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How to guarantee month-over-month growth (and what it has to do with rollercoasters).

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[00:01:15] I was a so it was a close one in Instagram. Well, come to my house. It wasn’t drugs. I tried to give you those attaches. Don’t leave. Are we ready? What’s going on, guys, everyone watching this live, the replay, whatever it is. Make sure you comment down below what you thought about this video in this video. I’m going to be showing you I get a question probably 10 to 15 times a day about how Ravi. I first of all, there Ravi. Can you just let me run a Ravi? Can you give me ten thousand dollars? I want to buy a dirt bike or I get Ravi. I want to start a business. I don’t know where to start. I want to be like you. I want to be like these other guys I see online. I want to be a business owner. I want to leave my nine to five. How do I do it? Most restraints I see from people are they don’t have enough time, quote unquote. They don’t have enough money, quote unquote. And they don’t have these skill sets, quote, unquote. And the reason I’m doing, quote unquote, is because all three of those can be solved very, very easily. And I’m going to show you how.

[00:01:15] So let’s jump right into it. Just give me a few minutes your time. Guys, this isn’t gonna be a crazy long video, but I think this actually might be very valuable for you. So how to make money online or wherever you want to do it. So for me, the first thing I always talk about is service based. Right. So you really want to start if you’re starting a company for the first time in my eyes, you want to start a service based company. A lot of people, when they try to start companies, they try to start like like traders trying to build clothing brands and e-commerce stores and all of that kind of stuff, or there’s actual physical products. The issue with that is it requires a lot of startup capital. So when I was starting my own journey, I was like the shiny object syndrome guy. And I was doing, you know, e-commerce job shipping on one side and I was doing an S.O.M.A agency on the other side. And the issue with that was I was splitting my time, my energy between both of them. But the bigger issue with that was that I was spending a lot of money on the e-commerce side trying to test products and test audiences and test funnels and whatever it was. I just bleeding money. And I’m so stressed out from I was bleeding money that I was affecting the S.O.M.A online advertising agency side.

[00:02:25] So what I learned very quickly was that if I started a service based company, I could do it without any capital, because the truth is, if you guys don’t have a lot of money, then you have a lot of time, OK? And a lot of people that say they don’t have a lot of time, it’s just because you’re not prioritizing your life correctly. If you’re a 9 to 5 and you say, I don’t have enough time sort of business, that’s because you’re 9 to 5 and then you’re drinking with your friends after you get off work and you’re getting high and you’re playing video games are doing a higher priority than than your business or maybe a spending time with your kids as well. I get that that could be a priority in your life, but you have to make a decision which one’s going be a higher priority, at least for a little bit, until you can remove yourself from the business. So that’s what we talk about, service based businesses. There’s no capital. And it just requires time. Right. And you probably have a lot of time if you’re sitting on Lindsey Graham live, watching me talk about this video where you watch it on Facebook or watch it on YouTube. You probably have a lot of time.

[00:03:21] Secondly, we talk about when you’re doing service based businesses. It is. Let’s see what it was write down here. Secondly, I do sell first. Right. So for me, when it comes to service based businesses, whenever we start agencies’ or or SEO companies or consulting or whatever it is, I always sell people before I’ve even actually created the product or the service or the funnel or whatever else it is that I’m giving to them in exchange for it. And the reason I do this is this. If you let’s say you choose service based business, but let’s say you want to do an in-person restaurant where you go to a gym or whatever it is. Well, now you spend six months to a year actually constructing the business or refurbishing of is rehabbing the business. You’ve got to put a ton of money into it. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you haven’t even sold one person into it yet. So that’s what happens to you, to a brick and mortar service based business. So that’s why I stay away from brick and mortar service businesses. And I said to online service based business, because you can be profitable from day one. Online on service based businesses. So don’t do brick and mortar do online. And then some of the online examples are advertising agencies as search engine optimization agencies, email marketing, copywriting consulting, personal trainers, coaches, stuff like that that are all online based. You can easily do all the service based businesses online with pretty much zero dollars down.

