optimally for success. However, when we come to the more advanced part of this video training, I’m going to show you inside of my account for the first time live and show you how we use it to run all of our companies and manage all of our team members. Whether you’re currently communicating with your team members through outdated methods like email or you think that you’re a Slark pro, I guarantee you that there is something in this video for everyone. As usual, if you get any value out of this video whatsoever, do me a quick favor and just smash that like button. It takes zero point zero zero one seconds and make sure you subscribe to the channel so you can get notified when my next video drops. With that being said, let’s dove right into your most comprehensive guide to using slot.

[00:01:53] All right, guys, so now I am over here at and I’m just going to go ahead and assume that most people watching this video right now actually don’t already have set up. If you do, just give me a few seconds here. I’m going to show them how to set this up and then we’re going to dove into the really good stuff like optimizing it, setting up automation’s how to run your company from it. But as I said, you can see we’re at dot dotcom here. If this is your first time setting up, there’s going to be your page looks similar to this. And this will be a button, probably really similar to try for free. So we’re going to click that. And then obviously two options here. Continue with Google or enter your work email in here. And then if you do have a company workspace already, you can just click on that and you will actually be able to sign in with your company email and it should move you straight into the new company workspace. But I’m going to say here that I’m actually starting this company up for the first time and we’re going to use one of my email accounts that I will have this set up. Perfect, we’re going to continue and then they’re sending a code to my email, so I’m going to really quickly open up my email…Slack confirmation.

[00:03:20] OK, great. And after you entered in here, you’re going to say create a new slack workspace. And so that’s what we’re going want to do. Obviously, you can see I have one of my companies right down below, but we’re going to create a new workspace. You can uncheck that if you don’t want them to continuously send you emails. So let’s click create a workspace. So what’s the name of your company or team you can name it, anything you really want for your company? My advertising agency is called Prospect Social, so I can name it that. But you can also name it Ravis Team or my other ones called scaling systems or another. Really great one is subscribe now. OK. OK, so let’s just call it that and then we’ll say let anyone with a prospect social email join this workspace. So that just means that if you set up a new prospect or email, just like I showed you before, when you said sign into an existing workspace, they’d be able to easily do that. So I actually don’t like to keep that on just because I don’t want somebody if I have them as a contractor and I don’t necessarily want them inside of their whatever it is, I’d rather just invite them, which going to show you how to do that later. So we’re like next year. What’s your team working on right now? So in this step, this is going to be setting up, essentially starting to set up your channels. So this is going to be what we’re kind of communicating with inside of slack. So it could be something like sales, could be something like marketing, could be something like advertising, client fulfillment, et cetera, et cetera. And I don’t know how to spell. So it’s going to really change that’s perfect.

[00:04:58] Next, what do you do? You email most client fulfillment. So they’re kind of walking you through the channels aspect over here. So I could just say I want to email my friend Malegaon at Prospekt Social AKAM, one of my team members. I could add as many people as one. Or if I just want to do a company wide blast, I could get a shareable link, copy it to my email and just send that link to everybody right there. OK, so let’s click add teammates. Awesome, and then they’re going to do a quick little walkthrough for you really here. So this is essentially the rundown of what’s in. So this is inside of these dashboard, as you can see right here. This is the company name, obviously. Subscribe now, if you haven’t already underneath that as well. You can see what our channels are now. Channels are essentially just the little imagine them as little pockets or conversations that you can have with your team members. I’m going to show you how valuable that is when you have as many team members, as many channels as I do. But it’s so that you don’t lose a conversation, an email. Imagine this. You’re having a conversation with an employee or a contractor or a client over email. And then they also call you and then they also text you and they send you a message on Facebook and Instagram. And all of a sudden you don’t really know where that piece of information was that they had given to you. And it gets really easy to kind of get lost with all that. Well, the nice thing about channels is you keep all of the conversations about that specific topic in that channel.

