Quora Ads: Guide To Target The Right Audience (2023)

Want to attract a hyper-targeted audience to your offers, enjoy higher conversion rates, and do all that with the industry’s highest return on ad spend (ROAS)? Of course, you do.

It’s time to leverage Quora advertising.

What comes to mind when you think of online advertising? Is it Google, Facebook, or YouTube?

It makes sense since they are the leaders in online advertising.

The thing is: If you are limiting yourself to these giants, you are missing out on a lot!


These numbers speak for themselves: Quora ads boast 4-5x higher conversion rates than any other advertising platform and at a 21% lower cost per click (CPC) than other marketing channels!

So, if you find online advertising challenging, this is your golden chance to get in on the action easily.

In this Quora Ads guide, you’ll learn how to run entirely optimized, highly targeted Quora Ads. We’ll also share some super actionable tips on how to maximize your ROAS.

What Is Quora & Who Uses It?

Established in 2009, Quora is a social platform that revolves around asking and answering questions.

Its Q&A engine is powered by an active Quora community of curious and passionate users who strive to provide the most insightful and valuable responses possible.

quora for ads

Quora is now well-known as a go-to destination for finding high-quality answers to any imaginable query because of this collaborative approach.

Since introducing its advertising services in June 2017, Quora has emerged as a highly effective platform for businesses to promote their offers.

This success is due to Quora’s engaged and diverse user base, which enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences with targeted messages that resonate.

As a business owner, expect high returns on investment (ROI) from your Quora advertising campaigns.


Quora is the preferred source of information for individuals aged 18 and above with a household income of $100,000 or more.

This demographic favors Quora over other channels like LinkedIn and the Wall Street Journal when seeking knowledge and insights.

Also, individuals 18 and older dedicate twice as much time to Quora than LinkedIn.

Plus, they are well-educated, with 65% holding a college degree and 28% having a graduate degree.

What’s even more fascinating?

Quora users are 37% more inclined to hold managerial positions than the general adult population.

Considering the demographics mentioned above:

Leverage Quora to gain visibility among those who wield decision-making power, leading to increased content exposure and a high potential for quality lead generation.

Why Consider Quora Ads?

To reach more potential customers, adopt multiple touchpoints depending on your business’s sales cycle.

Don’t just assume that your target audience only uses Google or Facebook—broaden your horizons and explore all possible avenues to reach them effectively. 

(That’s what you’ll learn in this Quora Ads guide, so read on).

The following are reasons why you should learn how to advertise on Quora:

Highly Targeted Advertising

Target users based on their interests, demographics, and even the questions they’ve asked or answered on the platform.

This level of targeting ensures that your ads are seen by people who are most likely to be interested in what you offer.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Quora Ads can be more cost-effective than other advertising platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.The average cost-per-click (CPC) for Quora Ads is lower than what you might pay on other platforms.

This means you’ll get more bang for your buck when advertising on Quora while reaping the same, if not better, benefits than most advertising platforms.

Increased Brand Awareness

Quora has a highly engaged community that spends a lot of time on the platform, asking and answering questions. 

Advertise on Quora to increase your brand’s awareness among this audience—even if someone doesn’t click on your ad, they may still see your brand name and become familiar with it.

High User Intent

The users on Quora are actively seeking information and answers to their questions.

This means that the traffic from Quora Ads is high-quality and more likely to convert into customers or leads—they already know what they want and are ready for the solution.

They want answers and wouldn’t mind if you reached them with your perfect solution through an ad—they’ll be more receptive, and you’ll get higher conversion rates and ROI.

Diverse Ad Formats

Quora offers a variety of ad formats, including text ads, image ads, and promoted answer ads. Choose an ad format that best suits your goals and creative needs.

Also, test which formats work best for your business, as you’ve got plenty of options when advertising on Quora.

Cost To Advertise On Quora

With Quora’s self-serve platform, you can begin advertising on Quora for as little as $5 per day, making it a low-risk opportunity to explore and define your business’s most effective advertising tactics.

cost of quora ads

Quora Ads operates on a live auction system, where advertisers place bids for ad placements, following the typical model of auctions. The ultimate cost will depend on your targeting selection and the market competition level.

