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What’s going on, guys? Ravi Abuvala, Ravi money Abuvala? as I am more of actually known, people think that I bought this for myself, although I do love myself as I think you should love yourself. I was actually given to that by a client after they made us a lot of money from working with me. Shocker. Anyway, if you watch this video right now, then you have just gotten into the scaling with systems, three steps to scaling. This is of course, the model I put together because there’s a lot of people that are asking me that don’t necessarily want to be, you know, are maybe ready for the full program or not. Exactly. Even know where to start or just want some more information out there. And a lot of in my experience, there’s not there’s not really a location where they’re just like, they do this. Then do this. And you can have a scalable company. And that’s exactly what I can do this course. Right. You can get a bunch of stuff online and for free. And and this will be depending on when you’re watching this for free as well. But it’s all like starting all over the place. So my goal for this is to literally have you go to these modules here and be able to know exactly how to scale, when to scale, where to find the best employees, to scale automation tools, elimination, want to eliminate the exact automation tools we used to automate, etc., etc. I mean, I give you guys real examples isn’t like a high level natural bias or I’m just like talking on that. I’m really showing screen chairs and walking. You drew slide decks and doing videos like this so I can join you guys.

So anyway, super excited to have you guys inside of here. That being said, number one, if you know anything about me, I’m Ravi Abuvala I dropped out law school little over 2 and a half years, go build a seven figure advertising agency and then build a seven figure business accelerator called scaling or systems view other companies like a real estate brokerage, IDM company. But those are the two big bangers. And I essentially teach other entrepreneurs, possibly just like you, how to remove themselves from the business and scale it up to six figures a year, then six figures a month and in seven figures a month as well. We’ve done that for a little to hundreds of different people. We have over 83 people doing six figures a year. And at the time watching this, we also have six or seven people doing seven figures. I honestly forget the number of it on my head, but it’s pretty exciting stuff, to be honest with you. And I have followed the proven process over and over and over and over again for all my companies. And that’s how we’re able to scale that quickly. And then I just give it low copy and paste to my clients, clients just like this person right here. And even this person right here. And you this person right here. And also this person here.

And if I look at my Jesperson year and also this person here and maybe this person here, this person here, this person here and this person here and this person here and this person here and this person here and here and also this person here and also this person here. My video editor will probably have a good time fixing that up for you guys anyway. Yeah, I had hundreds of people come to the program, have a lot of success. Little excerpts from this course in right now are from my full program. So if you’re interested, we’re a little bit more about what we offer, you know, what’s included inside eBay or if you’re eligible to actually apply for it. There’s a button administration video I ask you use book a time, even you just slightly considering. And that’s people doing of our scaling specialists. Just so you have an idea of what to expect. That being said, that’s not what this course about. This course is to get you ready to scale. I did a masterclass just like this for a match online than I was in. And people implemented just this same stuff that’s in the scores in their company for free. And Italy saw results within 24 hours. So that’s what I want for you. I guess I’ll see you inside.

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