[00:06:24] So everything kind fulfillment would be inside of here. So I’d be like, hey, you know, did we get this client set up on time? And I could put that inside of there. And then, you know, someone else would come back. One of my team members could say, yes, know. And then they they could send that to me. And then later on, if that wasn’t set up, I’d be able to come back inside of the client to film a channel and say, hey, James, Sara, Bob, Bill, you said that they were set up. Why is it not set up? Right. So it’s a really great way to keep everyone accountable. It’s really a great way to to kind of have a almost an archive of every conversation you’ve had organized we’re trying to get into in a second. So those are essentially what channels are they kind of come with a few ones. I usually honestly kind of get rid of the ones that I don’t want, which you can come here and click more and you either leave or if you’re the founder of the channel, additional options. And I don’t ever delete channels, I just archive them because leading you can never get back. Archiving you can you can still be able to see the pass messages inside of there. OK, so really quickly, like I said, fullfillment, this is my little avatar. If I wanted to, I could click edit profile here and I can change my name to Ravi Abuvala. I can upload an image of something that is maybe a little bit more flattering than this purple version right here. I can add my phone number or anything else I want to do. So and you can see that updates that right there.

[00:07:49] In addition to that, you can see inside the channel, this is a little box that you can send messages to people. You can type every one. And then you could just like kind of some of the social media channels. When you click at, you can start tagging specific people in there. So this is Melder, the person I, I, um, I added in here earlier or you can say something like at channel and it will notify everybody inside that channel. OK, other cool little things, bold italic strikethrough. You have coding if you want to add that aspect in, in here as well, you can add links, bullets, everything you can imagine pretty much inside of your emojis. You can attach large files. You even have GIFs in here and you can add different apps as well, which will get into kind of a little bit later. OK, so that’s essentially how you use the bottom browser here. Some of the cool things I like to do personally is like something like, you know, people don’t really know this actually right off the bat here, but you can click slash and you can click remind and then you can set a reminder for yourself. So remind me in four days to check back in on your client a OK, and then in four days it’ll give me a reminder to check back in on client eight or the other thing is slash remind you know, Meljane, one of my team members to check the application status of clients be right? But I didn’t get that right. See, sometimes, oh, check that in four days. There we go. And so you can see all your reminders right there. So that’s some cool stuff you can kind of do inside of that. And I’ll show you some of the really, really cool stuff when we get inside mine, which has all the bells and whistles in it on the right hand side here. This is when I go up and click info about the channel. So inside of a channel here, I can call people inside of the channel and then people can hop in, which is actually pretty cool, and people find certain keywords inside of here.

[00:09:49] So let’s type in the word clients that we get their clients that up on time. Maybe I type in clients B O. Client A. They do we get this client set up on time so you can kind of see how that’s used inside of here, you can set in about if you want to, and edit the description. I don’t usually do that. You see the members inside of it. You can pin pose, add files, etc, etc.. As I showed you earlier, you know some of the things I do because I have a team of 20 plus people on mute, some channels because I need access to the channel, but I don’t want to keep on getting notified of it all the time. I can jump to a specific date or a conversation happen. You know, you can add apps, copy the channel name, rename the channel. And then the final few things is just like I said earlier, archiving this channel. You can change it to a private channel, which I actually do for some things. If it’s you know, I don’t want everyone in the company to have access to it like expenses or receipts or, you know, it could be employee reviews. And I don’t want everybody to to see that. And then, like I said, delete or archive is going to be in here as well. And then the final thing that you can do, the channels leave the channel so you can leave it. And that way other people still have access to it. However, you’re not going to have you’re not going to essentially need access to it anymore. OK.

[00:11:10] The final thing would change as well, is that you can just click add channels right here, create a new channel and you can add, let’s just say advertising, OK? And then you click creates. And you can add all the members or you can add specific people, let’s just say I want to add Malegaon back inside of here again, we can look at. OK, so now we’re in advertising and then you could add multiple channels, another little kind of hack once you get a bunch of channels, but I’ll show you later on is to add like a specific thing in front of it. So maybe sales and then it could be, you know, sales, qualifying call and then you could create one that was like. At all members. Create a new channel sales demonstration call. So if you add this little the words of the beginning of it here, like sails, it’ll keep these things together so that they’re all organized on this dashboard together as well as the client fulfillment. Let’s say I wanted to add a new one and it could be something like client’s complaints. And that will that will keep all these things together here. OK, so let’s just clean this up. Let’s get rid of the random one, because I don’t think we have any really need for that. Yes. On archive it and we’ll give the advertising one there and then you can. So you guys are starting to understand how this will work and it becomes real magic as I show you some of the other stuff that we come down here to direct messages. These are the conversations that you can have with other teammates directly. I try not to have too many conversations inside of here because it’s not I want everybody be able to see it with full transparency company. And I like to keep things, like I said, organize inside of these channels or there’s really no point of this thing in the first place. OK, so you can message something over here like, you know, something personal, like a happy birthday or whatever you wanted to send over there. But realistically, you should keep things as much as you can inside of these channels up top.