Quora Ads accepts most major debit and credit cards, so you have plenty of payment options. Also, you’re only charged when your spending reaches certain billing thresholds.

The first threshold is set at $25, and each successful charge increases the threshold amount to $50, $250, $500, and finally, $750.

To clarify further, you’ll be charged either when your current billing threshold is met or on the first week of the month—whichever comes first.

This gives you some flexibility in planning your budget and spending strategy. And don’t worry about keeping track of all these details—Quora Ads will automatically handle the billing process for you.

Quora Ads Types & Where They Appear 

Select from text ads, image ads, or promoted answers—whatever format best fits your Quora advertising goals and brand strategy.

Quora Text Ads

Text ads offer the highest ROI and are the cheapest of all the other ad types. Also, creating, implementing, and updating them for ongoing optimization is a breeze.

With no need for graphic design or image management, text ads only require copy and links to current web pages or landing pages. 

Consider your placement strategy and conduct keyword and audience research to effectively target a specific market. Below are two examples:

quora ad example
quora ad example 2

Quora Image Ads

With the image ads on Quora, the formatting and styling options can be incredibly diverse, providing your brand’s designer with a wealth of creative control.

These ads cost more than text ads, but they are great for catching the attention of your target audience.

Image ads also have the following benefits for your business:

  • Creates brand awareness: Image advertisements showcase a brand’s products in a way that resonates with viewers, solidifying the brand’s identity in their minds.

This, in turn, builds brand equity and generates buzz around the product—the ultimate goal of image advertising.

  • Visually pleasing: Written advertisements can be challenging to capture and maintain people’s attention.

This is where image advertisements come in: conveying information through visuals that captivate viewers and require less processing time, providing an enjoyable viewing experience.

Promoted Answers

This format is exclusive to Quora. When advertising on Quora, choose which questions you want your answers to be promoted to target specific audiences.

Ensure that your message is seen by people interested in your offers.

promoted answers on quora

Also, these ads appear at the top of the list of responses, making them more visible than organic answers. This increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates and, ultimately, more conversions.

Ad Placement

Quora Ads can appear in various locations across the platform, including users’ personal feeds, topic feeds, and question pages. Also, you can opt-in for placements in the Quora Digest e-newsletter.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the Digest and staying up-to-date with all the latest news and insights from Quora, simply head to “Settings” and select “Email and Notifications.” From there, adjust your “Digest” settings according to your preferences.

Getting Started With Quora Ads: Best Practices 

To succeed in Quora advertising, prioritize answering questions over being overly promotional. Quora is a platform where people seek answers, not sales pitches.

Provide what users are looking for to demonstrate how your business can meet their needs. This also positions Quora as an excellent platform for establishing brand authority.

Like other advertising platforms, there isn’t a universal approach for all businesses using Quora Ads. That means what may work for one business might not be practical for yours when advertising on Quora. 

Experiment with each targeting type or try them again with different topic groups, interests, or keywords to determine the best practice.

Here are a few tactics to learn how to advertise on Quora that will put you on the path to success:

Set Up A Quora Advertising Account

You’ll need a Quora profile and an Ads Manager accounts to learn how to advertise on Quora.

To create an Ads Manager account on Quora, follow these steps:

  • If you already have a Quora profile, visit Quora for business and click “Get Started” in the upper-right corner.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile icon at the top right of the homepage.
  • Choose “Create Ad” from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the business information that you want to use for advertising to create Quora advertising account.

If you don’t have a Quora profile:

  • Visit https://www.quora.com/.
  • Choose “Continue with Facebook,” “Continue with Google,” or “Continue With Email” to create your profile.
  • Complete the prompts until you reach the Quora home page.


  • Quora Ads are only available in English, so users must create an Ads Manager account through an English Quora profile.
  • If your profile is not in English, add English as an additional language in your Settings and click the globe icon at the top of your screen to switch to an English profile.

