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How To Start And Grow A Multi-Million-Dollar High-Ticket Service Business From Scratch, Keep Profit Margins at 50%+, And Remove Entirely From It In 6 Months Or Less…

Presenter: Ravi Abuvala

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Get A Packed Calendar In Days

Within 72 hours of working with us we’ll place with you one of our lethal virtual assistants who has gone through 60 days of intensive training to learn how to pack your calendar with high-quality appointments

You’ll use our templates and coaching to slice through the noise in your marketplace, getting a 4%-5% appointment rate from your virtual assistants 300-500 outbound messages they’re sending a day for you.
Get ready for your calendar to start looking like this!
What an interview with your Virtual Assistant will look like!

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Your prospects will compliment you on your outreach style!
We will show you exactly how to become data-driven in your prospecting strategy

Become A Prospecting Master

When you use our proven copywriting foundations across our 4 select outreach channels – instead of crickets and hatred, your prospects will compliment you on your style.

Our techniques rely on pure value-based messaging, making sure you make a strong first impression when building a relationship with prospects.

Outsourcing your outreach to a virtual assistant, based on our Scaling Economics Model, will multiply your outreach to finally make prospecting profitable.


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Create Cash-Producing Sales Funnels

Turning a cold prospect into a raving customer requires an incredible amount of time and energy. The biggest issue in the marketplace is most businesses manually put in that energy (or have someone on their team do it for them, yikes). We will give you copy+paste funnels of ours that have produced millions of dollars in cash for our companies and help you integrate it into your sales process easily. This shortens your sales cycle, increases your value, and allows you to collect cash on the first call.

If you don’t have any assets or videos to place in these funnels we will give you wireframes and templates of ones that have worked incredibly well for ourselves and our clients. For those who can’t even send an email online we have technicians standing by 24/7 to make it as easy as possible.
Discover the Scaling With Systems “cash machine” that we will design for you. It’s more than just another sales funnel.
Discover just how simple it is to make business decisions based on data

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Take our exact automation frameworks and paste them into your business on Day 1

Make Your Offer Hyper-Scalable And Remove Yourself From Fulfillment

Leads, leads, leads, that’s all everyone ever wants. We understand that, however, if you closed 10 clients/day (as many of our clients do), do you have the back-end systems in place to be able to successfully fulfill their work? Most don’t so they end up trading their time for money (read: job).

We will help you not only find a service that is NEEDED (not just nice to have) in your marketplace, but show you how to leverage automation, systems, and your fully trained virtual assistant to fufill the work for you.


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Leverage Paid Traffic To Create A Cash-Machine That Generates You 300%+ ROI In 14 Days Or Less

It is important we start our lead generation efforts with virtual assistants, outbound messaging, and inbound organic channels. This allows us to prove a product-market fit, collect case studies, stress test our back-end and funnel, and allow us to become hyper-profitable and reach six-figures with no up-front capital. At this point we are able to take some of our profits and re-invest them back into our business in the form of paid ads.

Historically we’ve been able to put $1 in and get $3 out from our paid traffic channels in 14 days or less. This is what we refer to as the “Golden Loop”, where all you do is just occasionally monitor the ads and spend most your time finding places to invest your newfound cash. You will go through our comprehensive but simple paid advertising training modules and let us break down these “complicated” platforms into something your child could set-up and run.

We will give you industry-specific examples and show you how to have the greatest chance of achieving the “Golden Loop” almost immediately after launching your paid traffic campaigns. We’ve learned this spending over $2,000,000 for ourselves and our clients. Don’t fall for these advertising agencies promising you the world, nobody will know how to market your product better than you and we make it incredibly easy to do so.

Forget the “gurus”, we practice what we preach, so you’ll see a transparent view into our own systems
Leverage our tracking software that will show you exactly what marketing / advertising channels are working and which ones are not!
Just one of the many success stories from our paid advertising framework

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But Does This Really Work?

We Have Over 600 Clients and Counting!

Across 20+ Industries

Old Way vs New Way Of Doing Business

The game has changed.

We've Discovered How To Be Massively Profitable From Day One, Whilst Following A Simple Process To Scale Your Business To 7-Figures.

The OLD Way

The NEW Way

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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

We have one of the highest in the industry, if you look on this page you’ll see literally hundreds of video testimonials of happy clients who have made six, seven, and even eight figures from working with us. We’re very proud of our clients’ success, however, it is our clients’ success.

We give them 90% of what they need (including a virtual assistant to do most of the work for them), but of course they have to consume the content, they have to ask questions, they have to make it happen. This is not a magic pill and although results sometimes do happen very quickly, if you’re here for the fast buck we’re probably not the right fit.


No, we’ve helped people start from just an idea to multi-six figures in a matter of a few months. We’ll help you become profitable incredibly quickly, confirm product-market fit, and blow the door off your business.


Great, once you click ‘Get A Price’, first thing we will do is see how scalable it really is where you currently are. I know you think it’s ready to take off, but that is what our discovery call and then onboarding call is about. We will help you identify potential bottlenecks, give you what you need to solve them, and then put it on the fast-track to becoming and industry leader and getting the recognition from your peers.


Here’s a list of just a few of the things we do…

– Help you identify product-market fit (often overlooked, but makes everything much easier).

– Help you get your first few case studies (these will be the basis of your marketing efforts).

– Help you craft your sales letter and messaging (this is an art form that we’ve mastered).

– Help you create your high-converting sales funnel (using our proven templates).

– Give you a fully-trained virtual assistant (they will be filling your calendar with qualified leads).

– Help you systemize, automate, and delegate your back-end so you can scale quickly.

