Don’t Care What ANYONE Thinks.

My greatest fear was…


 Almost none of this happened because I was so afraid what the people I knew on social media would think of me if I told everyone what I did.

I could hear them talking to each other:

“Wasn’t he supposed to be a lawyer?”

“Oh he thinks he can just be an entrepreneur?”

“I give it 3 months.”

So I didn’t want anyone to know I was starting my own business until after I was already “successful.”

The issue with that was I now realize you can’t be successful until everyone knows you’re starting a business.

Not enough people knowing what you’re doing is the only reason you’re not making more money.

When I posted for the first time some of my client’s success from working with me I thought fire was going to rain down on me.

 Hundreds of likes, scores of comments, and almost as many shares.

People started to reach out to me to try and connect them with people they knew who needed my help.

As usual, my greatest fear was never realized and it’s been a rocket ship journey ever since.

Key Takeaways:
TELL EVERYONE what you do.
Don’t care what ANYONE thinks.

Do you agree?

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[00:00:54] Greg AHTONE talks about the number one reason for not making more money is because of security. Not enough people know what you do and how you help people. And so I eventually invested in you and Andrew’s HBO special, a two hour special, which was probably still to this day, one of the most valuable piece of content I’ve got and get it. And as Mike, one of these guys talked about, was like a Facebook personal funnel. Right. Like letting people know what you’re doing, like putting testimonials on there. And I was like, fuck. And taking notes like nobody’s business. Writing out every name that you were on Google every single day. Facebook, all the names like see what they’re doing? And I’ll just copy and paste their captions over to my own and change around. And so the biggest ship for me was when I had one of my clients I’d gotten was just a referral from a friend. And it was a gym in Bluffton, South Carolina. And the app 30 days we had done, we generated like an extra eight or ten thousand dollars in revenue. And I guess in a town of like thirteen thousand people. So it was a big fucking deal.

[00:00:54] And she’s just like this bombshell, blonde, super sweet. And so it could have been a better first testimonial. She, like all dolled up, shot me a testimonial. And I was like, you know what, Ravi? Like, I’m so afraid of what I told myself. I wasn’t afraid of what other people thought. And I’m still not telling anybody what I’m doing. So I posted it on after I watch your special, I posted it on my Facebook. And essentially what happened was what I was so afraid of, people making fun of me, asking me why I’m not in law school, like ridiculing me and like telling me to go fuck off like my. My greatest fears were never realized. The opposite happened. We had like over 30 shares, probably at comments like a hundred and fifty likes, which, you know, that happens relatively regularly now. But back then, it was like, holy fuck. And so I got d.m.c from all of my friends, my fraternity, all my friends in college, like high school friends like, hey, can you do this for me to do this? My parents business. And I went from like one. Maybe three thousand dollars to the next month, we did twelve hours and it was just like for me, I was like. And that’s when I realized like the power of personal brand and the power of letting other people know what you’re doing, who you are, how you deliver results. And after that, it’s just obviously I mean, you know, the rest.

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