How To Qualify Your Leads | 4 Simple Steps!

Finally, you’ve gone through the hard work and pain of getting some leads for your company, but every single person you speak to is broke, not interested, or doesn’t even know who you are.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your company is, if you’re generating leads you’re probably aware of the pains in lead qualification.

At our company, Scaling With Systems, we actually cancel 68% of the applications we get from prospects before we even get to the phone call so we know a thing or two about lead qualification.

Before I get started, I do want to let everyone here in on a little secret…it’s okay to disqualify your leads.

Click on the video above where I share the 4 simples steps we use inside of Scaling With Systems that allow us to generated more qualified leads, more deals, more cash, and have a larger impact.

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[00:00:00] Finally, you’ve done the hard work and pain of getting some leads for yourself or your company, but everyone you speak to is either broke, not interested or doesn’t even know who you are. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. If you’re generating leads, one of the biggest problems you’re going to have is lead qualification at our company scaling with systems. We actually disqualify around 68 percent of the applications that we get to book a time with us every single week. So you could say we know a thing or two about qualification. What’s going on, everyone I’m Ravi Abuvala, founder of Scaling With Systems and in this video, we’re going to be talking about four incredibly simple steps that you can take in order to qualify your leads so that you’re closing more deals. If you stick around until the end, you’re going to get access to a brand new course that I put together called the Three Steps To Scale where I walk you through the exact steps that I’ve taken owner to scale two companies to seven figures and under two years. Also, this next step is incredibly important. I need you to smash the like button, if you don’t mind. It takes one second of your time. It boosts me up and the YouTube algorithm and my mom can finally say that her son is a YouTube celebrity. So just smash the button. Don’t let my mom down. Now, before I get started here, I want to let everyone in on a little secret. It’s OK to disqualify your leads. Actually, it’s really beneficial for yourself and for your company. Not every single person is going to be a fit for your product or service. Actually, majority of people aren’t going to be a fit for your product or service and forcing someone to try to be a fit and usually just ends up in a total disaster for them, for you or for both parties involved.

[00:01:34] For that reason, I challenge everyone here to disqualify more leads that you qualify for your company. That being said, how do we do it and how do we make sure we’re only getting on the phone with winners? Well, the first thing you want to do is make sure you qualify in the sales process as early as possible. That means that before you even reach out to the prospect in the first place, try to do a little qualification process first, look them up on LinkedIn, check out their Instagram, see what their Facebook page looks like. Do they have a website? What is their website even look like? For example, who do you think is going to be a more valuable lead for my services? If I sell for people trying to invest in their business a person, then I see that just in a totally free group on Facebook or a person that I see that’s also a member of a group that I’m in that I paid ten thousand dollars to join. And I see them posting every single day the lead in the free Facebook group I know nothing about. And they’ve shown me no commitment whatsoever where the lead in the paid Facebook group. That’s also a part of the program that I’m in. Well, it at least shows me that they’re willing to invest in themselves or the growth of their business. And so that one is a better lead to even reach out to in the first place. The second step in qualifying your leads with ease is adding some qualification questions to your sales calendar.

[00:02:47] Now, most people understand the value of time, but very few people do anything about it. I don’t care if it’s your calendar or your sales team’s calendar. Adding these qualification questions can save hundreds of hours or even thousands of hours over the lifetime of your business and also save time with unqualified prospects so they can go out and do better things of their time asking really simple questions like what’s your current monthly revenue? Or Are you willing to invest in the growth of your business? Or have you tried a weight training program in the past? One of my favorite ones is why have you not smashed the like button yet? Please smash the like button so I can stop asking you. Asking questions like these can keep you hyper focused on your ideal prospects. I’ll show on the screen right now a screenshot of what our sales calendar looks like. You can see we’re asking some of the exact questions that I’m talking about in this video here. If someone disqualifies themselves through the booking process on your calendar, you can either just have that automatically, not allow them to book, or you could just have like what we do with our clients, have their virtual assistant go in there, read the application and cancel the people that they know aren’t going to be a good fit. The third step you want to take in order to increase your closing percentage and only work with your dream clients is to set up a discovery call. Even if you follow step one into this third step is an absolute must. A discovery call is a really simple way for you to start the rapport building process with your prospects and gauge the level of urgency with our problem and also see how truthful or how accurate the application they submitted to you were about Skilling with systems. We actually give our clients a proven discovery call script along with some recordings so they can make sure they’re making the most out of that time and picking up some easy closes for the demonstration call. If you say until the end, I’m going to show you how you can get a copy of it.

[00:04:31] Now, look, you can do the discovery, call yourself. You can have your sales team do it or even have a fully trained virtual assistant do the discovery calls for you. The most important thing is just that they’re getting done. The final qualification step you need to do is to inundate your prospects. Now, I know that sounds kind of like a bad thing, but I promise you it’s not after someone books a time on your calendar for a discovery or a demonstration call, you want to be sure to send them content that’s relevant to their current position. Their current problems are current pains that will show you as the authority or the person that’s going to solve that problem for them. This will greatly increase the probability of them showing up for that call as well as presell them on you and your company. A really good piece of content can actually convince someone that they’re not a good fit for your product or service and they can cancel the appointment or that they really, really need what you have to offer. And either one of those is going to be a win win because it’s going to get you to your target client, your dream customers a lot faster. We love just a dumb people out on our blog page at scaling with systems where they can choose what piece of content is most relevant to them. Our average website visitor, once they hit this blog page, spends about 13 to 18 minutes here, just soaking up knowledge and getting to understand who we are and what we offer.

[00:05:42] So there you have it for incredibly simple strategies that you can implement today in order to qualify your prospects better close more deals, collect more cash and have a bigger impact. I’m curious if you watch all the way until now, which one of those methods did you like the most? Was it during the qualification, before you do the outreach? Was it adding the qualification questions to the calendar? Maybe it was having the content follow it up or even finally, maybe it was adding that discovery. Call in there. Be sure to comment down below which method you like the most or you got the most value out of. And I’ll be sure to respond. Also, as I promised earlier in the video, if you want access to that discovery call script that I talked about that we give our clients, listen up. I want to invite you to a totally free course that I put together called the three steps a scale that’s going to give you that discovery call script that we get to our clients totally for free. And it’s also going to cover art where you can find these prospects at other lead generation techniques and over five and a half hours of very useful content that you can get straight to your inbox totally for free. All you have to do is click the link in the description below and I’ll see you there. Please do me a favor and be sure to smash the like button comment down below which method you like the best and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe so I can talk to you guys more and more. And I’ll never leave you ever, ever, ever. All you have to do is hit this button. Please. I need it for my mom. So you got the next video.

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