Install The Quora Pixel

The Quora Pixel is a powerful tool that helps you track your website traffic and conversions. It’s a piece of code you place on your website, allowing you to see how many people visit your site and what actions they take.

The Quora Pixel has two parts: the Base Pixel code and the Event Pixel code.

The Base Pixel should be installed in the header of every page on your website. This will enable you to build audiences for Website Traffic Targeting (remarketing) and Lookalike Targeting.

The Event Pixel tracks specific conversion events and should be installed on the page that indicates when a conversion event occurred.

This could be a “thank you” or confirmation page visitors see after completing an action like making a purchase or filling out a form. The Event Pixel can track inline action events like an “Add to Cart” button.

To install the Event Pixel, you can do it manually or through Google Tag Manager. Once installed, it will appear as a Standard Event. If you prefer not to install the Event Pixel, Custom Events are available as alternatives that don’t require additional coding.

With the Quora Pixel, you’ll get valuable insights into your website’s performance and where you can improve conversions.

Start With Installing The Base Pixel
  1. Head to the Pixels & Events tab in your Quora Ads Manager to get started.
quora pixel
  1. Click on “Setup Pixel” and then select “Next.” By default, the option to install manually will already be selected.
setup quora pixel
  1. Click the “Base Pixel Code” to copy it to your clipboard. Then, paste this code between the <head></head> tags on every page of your website.
base pixel code quora
  1. To install the Event Pixel code, simply click “Next” after installing the Base Pixel.
Installing Event Pixels

To measure conversions, optimize campaigns, and understand performance, set up tracking for specific events.

  1. Follow the first four steps mentioned above and install the Base Pixel before proceeding with event tracking.
  1. Once you’re ready, choose a label for your event that aligns with your campaign objective under the “Event” section.
install event pixels
  1. A)To track conversions on page load events, click on the “Event Pixel” code under “For Page Load Events.”

This will copy the code to your clipboard. Next, paste this code directly after the Base Pixel Code onto the page where your conversion event occurs (such as a “thank you” page). It’s important not to modify the code in any way; otherwise, your Event Pixel won’t work correctly.

B) If you want to track inline actions like button clicks, select the “Event Pixel” code located under “For Inline Action Events.” This will copy the code to your clipboard. Then, paste the code inside an event handler, such as an on-click JavaScript method.

  1. To set up tracking for additional events, repeat steps 2-4 as an optional step. Once the installation is complete, access various features such as Conversion Optimized Bidding, multi-event conversion tracking, performance and conversion data, and Audience Targeting.
Checking The Quora Pixel

To check the status of your pixels, head over to the Pixels & Events tab. This section provides an overview of how many times your Base and Event pixels were fired in the last 15 minutes, irrespective of their origin. 

Remember that conversions associated with your Quora campaigns are tracked on the “Manage Ads” tab.

If a pixel’s status displays as “Inactive,” or there have been no recorded events in the past 15 minutes, consider conducting a test conversion.

  1. To manually generate a conversion, you can navigate to the URL where you initially set up your conversion. If you’re tracking an inline action event, simply perform the specific action to trigger the conversion.
  2. Wait for a minimum of 2 minutes.
  3. Revisit the Pixels & Events tab and verify whether the Occurrences in the Past 15 Minutes column displays a value greater than zero for the conversion you are testing. Remember that the Base Pixel events will be visible in the bottom left corner.

Confirm Your Audience Is On Quora

The great thing is that you don’t need to run an ad to find out if your target audience is on Quora.

Create a Quora business account following the method above to gather potential audiences and assess whether Quora Ads suit your needs.

The best part?

You won’t have to provide any credit card details until you’ve completely learned how to advertise on Quora.

Upload A Customer List To Match The Audience

If you want to check whether your existing customers are already on Quora, upload a CSV file containing all their email addresses. Start by clicking the “Audiences” tab at the top of the page, and then select “Create Audience” to begin.

customer list quora

Once you’re in the Create Audience window, choose the List Match option.

list match quora

To proceed, provide the specifics regarding your audience and import your customer file.

create an audience quora

If the match rate is high, start running list-match targeted campaigns or building lookalike audiences from your current customer lists to run top-of-funnel lookalike campaigns. Remember that your base audience must have at least 3,000 users before creating a lookalike in Quora.

