How To Earn More RESPECT

They Won’t Expect It, But Once You Do This One Change – They Will Respect You So Much More.

Saving money will ruin your life.
Trying to haggle or barter with friends, family, or people you’re close with is toxic.

How does it make sense?

You’ll happily pay a 6,000X markup on a pair of headphones because they have a certain brand name you like, but you want free meals at your friends restaurant?

Who do you think needs it more?

Which one of those two companies would receive a larger impact from your contribution?

Not only that, I just feel better when I ask to pay full price at my brother’s restaurant or my friend’s business.

I know everyone else is asking for handouts so when I ask him for the bill or invoice I know there is a free dessert or value add coming my way.

Or maybe they’ll even give me a discount because I didn’t ask for one.

You can’t control everything, but you can have a HUGE impact on those closest to you.

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[00:00:20] What’s going on, guys, out here in El Segundo since the Venice Beach, California, out of masterminding this video right now, though, you’re about to watch. I’m going to show you why paying full price is actually the best thing you can do and how it’s going to leverage you to make more money later and have respect for those around you. So check it out. I thought you guys soon.

[00:00:23] What’s going on, guys, headed back from the gym right now, stop what you’re doing, I want to talk to you guys about your friends and your family buying stuff from them. OK. It’s pretty insane to me and I actually fell victim to this when I first when I before I actually got into business myself. And I realize the effect that I can have. So think about this for a second, OK? When you go to BestBuy, when you go to Apple and you buy Dre-Beats or a MacBook-book, you pay absolutely full price. And the markup on those things is, I don’t know, 400, 500, 600 percent on what it costs Apple to create that product. You don’t flinch. Pull out the credit card. Pay four thousand five thousand dollars down for a laptop to support Apple to more people there. That good chance. You don’t know anybody that’s actually profiting from that.

[00:01:07] You might know some people. I work at Apple, but not in the way that I’m talking about right. Now he difference is I was doing this. I’m not like trying to be above you guys. I’m telling you, this is where I was in this, the shift in the mindset that I had. Now, when I became a business owner, everything changed for me because, like, my brother owns a restaurant back home. Right. He owns a gorgeous little private chef’s table. And now he owns a second restaurant called non-book route 30A in non-book know the second restaurant noodle bar and року Bar. When I was not in business for myself, I used to expect every single time I went there and I took my friends there free food. I expect you to free dinner. And I expected free meals and free drinks and free service, everything I did. I’m not that I’m, you know, a you know what? But it’s just like, you know, it’s a family business. And so I every other one of my family members expecting the exact same thing, except for the ironic part of it, is now that I’m in business, I realize that those are the people we need to support the most.

[00:02:02] OK. Those are the people that we need to say, hey, let me pay full price and maybe even a little bit on top of it as well. OK. Because the issue is that those are the people that have smaller profit margins and they’re not doing as much business as Apple. And you can have a bigger impact on their lives if you do it yourself. OK, so now as soon as I got in business and I realized that I told my brother, I said, from now on, I want to pay full price. Every single meal, every person I bring in there is full price. I’ll pay for my dad. I pay for my mom. And I paid for myself, my sister, whatever it is. But we pay full price. There’s no discounts on anything. And not only does my brother love me and respect me more, not only am I supporting him, but now I feel better about when I go out there to eat. I don’t just feel like a freeloader. Like I feel like, hey, I’m contributing my brother’s business.

[00:02:47] So when you guys are sitting there and you’re out asking this guy, you know, that’s a videographer to take a video of you and a photo of you, or you’re asking your family or friends to give you a discount on your on the restaurant or you’re asking someone that, you know, to get a discount on their service products, coaching, whatever it is. Think if you were in their shoes, what would you want to do? Would you be the guy that supports them or you want to be the guy that takes them down and guts them? Right. And now you put him in awkward situation because they feel like they owe you something. In reality, though, you’re paying full price to Apple and Dre and you’re not doing that for your friends and your family. So shift where your mindset is, you’re going to be more grateful for it. You’re going to feel better about yourself. And I promise you, the people that you’re doing that to, your friends, your family, anybody that you’re saying, hey, I don’t want to discount, I want to pay full price. They’re going to appreciate you more. And there’s a good chance they’re going to add some value on top of what you would have gotten if you got it for free. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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