[00:13:20] Now, probably for one of my favorite features of Slack is the search bar right here. I had referenced earlier, but I want to make sure you guys really understand the power of this, because this is one of the main reasons why you get off email and you get start using slack because you can start having anything you can. I’ll show you when I get into my channel. But you can say stuff like a client’s name and see all the information about that client’s name. You can say stuff like an employee’s name and see all the information about an and you can say stuff like Facebook or Google out and see all the conversations that have been had. You know, if you typed in a Leeds name, you could see if you had it set up correctly, every single interaction they’ve had with your business. So when they opted in, when they submitted an application, when they had their sales call, when they had their proposal, send out all that stuff so you can kind of document someone’s journey from A to Z all inside of slack. So that’s a really cool thing about the search warrant here. I would argue it is the most powerful, the feature of Slack, and I would recommend everybody here use it.

[00:14:22] And the final thing about Slack is just if you click the channel name up here, you can see subscribe now and what you can do is invite people right here. You click invite people, you can add their name or you can just send an invite link and then send it out to people. That’s if you want to add additional team members. You can create channels here if you’ve got a preferences. I’m not going to go too deep in here because obviously you can just decide what you want preferences to be. But, you know, you can also say if you want notifications on slack or not, which I think is really important so that you don’t have people blowing you up at 11 o’clock at night, 12 o’clock at night, especially if you’re like us and you have team members in multiple time zones as well. And let’s get back over here. And then the final few things is settings and administration and workplace settings inside of here. You can go really deep in this has some great training on that. I’m not going to get into too much on that. You can customize, manage the members, kick out members if you need to change their change their features, you know, change them from the primary owner to something else, change them to admins, et cetera, et cetera. And there’s an analytics tab inside of here which you can kind of see how many messages and what files are stored, absent integrations, active members, all this kind of stuff. So I don’t I’m not really inside of here too much, but could be something interesting if you’re if you want that kind of information.

[00:15:46] And the final thing is going to be the pricing that I want to cover for just the beginners in this video. And that is going to be choose the plan. That’s right. For your team. So when you get, I think, ten thousand searchable messages inside. So that’s really, really valuable. But the downside of that is at some point you will not be able to find information anymore because it’s going to be too far in the past. So you think 10000 messages a lot but if you’re doing any kind of the work that I’m about to show you, then it’s going to be a lot less than you think and you’re going to need to upgrade as soon as possible. So I do recommend it as soon as you can. There’s a standard version here and it is a plus version here. You can kind of decide most people will be able to use the free one with ten thousand messages, ten apps and one on one video calls for a good bit of time. And then I’ll be honest, you are with a twenty plus person team. We still use the standard package here. So the plus is for those that are seeking like administration tools and some larger company setups or the enterprise goals. But I’d say about four. Ninety five percent of people that are watching this video right now, you should just be able to use the standard package.

[00:16:53] OK, so with that all being said, I’m going to pull up my slack inside of here now and show you guys what it looks like and how we’ve set it up for success inside of my company. I got so like I said, we are inside of our back channel now, inside of my company Scaling With Systems – one of the companies I have, as you can see, we have about twenty four members up there up top. And I’m going to show you how we leverage slack or how I personally leverage slack to run this company day in, day out. So obviously this is the general channel here. You can see we have people that pose at the end of every single day the things that they did. I’ll probably blur some of the stuff out here just to keep the privacy of my employees. But you can see that these common things that they did every single day. So I’m able to review, are they being efficient or not? I’m going to really quickly start at the top and go down and show you some few cool ones that we kind of leverage. One of the first ones, channels that we use that we really love is called booked appointments. So this is something I teach all of this for my clients inside of Scaling With Systems. I set this all up for them, but so I booked appointments is how we can actually see. As you can see in here, whenever someone books on our sales team’s calendar, we can see where they came from. We can see what ad they were watching, what targeting they had. You know, who referred them over if someone did. And that way I kind of get a general idea of what the flow of new appointments are like inside of our company. And you can set that up with a integration using an app called Zappier or Zappier – I will actually link the card up top here of a video I have showing how to do this already.

