How To Use Zapier
To Automate Your Business

Learn How To use the most useful automation tool out there for your business!

In today’s video I’m going to talk to you about my favorite automation software, Zapier.

If you’re looking for a guide or a tutorial to Zapier and understand what a “zap” is, you’re in the right place.

Zapier is essentially an “if this then that” format, meaning if something triggers, then action steps follow.

1. I break down exactly what Zapier is and what a “zap” is.
2. How to use Zapier as a beginner. 
3. Specific zaps that we are using inside Scaling With Systems.
4. How to use Zapier with ClickFunnels.
5. How to use Zapier with ActiveCampaign.
6. My full review of Zapier.
For example, let’s say you get a booked appointment and you want to warm up that appointment with testimonials from your clients.
You can set up a zap that does exactly that, without lifting a finger.
By the time you finish this video, you’ll understand the true power that Zapier has.
You will also be able to automate most of your personal and professional life. Enjoy my tutorial on how to use Zapier!


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Hey, guys, what’s going on? The reason why I was so weird, just about two seconds goes because I am incredibly excited to show you my favorite tool I’ve ever used when it comes to automating my company. Now I use a lot of different tools. I’ve spoken about a lot of different tools, but there’s one that really ties everything in together. And that’s why in the beginning I made the Lord of the Rings reference, which, by the way, if didn’t get that, that was Lord of the Rings reference. Yes. I don’t have any friends or a girlfriend, but it’s one tool, really, to rule them all. So if you have this one tool, it will allow you to connect so many different tools together. Well, either you remove yourself from your business, allow you to scale and allow you to do it effectively without human error. And what is that tool that I’m talking about? Well, of course, it’s ZAPIER (Z A P I E R) and they’re called zaps. And the essentially idea behind it is it’s an if this then that format.

So you got to think of it like this. If something happens, then something else happens. Or if something happens, then something else happens. Something else happens, something else happens, something else happens. So say a cascade effect. It’s like a trigger essentially that’s going on. And so that trigger action, that if thing can be one of a million different things that have to integrate with literally, thousands of different apps that you can use up, like Google Drive, Microsoft Word, G-mail calendars, anything you can imagine is the if and then the then is the exact same. Could be anything else as well. Google Drive, you know, Lee can be or G-mail account. It can be stuff like active campaign or email, automations, whatever it is. And these two kind of worked together so that you can have full automation running in your life. This is something that we teach every single skilling with systems member. And it’s something that’s totally transformed my life. Now, before I go any further, you might not know why and what’s going on. My name is Ravi Abuvala and I run where we help entrepreneurs grow and scale their company, totally removing themselves from the process, using automation, delegation and elimination.

So like I said, strap in, get some notes out because this is going to totally transform the way that you do business. Now, before we move any further, I know some people like really I don’t have repeatable process in my business where Ravi, there’s no way I can use this. I’m going to show you guys real life examples inside of this video of how we use it inside of our company. But also, I promise you, if you sit down with a pen and paper and write down a bunch of stuff that happens inside of your company, whether it’s when you sign a client. What else happens that needs to happen after that? Or maybe it’s when songbooks a time with you. What kind of information do you need to get over to them? There is a bunch of different stuff that you’re already doing inside of your company that follows the if this then that format that we can now automate so that nobody else has to do it again. And as usual, most the software that I show you guys is totally and completely free. ZAPIER is free up to a certain amount and then you have to pay a very little amount of monthly money just so you can have multiple zatz or multiple steps and zap. But you can use it for totally for free for the first use apps that you use.

And because I’m always giving free and valuable information and software on here, please be sure to hit the like button, hit the subscribe button on the below and turn on and post notifications. And let’s dove right in. So this is the website. I know it’s very weird. ZAPIER, I don’t know where the name comes from, but you know, they don’t pay me to know where the name comes from. So ZAPIER (Z A P I E R) is the name of the software itself. You can just go to If you go in right here, I’ll show you what it looks like on the if you’re on the home page site of Google, Facebook, you guys know how it works. Once again, it’s totally free. Just connect your apps and automate workflows. Okay. So let’s just dive right into my Zapier account here. And this is kind of what it looks like. They just don’t upgrade. It’s pretty clean. But let’s just dove right in here. These are what our called zaps. And you can see it’s just like a little arrow. If this happens, then something else happens. Right. And these are just you may recognize some of these icons feel like this is Facebook. So this is right for one of our clients. Once again, just so everyone knows, like this is my demo account that I’m showing you guys in here.