[00:04:48] And in the area you want to do is you want to sell first. So before you even build out your personal training course, before you even really learn how to do online advertising, before you even learn how to SEO or Web site design or e-mail marketing, what you want to do is actually sell the idea before you learn it, because the biggest issue I see with people is that they are now ones who have decided, alright Ravi I’m going to do a service based business. I’m going to do online digital marketing. Then you’re going to spend hundreds of hours like creating Web sites and creating logos and creating, you know, color schemes and then trying to learn how to run Facebook ads and learn how to create funnels and learn how to bring money to people, whatever it is. And the issue with that is twofold. Number one, you are doing the super comfortable stuff because you’re not going out there and putting yourself expose to business owners that you want to ask for business from. So you’re never going to grow. And the second biggest issue with it is by the time you’re done doing all that, you know, fake shit and not actually getting any work done, and you finally maybe find someone who you’re talking to, you can realize that either there’s no need for it in the marketplace or people just aren’t even interested in it. Or you hate the idea of service or product anyway. And so you can cut all of that B.S. by selling the idea to the people first. And I know in the comments below, by the way, to drop down below your guys questions, I was antrel them. But I know a lot of people minutes are going well, Ravi, like that’s bad practice or selling somebody into something or even know how to do it. Well, that’s why we live in an incredible world.

[00:06:16] Let’s say absolute worst case scenario. You sell online advertising to a dentist and he pays you two thousand dollars cash. Well, if you don’t know how to do it or you don’t feel comfortable knowing how to do it, you can go find what’s called a white label company. And I’ll write that down here. You can find a white label contract and company. I literally know hundreds of them. And what that means is that a white label company will do the work for you and they’ll make it seem like you’re doing the work right. So they’re white labelling your business name. So you convinced dentists to pay you $2000 to do an online advertising campaign for them and they give you $2000 shoes. It hits the. You tell the dentist, give you seven days, it’ll be ready. You go online, you type in dental campaign and white label or you post on Facebook. I need a dental, you know, dental campaign expert and then you get on the phone with them and you made two thousand dollars from the thing and you tell the guy, hey, I’ll pay you five hundred dollars to run this campaign. And he says, OK. And that means that you, my friends, have a net profit of fifteen hundred dollars for doing absolutely nothing but selling.

[00:07:25] So that’s one option you can do with white label or you can just figure out and learn how to do it. As soon as you sign the client on, you say, hey, the campaign’s going to start in seven days and then in seven days you learn how to do a dental ad or SEO or one side design or email marketing or any other service based online business you want to do. But the cool part about that is that you can learn it in seven days. I promise you. And you really learn by application. You don’t learn by YouTube videos and courses. So you’re gonna have to play with somebody. You’re you’re into the players somebody’s money at some point. And my pay is always better to play with OPM other people’s money than it is a pay play with my own money. Obviously, you want to get results. So service based business first. No capital. You just either invest a good bit of time and you want to make sure it’s an online service based business so that you don’t have a whole lot of startup costs, etc etc.. The number two sell first or sell the idea before you even start working on it and learning how to do it because you might hate it or people might not be interested. And then number three.

[00:08:23] This is my favorite saying in the world’s. Set appointments and take appointments. That’s what you want to do. Number three. Right. So once you’ve graded the business and its service base, you’ve no capital. And once you start selling and when you get your first client in it, what do you do at this point is just focus. Ninety five percent of your time on generating appointments for yourself to close other people inside of it, because one person is not going to float your whole company and they could leave for whatever whatever it is. Right. Their kid gets sick, they get a divorce or house goes under. You don’t perform your campaign for them. You’re white label company doesn’t perform the campaign for them, whatever it is. So then you just want to make sure that your funnel is always full. And this was actually why first six months of business, I did six thousand dollars total. It was because I was selling it. And then I would sell somebody inside of it and then I would stop lead generation. And so then I would be working on them and then they’d leave. And and I had to start all the way back over again. And the issue with that is you’re on what we call. A roller coaster, right, and that is a awesome represent visual representation of roller coaster. I’ll even put it like right here. Here’s some guys or gals like we’ll put a little hair on this one in the roller coaster. We. And here’s the card and here’s the wheels perfect’s. That’s them. So that’s you right after you sign a client and you don’t do lead. You’re going down on the roller coaster, which may seem like fun, but when that’s your money and that’s profit, if it’s not as much fun, maybe a roller coaster isn’t the best example of that. But yeah. So you understand what I’m talking about here, though.