– Help you with your sales script (we’ve closed $3,000,000+ with ours, just copy us).

– Help you create a “cash machine” that runs on autopilot (cold prospects go in, happy clients come out).

– Help you scale everything with paid ads (we get you to the “Golden Loop” by showing you how you can use multiple platforms to put $1 in and get $3 out in less than 14 days).

– Help you find, train, and scale your sales team to handle your packed calendar (this is fun).

– 3-6 Group Coaching Calls A Week

– Unlimited 1-1 Coaching

– We will work with you 1-1 to make sure you’re doing everything you need to succeed.


Within 24 hours! No, but seriously, like everything else it will depend greatly on how much work you put in and how far along you already are, but we’ve had clients (look for Taylor’s testimonial, he made $18k in 24 hours) close deals within the first two days of joining.


Great! Honestly, it’s so much more rewarding to take someone who has never seen what it’s like to actually make money in their sleep than to get someone already making millions (although we still have a few tricks up our sleeve for them). You get in-depth training and access to one-on-one calls where we can make sure you’ve got everything set-up correctly.


What an incredible question, I know you’re being bombarded with offers everywhere.

First of all, most of the people trying to sell you learned from us (you’ll see their testimonial on this page).

Second of all, who else has this much social proof, this many video testimonials, successful case studies, and worked with some of the largest companies in the United States?

Finally, one of the biggest reasons people fail is lack of action. We help get rid of that barrier by giving you a fully-trained virtual assistant who does the majority of the difficult work for you. That means even if you tried to not success your virtual assistant would be bringing you money.


Unfortunately we live in a world where most people make a few dollars doing one thing, then make more money teaching other people how to do that one thing.

This is not my only company, I’ve used this exact same framework to scale another 7-figure business in the advertising space (I still run today).

Also we have proven case studies and testimonials (more than anyone else) that shows we aren’t one of these Lamborghini driving, fly-by-night “gurus” here to make a quick buck off of you.

We also have a conditional money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work out.


No, we don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics or “take it or leave it” salesmanship. The call is just to get a better understanding of where you’re at, offer you some useful insights and actionable steps you can take to see progress, and then only if we have your permission and it makes sense we can explain what we have to offer.

If not, no worries at all!

I’ve been in dozens of coaching and consulting programs myself. One thing I’ve learned is that we don’t need more information. We need the right information and action. We have the right information so we know that’s taken care of. The issue is with action is most people won’t take it, that’s why most programs/companies suck. However, we take care of that as well (what you think I was just going to “trust” that you were going to send those emails?). Our fully-trained virtual assistant will help you set-up and then start on their first day sending hundreds of targeted messages to your target market, flooding your calendar with more prospects in 7 days than you’ve seen the past two months.

That’s the funny thing, most people forget that everyone started without any results, even me. Now we have thousands of case studies.

We help you focus on building something first we know your target market wants, then we teach you how to sell it to them before you’ve even built it, then we help you build it and collect case studies from your first few clients. No previous experience required.


Not at all, some of are most successful clients don’t even have an Instagram or Youtube.


Absolutely, if you qualify we have access to 0% interest rate funding that can help you get in, get started, get paid, all before your first interest payment is due.


No, if you can’t take a chance on yourself, why should we?


As much or as little as you want. We show you how to bootstrap your way to millions without any money, but obviously if you are able to spend some money on softwares and tools it will be faster.


That’s an incredible question, everyone is different. That’s why it’s best to just click ‘Get A Price’ and book a call with us so we can hear your specific situation, give you actionable advice, and if it makes sense, explain to you how we can help you.


Absolutely! We’ve had successful clients in India, Singapore, Cyprus, Colombia, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. Even if English is not the native language in your market, as long as you can speak it you can translate and dominate your industry!


You don’t need one, a lot of our clients come into our program selling something for less than $500/month. That being said once you join and we help nail down your offer and product-market-fit there is almost always room to increase your prices and so we do, so we can invest more back into the business and so that you can have insane profit margins.


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Why Work With Me?

What an awesome question, if you weren’t at least a little skeptical I would be worried.

Even if you take away our hundreds of satisfied clients, testimonials, case studies, masterminds, etc. we’re still one of the best bets you have on the market today.


Well, I’ve been exactly where you are now.

My whole life I wanted to be a lawyer, I had watched every episode of Law and Order there was and I wanted the money, power, and fame.

After graduating college I decided to take a year off to study for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) in order to get into one of the top law schools in the country.

Three days after I graduated I got a call from my dad, he was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.

I dropped everything I was doing, moved up to Atlanta to take him to the hospital daily, and still studied 6+ hours a day for the test.

It was during this time I realized how fragile life was and how I was spending it chasing someone else’s dream.

After a year of treatments my dad went into remission, I took the test (scored in top 10% in the nation) and made a decision that shocked everyone.

I decided to start my own business, to be the master of my own destiny.

At first I worked at an Italian restaurant, making $2,000/month while I learned how to run ads online (imaging what was going through my parent’s mind as they saw me go from law school to an Italian restaurant).

It was almost 8 months of nothing, then I caught my first client (a plastic surgeon) who instantly matched my monthly wage at the restaurant.

I reinvested those profits into finding a mentor, eventually hiring my first employee (a virtual assistant to keep my calendar full) and kept on reinvesting and learning every single month.

Fast forward two years and both of my companies make millions of dollars, I have amassed incredible valuable skills to the market place (I’m not worried about a recession), and I now help other’s see the same success.

I teach the exact same framework and methodologies I learned investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into my business.

I didn’t go to business school, I didn’t come from money, nobody in my family is doing what I am.

In short, I went from nobody to millions in my bank account.

If I can do it, so can you.


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