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How To Generate Leads On LinkedIn | LinkedIn Lead Generation Tutorial

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools online for finding and engaging with your business to business prospects.

Over 75% of LinkedIn users make buying decisions for their companies.

That means that a successful LinkedIn lead generation campaign can be very profitable if you know how to set it up correctly.

The issue is, most people have no idea what a successful LinkedIn lead generation campaign looks like.

They focus on the wrong things, such as the messaging, when they are targeting the wrong people in the first place.

These are the four things you must have in place before you even start your LinekdIn lead generation campaign:

  1. Product-Market-Fit – most business owners fail to realize the reason nobody is responding back to their messages has nothing to do with how good their messaging is, but rather that nobody wants what they are selling. It’s a hard pill to swollow, but very true, in this video I’ll show you how to confirm you have product-market fit before launching your campaign.
  2. Become The Authority – too many times I see great businesses owners fail to generate leads simply because they do not have the right content or profile optimization. You need to figure out exactly what your target market is searching for online and then answer their questions in sales letters that are disguised as editorials.
  3. Targeting – this has more of an effect on the success of your LinkedIn lead generation campaign than anything else. I’ll show you how I used to have no success with my lead generation camapgaigns and what one thing I tweaked in my targeting to get my prospects begging to buy my services.
  4. Connection Message – are people even seeing your messaging in the first place? Too often business owners are concerned with what their messaging is when simply aren’t reading it because they have accepted your conection message. I’ll show you our best connection message to date that getse a 50%+ connection rate and allows us to pitch our prospects.

Finally I’ll cover what we’ve been doing to get around the recent LinekdIn algorithm update that limits your connection messaging from 100 / day to 100 / week.

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