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What’s going on, guys, doing a little bit of work on my e-mail list right now. It’s kind of crazy, right? So about almost a year ago, actually a month it’ll be a year. So 11 months ago, I started taking appointments only on Mondays and Thursdays. And when I say that to some people, they start freaking out like what about sales calls and appointments, make appointments, whatever it is. Just give me a second. Right. So Sunday appointments on Mondays and Thursdays, because I realized that I wanted to start working on my business, not in my business.

And the really the issue of taking appointments is, you know, a day of the week is other than the fact that there’s numerous studies that show that appointments and meetings are mostly a waste of time on this or sales call. And on top of that, they also show up like how ugly this we were wallpaper is. This isn’t my house. Trust me, I’d better taste this. Studies that show that meetings are essentially used as Warren Buffet does, like four meetings a month.

 But on top of it, they also say that the time that you’re switching going in between tasks or like I start working for a little bit and have a meeting that I work a little bit in a meeting where I never really get anything done. Right. Because there’s also that like beginning 50 minutes of N50 minutes right before and after your meeting where you’re prepping up for the meeting or giving you distract from your last job. And then when you get back, you’re don’t want a meeting or any back into that work again.

So like an hour-long meeting is really like an hour and a half realistically. And that’s it. You ever can get back into the groove itself. So because who knows what kind of fires the meetings bring. So like Mondays and Thursdays, I absolutely sit down and I just grind like appointment, appointment, appointment. Like yesterday I was a little lightheaded because I went from pretty much 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. to appointments all day. But I can do on other days like this on Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday and Saturday, I can just spend my entire day working on my business.

I can be reaching out to people. I can be hopping on coaching calls with people that are ahead of me so I can learn from them. I can just sit down and look at the holes in my business and try to plug them. I can type email, copy, whatever I can to build small systems, whatever it is. So I just want to see this quick video because it is really beautiful in business. Like you get to a certain point, your business where you have sales guys got ads, managers, you have virtual assistants, you got lead generators, you got qualifiers, you’ve got CEOs, you’ve got CEOs, whatever you need radio account managers and you’re sitting on the top and you’ve two options, right?

You can let them all do their job. And just like, I don’t know, go to Bolly and sit on the beach and, you know, check cash a check, which is awesome. And a lot of people that do that or you can spend that time trying to make their job, your your team members jobs easier, trying to make yourself more profitable, trying to make yourself more lean and try to bring in more revenue and your bottom line. Right. And easier and better ways. And that’s done by literally writing out what your holes are in your business.

It’s done by learning from other people, is done by reading. It’s done by action yourself. A super difficult questions in life like they might do it. Like I can’t be the best in the world at this or why do I have complaints or where do we have combined or how can you fix it? Senator, but you never can do that if you’re all you’re doing is taking meetings of every single person every single day.

So I challenge you guys. You know, if you’re doing sales calls, unfortunately, you to want to take a sales force in your company. And unfortunately, you can’t do that right now. Virginia Tech sales calls. But if you have the ability to hire a salesperson or you have some team members, whatever it is, I challenge you for one month to just take appointments two days a week for six hours a day, start saying no to majority of appointments and just to the ones that are necessary and see what happens to your productivity and your business. I’ll talk to you guys in.

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