Lead Generation is Changing

Attract  GREATER Business With Lead Generation.

Lead generation is changing.
It isn’t what it used to be.

Whether that is good or bad I will leave you to decide.

Most people would say lead generation is becoming harder.

That you can’t send a direct mail campaign or cold call “like the good old days,” 
(I don’t know exactly when the good old days were but my mom and dad seem to reference before I was born, strange)
 back then you could trip and fall into money.


Now people say it’s more expensive and response rates are lower.
As usual, where most people see problems, I see opportunities.

Lead generation isn’t more difficult, it is that your buyer is smarter.

With the invention of the internet and social media, your buyers are now more aware than they’ve ever been.


The ability to type someone’s name on Google, Facebook or Instagram and see their reviews, personality and community has revolutionized the sales process.

Most people hate it, I love it.

We still do direct outreach every single day (well at least my team sends out 4,000-5,000 pieces of outreach daily for me), I’m just smart enough (or so I think) to couple it with branding.

That way we are still getting the outflow needed to create interest and then I’ve invested enough back into my own personal brand that when someone googles my name when they think “who the hell is this Ravi guy emailing me?”
Or they click on my Instagram profile from a direct message I am instantly seen as an authority.

Don’t wish it were easier, be smarter.

So what’s the lesson in this one? Couple branding + lead generation to “make it rain” (both in terms of value and money).
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[00:00:49] I think it’s happening more and more. But the upside, if you’re watching this video and you’re really worried right now is that 80 percent of the stuff I just told you guys about totally, completely free. It just requires a little bit of your time and energy, right. Talk to me what’s going on in Maxwell. What do you wanna hear about? What can I. How can I add value to your life today? I want to know about regeneration, how it’s changing, how regeneration is changing. Yeah, great question. So it’s actually kind of ironic, right? So and regeneration is a little bit of an ambiguous term. I hear a lot of times people thinking that like this is how lead generation is changing right now.

[00:00:52] Lead generation, like used to be super focused on direct outreach. And that’s something that we teach. And I totally believe in 100 percent, but something that I think that is going to start changing more and more as the market is getting more saturated, there’s more players in the game now and there’s more noise going around on with direct response and outreach. Cold e-mails, cold calling, Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In, whatever it is, is that you have to have more of a brand, a personal brand. You don’t have to be Coca-Cola. You know what they have, you know, tens of millions of dollars a month in an advertising budget. But you need to have a personal brand. When someone Googles your name, something needs a pop up. Write articles, podcasts, YouTube, which a lot of those p.s are free for you to get involved in or just Instagram and Facebook content posts that you’re putting out there.

[00:01:42] So I think for a very long time in the beginning of this online game, you could just be anybody and send out messages. And because no one really knew what was going on and it wasn’t a saturated. People would be like, yeah, sure, I’ll sign up with you. And unfortunately, a lot of people that didn’t know what they were doing got clients that way. And then they burned a lot of people. And so now people are very, very hesitant to sign on to new coaching programs, new online advertising agencies, work with real estate agents, whatever it is. If you’re a service based business, there are a lot more careful and cautious sign on with you because I’ve been burned before. So how do you combat that? Well, you can’t manage both on the front end by having an insane amount of content out there where you have organic outreach coming towards you. So you have inbound leads, people that are seeing your stuff on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and they’re reaching out to you saying, hey, on to learn more about your program and then the other on the back end of it where you’re actually reaching out to people direct response or three, we we literally yell yellow people to do that more every single day. Right. Outflow, egos and flow.

[00:02:43] So direct response immediately when someone sees a message from Ravi Abuvala, if it’s on Facebook, they’re clicking on my Facebook page and seeing on the content we put out there, Instagram. Exact same thing. If we’re doing it on email, there’s a good chance you’re going to Google my stuff. Whoever’s watching this Google my name right now and see what pops up, I’m sure Max might be able to put a little picture in picture and see if we have literally. I have a bunch of podcasts and and and articles that I’ve been featured in that happens with people Google my name. You know, it’s on Linked-In, same stuff. And YouTube, the exact same thing as well. So the way lead generation is changing and I think that’s just business in general is that people are doing more and more business with people that they know like and trust, which everyone’s been saying that for years. But I think it’s happening more and more. But the upside, if you’re watching this video and you’re really worried right now is that 80 percent of the stuff I just told you guys about totally, completely free. It just requires a little bit of your time and energy. Right. You guys just have to create content.

[00:03:37] I have Maxwell here, videoing me and flying around. And he pretty much lives with me now. But the truth of the matter is, you don’t need that to start. I didn’t have him when I started out. I just had literally just my phone and I shooting selling videos that way. So make sure you’re doing outreach and make sure you’re trying to have touch-points people every single day. But couple that with some incredible personal branding, some content and doing some outreach to YouTubers, podcasters and anybody else. I can put your name out there. And if you group those together, you’re going to have not only in an incredible response rates the message you send out there, but you’re also going to get some inbound leads, which are really, really easy, warm closes and scale your business a lot quicker.

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