[00:10:07] So you need to make sure as long as you continuously set and take appointments, then you can just continuously grow. Obviously, there’s going to be a regression to the mean here and it’ll be like that, but it’s a lot less than doing it, something like that. So continue continue setting appointments. How do you set appointments, Ravi? Send Facebook messages to everybody, you know, post on your Facebook page and Instagram messages. Everybody, you know, in that niche do cold email, do Linked-In cold calling, pick up the phone and write write down a list of 10 people that you know, that are business owners, that are friends, friends or whatever it is, and then call all 10 of them and say, hey, I learned how to do email marketing. I learned how to do copywriting, I learned how to do SEO. I’m a consultant now. Whatever it is, I love to work with you if you give me. Because they already know like and trust you rather than going straight to cold people and then get testimonials and leverage that for the new closings you have moving forward. But that is really how to make money online. Guys, it’s actually a I’ve been just to get like once you actually start setting appointment and taking appointments, you’re building your your company up. And the last thing you’re going to do to get kind of where we’re at right now, what we teach in our program. People call any number lower. People so watching this. OK, cool. Awesome. So make sure I’m not talking to nobody here. So the number for automated delegate eliminate, right? That’s the last step we teach people, because this stuff is just you. When you start a company, don’t you start hiring people right away.

[00:11:37] Don’t get a whole lot of, you know, upfront costs don’t do have a whole lot of overhead expenses, whatever it is, just like grinding, grinding, grind and get your work done and add value to the marketplace. And then when that happens, then we talk about automation, delegation elimination. Right. So you start automating some of your lead generation. Right. You start automating your proposals or onboarding process. You start delegating maybe to a virtual assistant lead generation. So they’re always setting appointments for you every single day. They’re doing through that 4000 BS of outreach for you, 40 hours a week, 120 hours a month. And then the rest of the whole years you have full time person that’s sole job and responsibility is to put appointments in your calendar. Then you can delegate the actual taking the appointment. Right. SALES teams now. Now you’re fully removed from the company and it’s generating your money while you scale and scale and scale and then eliminate. Right. So this can go in in any order you really wanted to. But eliminate could be like eliminating services that you don’t that that aren’t really profitable, eliminating niches that aren’t really working well for you, eliminating outreach methods like maybe Linkedln isn’t working for you. But is really working for you. So you do ten times on Linked-In and you cut the email, whatever else it is. But you can start eliminating loss from your life and then just rinse and repeat. This is literally how to make a business. And I’ve done this now seven times.

[00:12:56] I follow this exact same thing seven times now for all my companies and it’s really not that hard. And you once you get it down, like these first three steps can take, like, I don’t know, one week. Right. Once you actually know what you’re doing and then you’re just straight to the automation delegation elimination part because you’re just you skip. I already know. I know how to do services business. I already have a national personal brand whenever I launch a product or I know how to reach out to be blog and sell it to him for even I have a finish. And then to set appointments. Take appointments. I already have virtual assistants. I do five to ten thousand years of outreach for me every single day. And so first week we launch a business, our calendar before we have 60 70 appointments in our calendar. So it’s very, very easy to scale a company when you do it that way. But as this is all it is, guys have started messaging me and saying, Robby, how do I make money online or rugby? Can I have 5000 dollars? Just do these four things right here and you’re going to make your own money. So let’s do some Q&A. My have questions. I don’t know. I was so running. Yeah. All right. Here he was. Some questions, had some questions jotted down below. I love, love, love to answer some of these. Is it A, B, C? New word, meaning barefoot? It is a thing. Did you see my feet? Yeah. We did everything. You barefooted in in town of around. I work out barefoot in high frikkin’. I go run barefooted. Yeah. No, I feel one with the earth like this which we have as Michael says. Yay. What do they miss. Are they. Are they acting as me or someone on my team. Great question.

