How to make more money using neck pillows

Yes, you read that correctly…

Hey, this is how to make more money today using neck pillows.

That’s right, you read that correctly.

The best business people have some sort of value ladder.

They get people into their company looking for one thing, they deliver on that one thing, and then they offer them something else that is now a problem because the first thing is working so well…

“Ravi what the hell are you talking about?”

Let’s say you offer lead generation services for chiropractors.

Well if you’re good at what you do (which seems to be getting rarer and rarer) then very soon they will have a lot of people looking to do business with that chiropractor.

So what does someone do when they are looking to do business w/ someone?

They Google them and see their reviews.


Your client is like 95% of other businesses that don’t spend time systematically gathering reviews.

So two months into the service for $500 additional dollars a month you offer a Google Reviews campaign where you can blow up your client’s Google Business account w/5-star reviews.

*Don’t tell me it’s against the review policy I know, my mom also tells me not to swim less than 30 minutes after eating and I’m a big fan of eating pizza while IN THE POOL*

So they bite, then you ask them what they have to give away for the review campaign, they say “we have all these sample neck pillows” and you go “GREAT!”

Create an ad, send an email and text blast, and flood your client’s inbox with 5-star reviews.

They now have more reviews, so they will close more deals from your leads googling them, so they will keep you longer (and continue to pay you the $500/month).

It’s a win-win.

You don’t always have to bring in new business, sometimes the easiest close is already paying you money!

What are your thoughts? 👇

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