Research Questions & Topics

If you want to laser target your audience on Quora, find out what questions and topics they are interested in. Luckily, Quora has a vast collection of categorized questions you can browse.

When logged in, just use the search bar at the top of the page and start typing in specific keywords or questions to start your research.

This will help you identify which topics and questions to target with your ad campaigns.

quora ads research

Another approach to this is to search for specific topics.

search for topics quora

Select Specific Questions/Topics For Quora Ads

Targeting your ads based on questions is just one of the many ways to reach your audience on Quora—it establishes you as an authority in your niche. Also, it positions your offerings as a solution for their problems.

If users ask specific questions that align with your business’s offerings, running ads on those questions can be a great way to capture their attention.

With the ability to add eye-catching visuals in the form of 1200 x 628 images, your ad could stand out among other content on the page and draw in potential customers.

Question targeting is precise, but it may not always be scalable.

Before launching a campaign with multiple question-targeted ad sets, research the volume of your desired questions to be sure you reach a large enough audience.

Say you run ads for an email marketing tool focused on b2b lead generation. Here’s a question you should be focusing on:

quora ads

You must explore several areas on the question page to determine whether a question is worth targeting. One key factor to consider is the number of people following the question.

quora advertising tips

Questions with a high follower count strongly indicate their popularity and the frequency with which users visit the page seeking solutions. 

Generally, questions with more followers are more likely to be worth targeting. When you come across questions with low or no follower counts, it’s tempting to skip over them.

But, before dismissing a question, there is one more area to check. Click the ellipsis below the question and select “View Question Logs” from the drop-down menu.

quora ads techniques

After accessing the answer history/log for the question, you’ll see the Question Stats data on the right side of the page.

Pay close attention to two key pieces of information: the total lifetime views of the question and the date of its most recent follower.

These details can provide valuable insights when deciding whether or not to target a given question. When selecting questions for your targeting campaigns, focus on those with significant followers and views. 

quora ads creation

To maximize the effectiveness of your targeting campaigns, take a few seconds to evaluate the stats of each potential question.

If you come across questions that you like but aren’t ready to target just yet, simply follow them privately from the ellipsis menu for future reference.

Quora provides a dedicated section in every user’s profile that displays all the questions they have followed. Leverage this feature in multiple ways, such as:

  • Keep track of questions that you find interesting but are not popular yet. Follow these questions to stay updated on new answers or comments and see if the volume increases.
  • Search for questions related to your upcoming product launches and follow them to understand what people are curious about. This will help you tailor your ad campaigns to answer those specific questions.
  • Follow questions about your competitors privately and observe how users engage with their content. Use this information to create compelling ad copy that addresses common concerns or gaps in their offerings.

Research Questions & Topics

Question targeting may not always give you the reach you’re looking for. But if you have a larger budget and want to expand your reach, topic targeting is the way to go. The good news is that it’s easy to search for topics relevant to almost any industry.

Here’s how it works: All of Quora’s questions are organized into topics. This means that advertisers can target a specific topic and reach everyone who has engaged with any question within that topic.

This saves time and effort compared to manually searching for individual questions one by one.

If you’re looking to target multiple topics on Quora, there are several ways to go about it. While you can certainly use the search feature to find relevant topics individually, creating a Quora ad campaign is an even easier method.

Setting up a campaign will give you access to Quora’s targeting options, which include topic targeting.

You won’t have to spend any money at this stage; it’s similar to creating audiences on other platforms without paying for anything yet.

To begin your research on Quora topics, click “New Campaign” to start setting up a campaign. This will take you to the next page, where you’ll need to add a name for your campaign and set a budget before you can proceed.

create quora campaign

Once you’ve added your campaign name and budget, use the default settings for everything else. This includes targeting options, ad placements, and more. The goal of this step is simply to gain access to Quora’s targeting options so that you can explore topic targeting without spending any money.