[00:14:31] So you can really do any of the above. They can nurture for you. I really like co-direct outreach first. That’s like the like. That’s like money today is doing cold messages versus nurturing. Long term is great, but that’s money down the road. I think you should do a combination of both. But if I had to split it up, I’d say 80 percent, quote, outreached 20 percent nurturing lead you currently have as far as what they’re like, who they’re coming from. They personally reach out from my profiles. But let’s say they’re reaching out for my Instagram profile and we’re having a lot of trash with Instagram. Well, then I can create 10 Instagram profiles that all like Varla, which also in my photos. And then I can just have them outreach from each one of those 10 Instagram profiles, all as me. And then if you want to, you can have them create like my sales guys, my coaches, everybody else has all my other companies. Part of their job description in the contract is they have to do direct outreach themselves from their account also. So you can’t work for my company unless you’re doing setting appointments. Take appointments if you don’t do this. Every person my company does is if you don’t do this, we don’t want you is out of our company. Congress, what does it mean? That is I think it needs the service desperate. So a man, you know, can I raise some of this? Is that cool? OK. Canadians, meanwhile, are also, according to the camera and posting it probably now this week, the next. So this is how a lot of money. This is the secret guys, right? This is actually how we choose niches. Choose niche. Biggest things we look for. Number one. Easy to find? No, too easy to fulfil. Number three. High ticket value number for cash. Close.

[00:16:36] This could be a whole other video. And I know my handwriting is awesome. So how do we choose this is really quickly gone, our number one. You want to find a niche that’s easy for you to find, right? That’s a lot easier for you to work with real estate agents, dentists, chiropractors or loan officers than it is to be like, oh, I help Fortune 100 CEOs, you know, become better life people. So it’s like you can type it online realtor, you document Facebook or Google anywhere, realtor and you can have millions of research results or you can take in Fortune 100 CEOs. And it’s very difficult to get on the call with them. So that’s why we don’t do a whole lot of big business corporations. I work with some large companies, but I don’t like to work with them because they’re not very easy to find or get into decision makers. No, too easy to fulfil. Right. So if someone’s a life coach, it’s very difficult to get them clients or results because you’re trying to sell somebody on the idea that a need a life coach versus if it’s like a dentist or a chiropractor, you don’t have to convince someone why they need to get their teeth whitened, usually to show them that your guy, your dentist, is the one they need to get her from the number three high ticket value. So like we like the reason why medical smores and Lasseter’s and stuff like that are really great companies because one client to them could be worth like four, five, six, seven, eight thousand dollars. And so it’s easier for you to charge two to three thousand dollars in order to run their campaigns to get to three clients. They have like a, you know, four to five times return on investment. So make sure that their product is a high tech value versus like you working with, you know, personal trainers who one kind of them is worth like, I don’t know, one hundred dollars and then for cash closed.

[00:18:12] So that’s one of the biggest issues with real estate and mortgage is that let’s say I give them a lead and they really had the appointment the same day I got the lead the first day of the campaign. It could be six months before they get a check in their bank account from that lead. And the issue with that is that I’m still charging them every single month and they get very nervous every single month. And so that’s why I’m real’s in a mortgage is not a fantastic niche to get into because it takes a very long time for them to get it versus, let’s say, a roofer who they go out there, they give him a quote, they say, yeah, let’s do it. And then they get paid that day for the quote and they run it forward. So there’s hundreds of niches you can choose from. I’ll take a photo of this and I would just look for them that fall into that category. Next question, what is the systems for? Great question. So I’ll have Maxwell drop-down a link below where you can learn a little bit more about it, but it’s like it’s just stuff like this. Right. We teach you how to scale companies. We teach you we give you our proposals. We give you our pitch tax. We give you actual niches that you can choose from. We give you a virtual assistant for $2, 50 cents an hour. That does Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, email outreach, three to four thousand messages a day. We show you a copywriting. What, like cold messaging template to use. We give you sales training. We show you how to do a TMZ BMB. We give you tracking sheets metrics. I show you some of the best books that I’ve ever read. Mindspace how I’ve created these companies, my workout routines. It’s probably the most comprehensive programs I’ve ever seen.