I have a business one that I’ll show you that has. A little over 360 zaps inside of it. So that’s for my companies. And we have over 360 of these individuals that go out. And each of those apps have five to 10 steps. So we’re very automated inside of our stuff. Unfortunately, I can’t show you guys do that. That’s for clients inside skilling systems. And for my own company. But I’m going to happily show you guys a few of the ideas that we do. So if you’re creating your first zap, it’s very easy. All you gotta do is come in here and click create zap. And then this is this. So when this happens is what you guys are thinking. So when this happens, then you want to do this.

Right. So there’s a bunch of things I’m sure come into your mind. But let’s just say, for example, let’s say you run some kind of service based business. And let’s say that when someone books an appointment with you, well, you want them to be warmed up a little before you get on the call with them. And that’s one of the best zaps that we’ve used inside of our company is whenever someone looks at one with them, send them over some homework and send them over some testimonials. So by the time they get on the call with us, they’re ready to rock and roll. So I would use whatever your your calendar management software we use on the call cowardly. So you choose the ad, you choose what exactly in psychology you want to happens, let’s say invitee created. Then you click continue. We’re going to click my Kalani account right here and click continue as well. And then it always wants you to kind of test and pull some data so, you know, later on what kind of data you’re working with. So we’ll just click test and review. It’s going to pull one of the things that we have in here. OK. Perfect. And then if we scored on one click, done editing.

OK. Now it says that, hey, when you get an invitee created. So when someone puts a time in your calendar, what do you want to happen? So now let’s decide what we want to happen. So I’m going to come down here and I use a customer relationship management tool, CRM called Active Campaign. We use it really a lot of automation. That’s what we teach inside of Skillings systems. And I would probably want to create or update the contacts. And then I would choose my active campaign account and then I would come here to the listview and I would choose. I know we have a booked call. So we have, you know, obviously a bunch of different books call automations here and list, but I would say a v._a book to list. And I’m not going to go into an active campaign at Aureole here because obviously this is an active campaign video.

If you guys want that comma Double-O but I certainly have a list called v._a both that when someone books to maybe get a virtual assistant, a fully trained virtual system with us, then that triggers an email sequence that we give them down below. We actually give our client this ice-skating which systems the exact e-mail sequence, but it’s a 20 e-mail emos or Glynn’s that literally gives them value. It shows them testimonials from some social proof. It shows them, you know, me speaking on stage that whenever they book a time with us, they’re getting warmed up. So much to the point that whenever they actually do speak with myself or my team members, they pretty much don’t have any questions on what the product is. The only question is, is it a good fit for that? Right. So that’s why we add them into this list, be a boat. And then if you come here, I’m going to probably the blur this out here to respect somebodies privacy. But you can choose and pull pieces of data from other steps above it. So whenever you’re setting what you want to use, you can pull pieces of, you know, your name, information, questions, answers, whatever it is from steps above it.

So right here to ask for the e-mail address. So you know who will send the e-mail to you? And I can just pull that right from the calendar event, write the first name. I can once again pull that right from the calendar event. And it’s most likely going to have a full name, not a first name mere. And then it says. And that’s actually in a full name, so let’s go down to full name. Put full name there. I don’t think that this person actually gave her. Here’s the first and last name. So this actual example, this person didn’t give their first and last name, but that’s actually where you could put your first and last name. You know, I don’t know why this person didn’t do it, but, you know, for the sake of this video, let’s just type a name here. And then we’ll just say this is technically the name of one of my reps, but words put his name in there instead, imagine that’s the full name of the client. If you ask for their phone number, you can put their phone number in here as well, which is going to be right here. And then any tags you want to add any other additional bits of information. But what is going to continue? You can click tests and review. So I’m not going to test it because it’s a fake name. I know that.

And then then we’re done. So now what happens is whenever someone books a time in our calendar, they’re automatically put into an an active campaign, which in automation tool drip sequence, which puts that which warms them up, shows them social proof. So some authority shows me speaking onstage and gets them ready for the call. So that time my team member, one of my coaches gets on the call. They just have to answer questions. And it’s not like a hard sales closed, not a hard sales pitch. We’re just trying to see if the right fit or not. That’s why one of my favorite zaps that we use. And then you can add another little zap a little bit as well. So another tool that we use is something called Sligh broadcast. It’s a voice mail drop.