Next, choose which topics you want to target. This can be done at the ad set level by selecting “Topics” as the targeting type under the Contextual Targeting header.

In the Targeted Topics box on the right-hand side of the page, start typing in keywords related to your niche or topic of interest. Quora will then suggest relevant topics based on your search term, making it easy for you to identify potential targets.

Choose any of the suggested topics by clicking on them, as shown in the image below.

choose ads targeting quora

This will add them to your list of targeted topics for that particular ad set. Repeat this process until you have added all relevant topics to your campaign.

Streamline the process of adding topics to your campaign with Quora Ads’ Bulk Add feature, which can save you time and effort. To access this feature, click the “Bulk Add” link next to the Targeted Topics box.

quora topics

This will open up a pop-up window where you can search for topics by entering relevant keywords. Once you’ve entered your search terms, Quora will display a list of recommended topics that match your criteria.

To add multiple topics at once, check the boxes next to each option that applies to your campaign.

This will automatically add them to your list of targeted topics without manually selecting each one. Next, review your current targeting criteria and assess the potential impact of your choices.

Evaluate your existing targeting options and consider how they may impact the number of impressions your ads will receive. This can be done by reviewing the estimated potential reach or impressions for each ad set within your campaign.

Gauge the potential reach of your Quora Ads among a specific target audience by utilizing the platform’s targeting criteria to get valuable insights.

Remember how you used audiences to understand how many current customers or site visitors use Quora?

Similarly, analyzing the estimated impressions for each ad set based on your chosen targeting options can further prove that your desired audience is active on the platform.

quora ads completion

Consider various targeting options beyond just keywords related to your offers. One effective strategy is to research and incorporate topic-targeting themes into your campaign:

  • Competitor topics: This approach is more cost-effective than targeting competitor keywords on Google. Some competitors may not show up as interests to target on Facebook, so try searching for them on Quora. Get estimates of the recommended CPC bid on Quora and compare it against other social channels.
  • User behavior: Consider searching for topics on how users may use your product or service, not just topics related to it. For example, target user behavior topics such as gardening and lawn maintenance if you sell fertilizer. Look for topics where users will have a need for what you’re selling.

If you’re not getting the desired volume with question and topic targeting options, try interest targeting. While topic targeting displays your ad to users on a question page within your topic categories, interest targeting lets you search for and target those same categories.

Interest targeting differs from other targeting options because it uses historical behavioral data. Users who have previously visited or answered questions about your targeted topics could see your ads on any page unless you’ve set up exclusions.

Setting Up Quora Ads Campaign

Once you’ve finished researching question and topic targeting, it’s time to launch your Quora ad campaign.

To do this, head to your Quora Ads dashboard and click “Create Campaign.” Then, enter a name for your campaign and select one of the four available objectives: Conversions, App Installs, Traffic, or Awareness.

set up quora ads campaign

Don’t forget to set your budget and schedule before clicking “Continue” to proceed.

Campaign Structure:

For your better understanding: The overall structure of your Quora advertising campaign comprises three levels: the Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad. These levels work together to form the complete structure of your ad campaign.

campaign structure quora ads

Proceed to the ad set level, assign a name to your ad set, and choose your primary targeting.

targeting quora ads

If you wish to target or exclude a specific location, enter the designated area’s city, state, country, or zip code.

location targeting quora ads

Also, further refine your targeting options by selecting device types (desktop and mobile), mobile platforms (iOS and Android), and desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

additional targeting quora ads

Choose to exclude particular questions and audiences from your targeting with this ad set.

Once done, determine if you want to optimize ad delivery for clicks or impressions, and set a bid to complete the setup of your ad set. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to the ad level.

quora ads cost

Enter the name of your ad and select the desired ad format (Image Ad, Text Ad, or Promote an Answer) to configure your advertisement.

quora ads type

To proceed, enter details of your Quora advertising, such as the headline, body text, call to action (CTA), image, and landing page URL.

quora ads set

Once you have completed the setup of your Quora campaign, add a payment method and proceed to click on “Complete Order” to launch it.