[00:19:39] Obviously, I’m a little biased, but when it comes to business and personal life and just excelling in all them, we give you all the tools, copy and paste for you. And then I give you a virtual assistant that executes it all for you for two dollars and fifty cents an hour. But yeah, I’ll have Max drop down the link below. You drop it. Just hit it again. And go do it. Yeah. Just click it down below. You can book a time with our team if it looks like it doesn’t make sense. We’d be happy to speak with you a little bit further about it. Great question though. I say we answer one last question. This one is actually mine to be less than twenty ninety and one must have twenty twenty media transitions. Yeah. So biggest lesson of twenty nineteen was what was the biggest lesson of twenty nineteen for me the biggest lesson in twenty nineteen was to stop forcing things.

[00:20:34] Right. So essentially this program that I do right now scaling with systems, my coaching program that I have like that’s the most passionate thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. And it shows you my students and it shows and the content I produce and it shows in the and the work that we do with our clients. And like my online advertising agency, which I still run, I love it. And we gave people results. But I’m not as passionate about it. And I was just like so gung ho, like, no, I need to say so focused on this and I can’t change or do shiny object syndrome. And finally, like, people were literally like banging down the door to work with me on scaling their company. And finally, I just started I was on my very close friends and they start getting immediate results.

[00:21:12] And it just started snowballing and snowballing and snowballing. And then I found it was like, what am I so afraid of? Like, why why would I not just start a new company, but something I’m incredibly passionate about? I’m twenty five years old. I’ve already figured out what I love to do and what I do the rest of my life. And so I just was like, frigate, let’s do it. I made it a full business and LLC. And now we’re we’re taking off or we’re on seven-figure run right now. So I absolutely love it. But the biggest lesson in 2019 was there’s no right answer and like, stop, stop trying to force and hold on to dear life. I mean, there’s a there’s a famous quote. And I’m not saying that of the stuff I’ve done in the past is a mistake by any means.

[00:21:45] I love online advertising. I love it. Don’t get me wrong. But there’s a mistake that’s got ah, there’s a saying that goes just because you spent a long time making a mistake doesn’t mean you should continue making it. So my mistake was thinking that I couldn’t do anything other than one thing. And I realized very quickly I created five businesses in like six months so I know I could do it. The next question was, what’s the one thing I do for twenty twenty? That’s awesome. I had a meeting last night purchase real estate investment property. So it’s legitimately going to happen. I’ll probably do in the next 60 day or I have to I guess just six days left. But like I have another meeting next Wednesday. But Jeff, a second year, my roommate, you guys probably know him. And I had dinner last night with a pretty big real estate investor and all across the nation. And we’re gonna buy a property by the end of the year. One hundred percent. You have my word on it. I’m super excited for that. But yeah, that’s the one thing that I wrote on my on my on my affirmations every single day was that I’m a real estate investor and I technically don’t have any properties yet. So now I’m going to buy a property physical, make me a real estate investor, and that’s going to snowball into a lot more properties.

[00:22:43] So I’m using that first little thing I should be how to make money to make a whole lot of cash. And I’m putting that cash into long term assets that then produce me cash. But I also have equity. So anyway, we’re wrap it up. Yeah, that’s it, guys. I hope you guys had some value out of this. Sumida IDM or Common down below. Any questions Common’s concerns you have on there? If you’re watching on YouTube, make sure you hit the like button and subscribe below comment there as well. Turn a little bell. But nah, I’m gonna be putting videos like this as much as possible. I’m not like of these other guys who just try to say super high level with a lot of stuff. I hate that. So a lot of videos want to do screen shares. I’m going to show you like as much as humanly possible. If you’re on Instagram, you don’t have me on YouTube. Go to my YouTube channel and it’s gonna be the link in my bio. If you’re on YouTube, you know, I’m in Instagram. Go to my Instagram and follow me, please. It’s gonna be the link in the bio. But anyway, you guys have been absolutely fantastic. Thank you guys for tuning in. And I’ll talk to you guys all very soon.

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