Software that automatically calls a number and just leaves a voicemail. Doesn’t actually call them, but it makes it looks like a call them. And so we can start a campaign using an audio file and it makes me slide in right here. But then I can actually have it. So that academic ad time with us. Then we put them in an email sequence and then we send them a voice. Snowdrop and it’s me speaking. And it go say it was caught on his rugby ball. Your saw you just put the time with my team. I’m super excited for us to talk. I sent you an e-mail with a little more information on it. You can get warmed up for the call. And I’m going to send you a few more e-mails over the next seven days that gets you totally ready, answered all the questions that you have and shows you something incredible. People that we’ve taken from zero to one hundred and two hundred thousand dollars a month inside of scaling systems. Those are all true stories. They get to see video, testimonials, screenshots, all that kind of stuff, and they’re warmed up for the call and all that’s totally automated. So every time someone puts a time to speak with us, it’s like I have somebody going in there and a hand writing these campaigns for them, sending them email. And I just like I have. I’m pick up the phone and calling them and warming them up and doing a little voice touchpoint for them. But the best part of the role is that I’m not doing anything. It’s all automated, guys. So that’s the beauty of Zapier.

Then you can just go up your name, this zap. So I would just say something like books call this our name mind. And I would say, you know, books, email drib. And then I would say something like, you know, voice mail drop. Right. And then I’ll delete this because never let me turn this on about, delete it. And then I turn it on. Bada bing, Viterbo. Now it’s rocking and rolling and I have to worry about anything else, I’m a turn off because obviously I don’t want people to be put in here. But you guys are gonna get the idea. Another idea that I know a lot of people use a lot of our clients use as well is like Facebook leads. So you can make it so that whenever you get a Facebook or a new lead from your Facebook page. That my accounts expire because this is my right now. But whatever you’re going to lead and decide your Facebook page, that then that lead gets an email from you. The but an email drib, they get a voicemail dropped from you, they get a text message from you. Maybe if you’re running this is a service reclines, then you send this information over to your client. All automatically, all without you having to lift a finger. So you just build it one time and you don’t have to worry about it again.

OK. Another I’m trying to give a few other ones that we really love to use as well. Let’s see it here. Another really great one that I personally use inside of my company is that whenever we get an email. Come again. And it matches the specific search term. Then we do something else. So what I like to do is. And you can see they give you examples right here. I like a subject cloud or would you say recording? Right. And what that is, is I’m saying, hey, whenever I get an email to my email, I just read the article dot com and it has a subject line recording. I want you to do this next step. So let’s continue. We’ll play tests and review. There has to be some evil inside of here. OK, cool. So they have they pulled the EMA for me. I could’ve done anything. And the reason I do this is because I. Inside of scaling with systems, we do coaching calls. And whenever I’m done with the coaching call, I want to send that to my virtual assistant so she can upload it into work a the course module so everyone can watch that coaching going. I want to do anything. So it’s a combination of both automation and delegation.

But once again, all I do is hop on the coach you call, click the record button, I hop off of it and this automatically all happens with my team and automation, the background. So then I want, you know, let’s just say slap, right? Then I want my team member to get notified in slack. So and when I get a new email with the subject lines recording, then I want to send a channel message. Of course. And maybe some of the slack here, so let’s actually do this inside. But I do want to finish this for you guys here. Thanks for your patience, guys. Make his app. New e-mail imagine.. search. Because you get value out of this, please, please, please like and subscribe down below. I sometimes feel awkward when I’m doing these videos. I don’t know if you guys actually like them or not. So make sure you please like the comment down below. So I know that you guys are getting value out of this. Some of the technical walkthroughs are as interesting to you, but to subject we said was recording their work about a. Click continue and then we’ll test and review. Make sure we can pull something. We should pull something perfect. There it is. So totally done editing. Then when you come here, running it down the slack. Choose the events, said Chat message.

