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From Brand New Business to $85k per month in under 12 months


Kevin started a brand new business when he joined scaling with systems. This isn’t something everyone does, but if you have some experience, this can be the perfect storm. He received a fully trained VA from us that helped him bring in new leads and was able to close a $3000 deal with $9000 on the way. This stuff works!

Updated 11/18/21

Kevin is now cruising past $85k per month and well on his way to being a 7-figure business owner. Recently he hired a Remote Systems Integrator.

His Integrator, Geraldine has been a rockstar team member that can solve problems for Kevin before they even arise, and essentially run the day-to-day of his business while he grows it.

The Results

Updated Q4 2021 – Kevin’s sales rep has collected $40k in the past 15 days… Using the system we step by step walked his team through. Kevin can now do whatever he deem’s most necessary to grow his business. While his team can run the day to day.

The Process

Geraldine joined Kevin’s team a few months ago as an Integrator. She was trained by our team to immediately identify your business’s bottlenecks. Then implement rock solid systems to scale your business. The best part is, we fully vetted and trained her before Kevin even hired Geraldine. 

The Interview

In this video. Kevin and Ravi hopped on an interview call to see how he implemented Scaling with Systems and is crushing past $85k Per month.

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