[00:18:22] So I will just right. Click that, open it up in a new video, but don’t leave this one because we’re not done yet. So we actually also on top of that, attach in their application for their booking appointments as well. So you can see inside of here, I can we can be able to tell right from the back what are the quality of appointments from the lead source. You know, what is this appointment looking like? Should be we be working with them? Should we not be, et cetera, et cetera? OK, so that’s all inside of the appointment. General, gives me a good flow of things that are coming in and out of the company. Same thing with book disco. So these are for our discovery calls for our sales team. So we discover calls to people every single day, dozens and dozens of discovery calls and exact same thing. Right. We have numbers. We have information on the person. We have applications of all that kind of stuff. Now, a few other things that I recommend people having inside of theirs. I have an email channel here once again, wobblers, some of this stuff out. But you can see inside of here, I am having my assistant, Selina, she drops in some of the most important thay I need to be checking every single day, so I think that if you’re a business owner, you should not be checking email. I really I tell my clients inside Skillings Systems, I really think it’s kind of a waste of time and it’s a good way to ruin your day, to be honest with you, so easily delegate tables. So I’d recommend you do delegate that amounts to a virtual assistant like we teach our air conditioning systems or somebody else. And then what they can do is if somebody is wanting to read your words in a more important email, they can drop it inside of slack. And that way you can just respond inside of here. But the cool thing is I’ve taught Selina well and so she pretty much filters ninety nine percent of the stuff and then only the really important stuff do we keep inside of the channel here. So jobs inside the channel. So a few other channels I think are important. So we have appointments that are channel inside of here.

[00:20:10] So whatever our appointment center, he is confirming appointments the morning of he’s a virtual assistant. Then they can actually go inside of here and say, hey, did they confirmed? They not confirmed. So my sales team knows. Should they be showing up to this call or should we cancel this appointment beforehand? OK, another kind of cool thing. I won’t click on these channels because they’re pretty private, but you can actually connect other outside members, outside channels inside of here. So if we go down here and we could create a channel. What we can do is actually click this share outside of scaling with systems and then what we can do is actually share the channel with outside companies or outside contractors so they can stay inside of their slack. I stay inside inside of myself, and it’s very, very organized. OK, so I do have that with a few of our advertising media buyers, as you can see inside of here. And then when we come down to my other favorite channels that I have are called Payment Failed. Once again, this will be blurred out, but we use that software called Zap. I reference earlier to send in a notification any time one of our clients has a payment that fails. So it says, hey, this client, this email failed there. This amount of payments, please reach out or they’re going to lose access to the program. Right. And then we have a list of Google Documents, list of everyone that’s delinquent. And this allows my customer success manager allows our salespeople, allows everybody to know, hey, is this person late? Why are they late? We need to jump back and figure something out and get them back on track for their payments. And then the same thing for payment success. So as you can see in here as well, we had a payment come through today. This will also be blurred out, but we had a payment come in today. And so this will all us also let me know without having to sign in into anywhere else, because remember, that is the goal. I don’t want to have to sign it anywhere else. I can see how much money is coming into my company, what’s the cash flow coming in every single day?

[00:22:01] All right, we also have a sales team general down here as well, so this is just the conversation that my team is having with our our sales team is having with other members. And here, as you can see, we’ve got 18 people in the channel right now and we’re able to talk about sales tactics, strategies, feedback, that kind of stuff. And then we have each of our individual teams, our sales team leaders down here. You can see that as well. And we sort of payment success is going to go look at that. And so I can click on here. Oh, there we go. So you can see literally someone just paid their two thousand dollar payment two seconds ago. So that’s how easy it is for me to keep track of the payments inside of our company. Now, if we come down here, you can kind of get an idea of some of the other ones. I’m not going to break down every single channel inside out here, but I hope it’s out of your mind. Some of this automation, some of this stuff is starting to click on some of the valuable things you could be having inside of your company. OK, the final really important one that I like as well is having a Zendesk or some kind of customer success management channel where your your account manager is your team manager are able to share with you any kind of issues, problems, feedback that your customers are giving you. So you’re able to answer really, really quickly back to them so they can answer their clients really quickly.

