Marcus Chan

Before joining Scaling With Systems, Marcus Chan was already doing 30-50k per month but he wanted more. Marcus wanted to scale, reduce his costs, increase consistency and break 100k per month. Immediately after joining the program, Marcus put his nose to the grindstone and implemented everything from the coaching calls and training. This allowed Marcus to build his own market research framework and scalable outbound sales framework. This was the gas on the fire Marcus was looking for.

As a result of Marcus’s consistent and diligent action he achieved over $58k cash collected in his 3 weeks of the program, all before hiring his VA… What’s even more staggering is that Marcus goes on to generate over $500k in revenue in his first 7 weeks while maintaining an 86.7% profit margin and an astounding 100% showup rate. Finally, after 2 months, Marcus achieved his goal of $100k recurring with an 84.5% profit margin!

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