Quora Ads Success Checklist

Incorporating a new ad platform into your marketing channels can be challenging, as each platform has unique features. To simplify onboarding, we have created a checklist of top-priority actions for this Quora Ads guide.

Although completing each step does not guarantee success on Quora Ads, ticking off each action item will optimize your campaigns for scalability, measurement, and long-term wins.

  1. Determine your campaign objective: Identify your objectives, such as leads, conversions, app installs, traffic, or awareness, to choose the appropriate targeting to implement.
  2. Define a convention for your campaigns, ad sets, and ad names: To efficiently locate any campaign, ad set, or ad as you scale on Quora Ads, adopt a consistent naming convention.
  3. Split up your campaign or ad sets by geography: Separate the campaigns or ad sets by geography to quickly identify which locations drive the best performance. This allows you to bid competitively for different geographies.
  4. Split up your campaigns or ad sets by device: Consider splitting your campaigns or ad sets if you are targeting users via both mobile and desktop. This will allow you to measure and compare the performance between the two platforms.
  5. Create a List Match or Website Traffic Audience: Consider creating a List Match Audience based on an uploaded email list to target specific users. Or a Web Traffic Audience that targets people who’ve visited your website within a set time frame.
  6. Create a Lookalike Audience and test various precision points: A Lookalike Audience targets users are the ones who closely resemble an existing audience. Test out levels- 1% or 10% – to find the right balance between precision and volume.
  7. Utilize Topic Targeting: Place ads on feeds and questions tagged under your targeted topics to balance scale and contextual relevance. Don’t forget to leverage this feature when optimizing your campaigns!
  8. Utilize Interest Targeting: This feature allows you to place ads in front of users who engage with specific Quora content. It’s a great way to repurpose Topic ad sets and add volume.
  9. Convert interests into topics: To transition seamlessly to Interest Targeting, create a new ad set and click “Import Ad Set.” Select a Topic Targeting ad set to import, and change the targeting type from Topic Targeting to Interest Targeting. Also, use this method for Question and Keyword Targeting.
  10. Utilize Keyword Targeting and Keyword History Targeting: Bulk target questions that contain specific keywords and retarget users by keywords they’ve viewed. Repurpose high-performing keywords on other search platforms to target users at various intent stages.
  11. Utilize Question History Targeting: Retarget users who visited specified questions in a given time period (e.g., the last 30 days) with Question History Targeting. Pair it with Question Targeting or retarget questions you answered if you are using Promoted Answers.
  12. A/B test two or more ads per ad set: Test different headlines, CTAs, body copy, ad formats, etc., by running multiple ads simultaneously to compare their performance. Give them at least a month before deciding which ads to pause.
  13. Optimize with auction insights: Understand how competitive your ads are in the Quora Ads auction by analyzing Auction Insights metrics, such as the rate of auctions lost to competition, impression share, and absolute impression share.
  14. Set up email reporting: Stay on top of your campaign performance with weekly reports that can be exported to Excel by setting up email reporting.

Quora Advertising: FAQs

What is Quora Digest?

Quora Digest is a free service available to all Quora users. It notifies you of relevant questions that may have gone unnoticed and directly provides the top answer with the highest number of views and upvotes to your inbox. This feature helps you quickly locate the most informative response to the question at hand.

Are Quora Ads worth it?

Yes, Quora Ads are totally worth it. With the industry’s highest conversion rates and quality traffic, Quora Ads provides the perfect opportunity to grow your business to the next level.

How much does it cost to advertise on Quora?

The most frequently used campaign on Quora is the CPC campaign, which can range in cost from $0.02 to $2.00 per click. CPM campaigns, on the other hand, cost anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 per thousand impressions, while CPA campaigns typically cost between $0.50 and $50.00 for an action taken.

Wrapping Up: Quora Advertising

Still hesitant to branch out and explore new channels beyond the familiar territories of Google and Facebook? Seriously consider advertising on Quora.

Take the time to analyze your target audience’s presence on Quora to unlock a whole new world of possibilities for your PPC strategy.

Don’t limit yourself to what you know—challenge yourself to push beyond the familiar!

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