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How To Scale Up Your Revenue, Maintain 50%+ Profit Margins, And Remove Yourself Entirely From Operations In 6 Months Or Less...

...By Leveraging The Power Of Virtual Assistants and Paid Ads

Here's What You're Gonna Learn... For FREE:

PROSPECTING: The exact messaging & channels we use to fill our calendar with high-ticket prospects across 23 industries.
CLOSING: How we’ve mastered the “7-Hour” Rule to predictably close clients on the first call.
GROWTH: The #1 weird but effective growth hacks the top 1% of entrepreneurs use to scale incredibly fast and without any startup capital.

RAMPING: The NEW model of Firing, Hiring and Ramping new sales reps that has THEM paying YOU and closing within 7 days.

100% No Cost

Talk is cheap, numbers matter. I made a total of $5,500 in my first 8 months of business, 12 months later we had collected almost $1,000,000 in cash. In Step 3, I show you the one thing I changed that allowed me to do this.
Fox News featured me after disrupting the real estate industry with my advertising agency, Prospect Social. “Social Proof” is massive when doing lead generation and I cover the easiest ways you can gather some in Step 2.
We’ve interviewed over 1,600 virtual assistants for our clients and placed 700 of them successfully. In Step 4 of the video I walk you through the importance of virtual assistants, where to hire them, and how to onboard them effectively.

Over 500 Clients and Counting...

Across 25+ Industries

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