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In the video above I’m going to show you the best lead magnet ideas as well as how you can generate leads, emails, and customers passively from lead magnets.

Lead magnets are a great way to grow your email list, get your most email subscribers, and generate you more leads.

There are big differences between great lead magnets and lead magnets that fail to get any leads. In this video I’m giving you specific examples of lead magnets we’ve personally used inside of Scaling With Systems to generate thousands of emails of our target audience.

What am I talking about here?

What is something that can take someone who has never heard of you, get them to give you their information, then ask you if they can give you money, all within a short time span? Well it’s a lead magnet and they have literally made me millions.

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What’s went on, everyone? I’m Ravi Abuvala founders of And in this video, I’m going to show you exactly what that one thing is that you don’t have to do. Well, you do technically have to do it once, but if you do that one time, then you never have to do it again. And that one thing makes a lot of money. Or as we call it, in the business of mice, makes you a lotta cheddar. So I know I probably lost a lot of you already, but I want to ask you, what is it that I’m talking about right now? Right. What can take somebody from a total stranger who’s never heard of you, have a stranger give you their contact information and then that stranger voluntarily goes through your information, consumes your content, gets to know you a little bit better, trust you a little bit more, sees you as the authority and then ends up taking out their wallet and paying you money without you lifting a single finger. Well, it’s called a lead magnet. You silly Billy. And those little things have literally made me millions of dollars. Now, what are they? What is Lead Magnet? Well, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it is a magnet for leads. Now, there are a hundred different ideas of lead magnets that you could use. There’s books, there’s p.d.’s, there’s e-books. But in this video, I’m going to focus on just two that I personally use and what I think is the best lead magnets for you to use. I’m going to tell you exactly why. Now, before I go any further, I want to get something crystal clear here with you. OK.

Now, a lead magnet is an incredible way for you to grow your e-mail list of people you’re marketing to on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, which is probably one of the best things that you can do for your company. Ask any serious entrepreneur. And the second thing that is incredible for you is that you can build trust with your end user, with the consumer, with the lead, with the stranger, which is probably the second most important thing that you can do in business, however. Don’t overthink it. There are a lot of studies out there that show that actually only two out of ten people, when they opt in for a lead magnet, consume all the content that that lead magnet gets. And unfortunately, what I see a lot of times is people thinking, oh, Robbie, I don’t know how to create an e-book. I don’t want to create a cause. I want to create a PDA. And they spend so much time and energy laying their brain, run them through circles that they never actually create anything. And so they never put it out to the audience when in reality, the main reason why people opt in and give you the contact information for lead magnet, become a lead ins on your company is for one thing and one thing alone and that is the header. So don’t fret over it and spend hundreds of dollars or hundreds of hours trying to make the perfect end lead magnet. Spend a little bit time understanding what your target market once what their pain points are. Look up other people’s lead.

Man, it’s going to give you some examples in this video. Create an awesome headline and then slap it in the back end and you’re good to go. So the first and probably most effective lead magnet that I recommend almost every business owner to use inside of their business to generate leads passively and convert them into customers is a video training. Now once again, don’t freak out. I know a lot of people don’t like to be on video, but I have to tell you guys, this is a great way to build rapport with your audience, just like I’m doing with you here. It doesn’t have to be super fancy. You don’t need professional lighting, incredibly expensive camera. All you just need is your iPhone, a smile and a little bit of information. The video training should just be something that you’re an expert on or at least you know, a little bit more than somebody else on your target market on. And you can give them peace of information is a really valuable piece of information out there. At the same time, you can build authority by showing, you know, pictures of you speaking on stage or showing you teaching other people it as well. On top of that, you can trickle in. Well, we like to call social groups.

