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Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to read ALL of these!

What Happens After I Sign The Proposal?

Well first off, congratulations! We are so grateful to have you as part of the SWS family!
First, you will receive access to the SWS course, I recommend going through it all immediately, taking notes, then watching it all again.
You’ll also get your VA Onboarding form, please complete that ASAP, it will give us a better idea of your business and the best virtual assistant to place in it. After completion of the onboarding form you will be invited to your VA interview which will either be a Tuesday or a Thursday depending on when you complete it. You will be invited within 48 hours of completing, please don’t ask when it will be, we will invite you.
After you submit the onboarding form you will be redirected to book your onboarding call with our team, this is where we get a better idea of what your needs are, how we can best help, and some quick recommendations for you to get the most out of our program. This is NOT the VA interview.
You will be also invited to the next SWS Coaching Call, this is every Tuesay at 12pm EST. Links and reminders will sent through email straight to your calendar and also in the Facebook Group. We send all calendar invites on Saturday before the call. You have lifetime access to coaching calls included in this package. If you message us asking for status it will not be quicker.
Please be patient and appreciate the process, this is going to be fun!

When Does My VA Start and How Do I Meet Them?

So happy you asked! VA Interviews are Tuesday through Friday. In order to find you the very best virtual assistant please allow up to 7 days for the interview to be scheduled. We will lead the interview, asking the questions, then we will open the floor for you to ask the VA questions, then the VA will be allowed to ask us questions. Most interviews are done in 5-10 minutes. Asking us when it is your turn to interview will not speed up the process.
Once you interview and accept your virtual assistant they will be introduced to you via email and an employee contract. Please sign and complete the contract as soon as possible. The virtual assistant will finish their training over the weekend and start with you the following Monday. We recommend getting your SOPs together, inviting them to the appropriate softwares using LastPass, adding them to your Asana and Slack, and meeting first thing Monday morning to get things rolling!

What Will My VA Be Trained On and What Should They Start On?

Set appointments and take appointments baby! No, but seriously, unless you are in the 1% who has all of their outreach totally down, then you need to have your virtual assistant do your lead generation now and forever. This will include, but not limited to, the training we’ve given them on scraping and sending emails, linkedin automation, facebook message sending, and instagram message sending. Trying to have them do all of that from day one could be a little overwhelming, we recommend starting with one channel and then slowly adding more (email in our opinion should be first).
They will also learn how to read and write standard operating procedures, we give you ours and we tell you what channels to focus on, but please feel free to create your own! It is even better that way, don’t rely on all of our information, try new things, experiment, and be patient!

My Virtual Assistant Is So Confused On Their First Day, What Gives?

Ah, I see. You’ve probably never had employees before. I will tell you this, it doesn’t matter if they are $120,000/year Harvard Graduates or $2.50/hour virtual assistants, everyone has a learning curve. Getting frustrated, upset, yelling, or messaging us complaining will not fix any of this. A lot of the times this is the first time they’re doing outreach of this kind and probably the first time you’re doing it as well, let’s try to grow together here. Some of the best virtual assistants we’ve placed and the most successful students we’ve worked with have had issues from the first day. As per usual, people see where I am at with my team and they want that from day one, what you don’t realize is I’ve worked with my team everyday for over a year now, answering their questions, giving them more power, and explaining how I like things. We recommend you do the same, don’t just hop virtual assistant to virtual assistant or you will never get there, talk to other people in the group and you’ll see everyone works with their virtual assistant to make it work, sooner rather than later they’ll be absolute pros!

No But Ravi, They’re Really Bad (Or They’re Lying)!

Okay, this may happen. We do our absolute best to prescreen, qualify, and train everyone that goes through our program, however unfortunately some people are deceptive or they just aren’t the right fit. Sometimes there is no way to know until they start working. If they lying to you, ignoring you, disrespecting you, or any other behavior you deem is inappropriate, please email and we will have your new virtual assistant in the next seven days. You will be invited to the next available interview. This has only happened one time in the history of our program, however we do want to be prepared.

My Virtual Assistant Says Their Internet Is Down?

This does happen, unfortunately not many countries are blessed with the infrastructure we have in the United States so sometimes bad storms or floods can take their internet out. This happens probably twice a month for us and usually last no more than a few hours. It is the cost of doing business (when you’re paying $2.50/hour) and there isn’t a whole lot to be done about it, you can buy them a backup generator if you would like.

Where Do I Send My Questions?

I do understand that you may have some questions and we are happy to help, here is the order of how you should be asking questions in our program:
First post in the group, if it is a legitimate question (and not you complaining) then someone will be sure to answer it within 24 hours! I would also search the group (there is a search bar) for others who may have asked a similar question.
Second, ask the question in the live Q&A call every Tuesday 12pm EST. This is exactly why we do the call and this will allow me to give the most full and comprehensive answer to your question!
Finally, you email, these will be answered within 3-4 days by one of our team members. Due to the high volume of messages we receive this will be the longest return time so I only recommend doing this as a last resort.
If you message me on Facebook, Instagram, call me, text me, email me, or use a carrier pigeon there is a chance I may never receive it. Please understand I am not ignoring you, but I have over 150 messages a day across all platforms, twice as many phone calls, and I can’t even explain to you how many emails I get. You have been warned.

Where Do I Complain? 

It’s very simple, you don’t! We have literally hundreds of people who have had insane success with this program, if something is going wrong there is a good chance you’re misunderstanding something. If you have an actual question, you can submit it above.
If you consistently complain or whine you will be removed from the Facebook Group immediately and without warning.

How Do I Refer Someone Into The Program?

We are so happy that you are enjoying this program enough to send someone you know through it as well! Not only that but we pay out $1,000 for every referral you send our way, not bad cheddah if you no what I mean.
Easiest way to send a referral through our program is to have them go through our funnel so they can be educated and excited (read: brainwashed). When they book a time it asks for who sent them, we see that on our end and will message you for your paypal link within 48 hours of them singing up! Then you get $1,000 to spend on whatever your heart desires. The link for that can be found here:
If you’re afraid they will be lost through the cracks (they won’t) or that they will not put your name down (they will) then you can always introduce us in a threeway chat through Facebook, Instagram, or email!
Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!
I hope it answers any questions you may have so that there is nothing slowing you down from your scaling!

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