Plus the account slack and you just sign on your side account here. Then you choose the channel. I already have a recording channel resume recording because I already do this like you get, which I’m showing us what we do. And then you can say something like, Hey, M.J., which the name my virtual assistant. Here is a new recording from the coaching call. Please upload into the KAJABI A.S.A.P.. And then out comes show options. And then inside of here it says, I love you of all your. Reporting is now available. And then it’s going to go. I could put the actual body inside of it. And you could put the female body in it as well. And essentially what it would say. Under here, as you say, as a bot. You know, the bot name on that stuff is really matter. And then you click to. Then you would essentially test and review. And then, boom. You see this right here. It’s now showing, hey, click here for votes only. You can click here to view the recording if I want to buy a zoom recording channel here. The guy actually turned it off and all the people get notified by it shows, hey, here’s the here’s a link to the recording inside of your inside of the actual recording itself.

So now my assistant gets an email. Whatever. Zoom sends me the link to the recording of the coaching call I just did. So the chicken uploaded it, took a job and I don’t have to do anything. So that’s just one example of literally 2 million examples of things that you can do inside of a KAJABI or inside of a Zapier. Excuse me. Because what some like some ideas or some motivation or something like that. You can actually go down to explore and then you can start typing in apps and it will show you like it already. Auto populate like 50 naturally. Add new lead information on Google Sheets and e.g. move more legwork. Save a new GM all attachments to Google Drive write send e-mails via email when Google sheets are uploaded, send you messages when contacts try to click fondles. Right so you can see popular is apps for each of these software. So one of the things you could do is come in here.

I don’t know why they auto populate all of these things. It’s so annoying. I’m so sorry, guys. Of course I can show you. You can really type in a hey. I don’t know what kind of sites I want to run where you just come in here and type in and maybe you use Townley. Right. And then maybe you also use Google, G-mail. So then you can click these two together and then it’s going to show you get a schedule and get a scheduled digest of new calendar events for your email. So it’s like, hey, hey, Ravi, this is Ravi email. You let you know that, hey, here’s James. Here’s all this information. You will call them later on. And then you can have, you know, a bunch of different others apps. These are called zaps here, zatz ideas. And you can just click on it. It’s automatically going to pull that out for you as well. Right. So I dare you. I think they said they have over was a number that they had in your life, like literally millions and millions. That’s obviously exaggeration, but. Thousands of apps inside of here that you can choose from 2000 apps. So millions to thousands. What’s the difference? Yeah. You guys any idea right here? He’s going to explore Page.

You’ve got to get an idea inside as far as which exact is zap you want to run or what the tools that you have, what software that you have that can be combined together inside of Zapier. So Zap, here’s a tool that we’ve used to totally transform the way that we do business and the way that our clients do business. Because you could always automate before you get to somebody else. So check and see if you or someone in your company is doing something mundane, repetitive over and over and over again and put it into a zap so you can free of their time and also remove the human error that happens whenever somebody run something by themselves. Awesome guy. So there you go. That is a full breakdown of Zapier and how we use inside of our company as Wolston specific Zpier examples that you can use inside of your company or remove yourself from the process. Now you know actually how to run Zpier. But you heard me use words like automation, delegation elimination. How do you know which one you’re supposed to do for what task and how do you eliminate and where do you find fully trained virtual assistants? Well, I created a free course for you. That’s right. An entire free course where you can go through and understand a lot more. Automation, delegation and elimination is called resets the scale, the link to it’s going to be down in the comments. And we walk you through which orders for us to do for those exact same things. What you should be eliminating before you automate, what you should be automating before you delegate. And when you’re delegating where to find employees, what to give them tasks, knew how to create standard operating procedures, et cetera, et cetera.

So could you link down in the description below and get access to that A.S.A.P? Finally, once again, guys, like I said earlier on the video, I always don’t know, like, do you guys like more if I’m looking at the camera and just walking you through high level stuff? You guys like when I’m doing technical breakdowns of softwares and apps that we use inside of our company. Please, please, please do me a favor and common down below. If you enjoyed this video, makes you like it and subscribe to the channels that I know that these kind of videos are the things that you like. And then give me an idea on the commerce. I’m little. What are some tasks that you’re running inside your company that you want to be automated that maybe you don’t know of? Can that can be used as ZAPs? That’s probably my favorite tool. And I love helping people out. So dropdowns, what kind of questions I blow about the apps that you’re using or Tassal you’re doing and you want to know if they can be automated. And I’ll personally come in there and answer those questions for you. Thank you guys so much for watching the channel. I appreciate all of your time as usual. And I’ll see you in the comments.

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