So testimonials, case studies, results that you’ve gotten other people just like them inside that free training. So it’s establishing who is an authority. They’re learning something, SLAs building trust with you. And they’re seeing testimonials of other people who’ve done the exact same thing for keep the video anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes long, depending on what you’re industry and how much information you’re that teaches. And just slap it up on your Web site and put a little opt in page right before it. So people just have to give you their e-mail. That’s become a lead for the lead magnets and then they can opt in to watch the free training and then app the free training. You can invite them to book a call of their team to buy your product or whatever else it is that you want them to do once they’ve understood who you are, what you do and what you offer. Now, for example, you can go to rub the Abu dot com. I’ll link it down below and you can see it often page where you’ll see something along the lines of depending on when you’re watching this video. Want to see how I build two companies to seven figures and under two years. And that’s an interesting headline that makes me want to click on it. That page right there has about a 60 percent opt-in rate. That means that more than half of the people that land on that page give me their contact information and then watch their free training on the next page. So we feel free to click that link down below. Opt in. Wink, wink. Now I got some information. See what I did there. It’s a lead. Onto to the next page. I’ll get your information, but you can check out exactly how I’ve structure an incredibly high converting VSL that’s made our company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When you actually get to the video training itself, you’ll literally see me walk to exactement. I’m telling you here I give valuable lessons. I teach everyone how I actually do. Those stats I show screen shares, I build trust by showing how a job in the law school I took care of my dad during his cancer treatments and also during the whole thing, I’m really showing testimonials of like people like to call Foxworth, who was had a foreclosure sign on his door within 90 days. He’s doing $22000 a month. Just Novell’s B, who went from running an advertising in his room, $8000 a month to $75000 a month within six months. And there’s plenty of other stories just like that. And a little trickle those inside of the video so that I’m essentially soft selling my end user, my customer, my lead on the call or on the video before they even boogied. Thomas, speak with our team. I once again set this up one time. It’s about me. It took me like a few days. I said the entire thing. I’ll make a whole train and get all that testimonials and case studies together. Send me one time to set it up and then I pretty much have a 24/7/365 salesperson that’s warming up all these leaves before they get on the phone with myself or of my coaches to get them into one of our programs to see if we can help them. So don’t make it difficult to create a quick little training. Could be 15 to 20 minutes all throw it on a Web site like Click Fondles or any one of these other Web video hosting Web sites. Have an opt in page right before that with a great headline. And just like that, you are generating opt ins leads and potentially sales for your company overnight.

Now, the second lead magnet that I recommend for you in order to start generating leads in sales passively for your company is an on line course. That’s right. I said it an online course that you give away for free. Now I know what you’re thinking already. You might go running. Why everybody charges their courses. Why should I give mine away for free? Well, that’s exactly why you should give away your course for free. This is especially true if you sell some kind of coaching or consulting program because this gives your end user the lead and opportunity for them to start consuming your content in the exact same format that you’re going to deliver it. Once they become a customer in a client of yours, it’s also a great way to showcase some real long form content. Show a little bit about your personality, what it’s like working with you and things that were probably too long or too confusing. You just have one training video on a web site. Honestly, the last module inside the course could be something that sells them into the full program, right? You could have one module, the end of the course that said next steps. And this is the video. You said, hey, if you liked all this free content, if you want to work with me a little bit further, click the button below and Bogota’s to see with myself or one of my team members. So not only are they getting the lead magnet up front when they give you their email information, but while they’re consuming the course, they’re being resold and resold and resold on your program until the very end.

The last model they watch is you once again asking them finally to book a time to speak with your team. Now, once again, I’m gonna show you guys another example of what we use inside of our company. I have a free course. Call the three steps to scale. It goes over the exact steps that almost anybody needs to do, the exact methodology that anybody needs to follow in order to scale their company up and fully remove themselves, to fire themselves in that company so it can grow without them. Of course, is going to be a little bit more work than a video training of me, a little more work than a PDAF or an e-book. But it’s going to have so much more impact and it’s going to be so much more wanted by your end user that it’s going to be worth it. I guarantee you, if you want to check out what a free course would look like or what a free follow would look like, I’m also going to drop that down below. A link to the free course. You can see the description below where you can get access to that totally for free. You can go through my course and then even made boogied time with our team members of you and learn a little more about it. You know what I mean?

So there you have it. Two incredibly effective lead magnet ideas with examples of how we use it and our company to actively and passively generate thousands of leads every single month for my companies. Feel free to check either of them out if you have any other questions, comms concerns or maybe about your industry and what is a good idea for lead manner or what software is we use for these differently magnets? Please be sure to common down below. I go down and answer each of those comments individually and I’d love to get, you know, you a little bit more if you like this video. You find these kinds of videos valuable. Do me a favour and give it a thumbs up. And also be sure to click this scribe button and turn on the bell notifications so you’ll be notified next time. I’m just kidding. Thank you so much, guys.

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