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*How We Generate $600k/Month In Cash Working Only 10 Hours/Week

Without shooting tons of content, spending all my money on ads, or complicated tech set-ups.

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PRODUCT-MARKET-FIT: How we’ve been able to help thousands of entrepreneurs sell an idea before they create anything, being profitable from day one and slicing a hole through their industry.
SALES FUNNEL CREATION: The right way to build a sales funnel in 2021, how we consistently build $1M+ sales funnels that attract, engage, nurture, and close our prospects without us lifting a finger.
4 KEY TRAFFIC SOURCES: How we quickly identified the most profitable traffic sources to send to our sales funnel that resulted in a 50X return on investment almost immediately.
CONVERTING EYEBALLS: The sales systems we have in place to run a 15+ person sales team that converts strangers into paid customers at 40% and within 6.5 days.
SIGNAL FROM NOISE: Our custom software that we built in-house to track a lead all the way to a closed deal so we are able to identify what efforts are producing the highest yield and concentrate all of our energy there.

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Our Research Method (which I cover in Step 1) has allowed us and over 1,000 clients start a business from scratch and be profitable before they’ve built anything. This has allowed us to only create offers that we know our market wants, which results in ridiculous profit margins.


It is possible to be fully removed from your business, I run multiple 7-figure businesses while also finding time to visit Costa Rica, snowboard in Breckenridge, and relax in Cabo. Step 2 will show you how to quickly and effectively “fire” yourself from your company so it produces cash without you.


From $10/Day to $1M/Day. I went from $10/day to $10k/day to $100k/day to $1M/day in less than 3 years. In Step 3, I show you the one thing I changed that allowed me to do this.


100% No Cost

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