[00:23:13] Some of these are the muted channels I had talked about below. They’re actually from the like some channels that need to be happening inside of our company. But I don’t want to be notified every single time they are. So this is an example of one of the assets we have. It’s a three step to scale, of course, really incredible program. It’s actually in the description down below. And whenever someone opts inside of it, it comes inside of this channel and then our team reaches out and checks in. Hey, did you enjoy the course? Did you get everything OK, etc., etc.. So this is also a great way to check out lead flow inside of your company. And I keep it muted because I actually don’t need to see it and I don’t need that notification coming up every single day. And the final part that I want to show you guys really quickly inside of it is you can add some really cool apps like Asana and Google Drive and Zappier all inside of here. So that in case you have, you know, like this is my assistant dropping some information about a catamaran that we’re going on for New Year’s Eve. I can literally comment back inside the task right inside of here. I can mark and complete. I can like it, all of that kind of stuff inside of Slack. Once again, my goal is to never leave slack, OK? And then you can add zoom inside of here as well. So let’s just go to volunteer. If I typed in something, all you have to do is just type in zoom and it because I have the Zoom app and it will actually start a zoom ID a zoom channel right now that everyone can hop right inside of the channel with. It’s really, really valuable, really incredible and I recommend everybody at least get the zoom on if you guys zoom, because we’ll just be chatting back and forth and we’ll be going back and forth with messages and I’ll just be like, hey, let’s just hop in a quick conversation / zoom I hit enter and then boom, we have a channel for the whole team to hop in and a few seconds. And it kind of builds, especially in today’s day and age with this remote work. It kind of builds that camaraderie. It builds that ability for you to have a conversation with someone, quote on quote, face to face rather than sending messages back and forth.

[00:25:04] And the final thing like I showed you guys earlier and I talked about was this search bar here. I just want to show you guys something. If I came over to one of our newest clients, I just joined today and I copy his name and I actually put it up here in the search bar. What is going to allow me to do is see, you know, all the conversations that have been involved with his name in there. I can see when he paid when he first joined all of that stuff inside of our search channel here. So it’s really, really important that you’re able to have this search features only on the paid plan. So that’s why I would recommend when you guys get up. Well, it’s only the pay plan after you hit ten thousand people. So when you get up to ten thousand people, ten thousand messages. So when you do get up to ten thousand messages, I do recommend you guys upgrade so that you’re able to search. Because if we go to my analytics tab here, I just want to show you guys really quickly, tools, analytics. Let’s just look for laughs here. What our analytics look like. So a hundred and twenty three public channels, and then if I come down here and show the messages and files and the last 30 days we’ve had so just in the last 30 days alone, we’ve had eleven thousand messages from members. And then if I come up here as well and I just change this to all time. You can see some really interesting stats inside of you with active members, messages sent one hundred and twenty eight thousand messages sent inside of our channel. So you guys think we use this a lot? Obviously we do.

[00:26:36] So there you have it, everyone. The most comprehensive guide on the Internet. I know I talk fast. I know that was a lot of information. I do recommend you guys go back and watch that again or watch a particular instance again and honestly do it right now. Don’t exit out of the video because that’s important. Ingrain it in your mind before you forget. So go back, watch that area again and you’ll be able to make sure you take action on it immediately. If you guys think I delivered, if you thought this is one of the most comprehensive guides of slack on the Internet, if you like some of the stuff I showed you underneath the hood of one of my companies, please do me a quick favor, click the like button, subscribe down below and then comment below that and let me know what part Aslak you like the most or what you wanted to learn a little bit more about. And I’ll be sure to comment below that or maybe even make a separate video on it. If you know someone that’s struggling with slack or struggling with a team and needing to set up some automation and having this one stop shop for communication, do them a quick favor and just send them the link to this video so that they can. Thank you. I can thank you. And they can learn how to use slack for their company. Finally, guys, I’m going to drop down below a totally free Facebook group that I hosted, along with a few other incredibly successful seven and eight figure entrepreneurs. We do weekly trainings just like this. We do live intensive mastermind’s as well, all totally free. You don’t have to pay a dime, so you click the link below. If you’re looking for more trainings like this, you’re looking to grow, you’re looking at scale and you’re looking for a community of really hungry entrepreneurs. You can find that in the script, in the box. Well, thanks. And I’ll see you guys the next video.

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