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In this video above, I am breaking down exactly how I plan my week. Being a CEO of different businesses, managing my time is essential. As an entrepreneur, managing different businesses has been one of the greatest obstacles.

One of the most important things I teach inside this video is “time blocking” or “time batching”. This is so you can plan your schedule and get everything done.

This is something we use inside of our company ‘Scaling With Systems’. This works very well when you know where to focus, what to do and what is essential for you to delegate. Soon you will find that doing less inside of your business is actually more!

Time blocking and bathing are two important concepts when it comes to managing your time. By the end of this video you will have mastered and understood how to apply both of them to your business.

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Hey, what’s going on everyone? Ravi Abuvala here founder of and in this video I’m going to show you exactly how I planned my schedule and do what’s called time blocking to make sure I get everything done even when I feel overwhelmed. This question came from Kyle Rose from the inside of my free Facebook group Scaling With System the link to that is going to be in the description below. In case you want me to shoot a video from a question that you asked and I’ll shout you out here.

So how I structure my day is honestly the real reason why I’ve been able to scale multiple companies to seven figures at the same time, and I’ve been traveling the world and really doing whatever I want to do while making sure I get stuff done on time by the due day and with other team members. Now whenever I say that I can work and travel and make money and all this kind of stuff, people insulating, it’s a scam. But I got to tell you right now, it’s not a scam. I’m going to walk you through the idea of time blocking and chunking your time, as well as little process of elimination so that you can achieve the exact same results.

Now, in order to show you how I plan my schedule daily, I need you to understand three critical lessons about time management. The number one lesson it comes in, time management is less is more OK. The less that I do inside of my company, the more impact that I have unless I do across every day, the more impact that I have. I focus on doing one, two, three things every single day. That’s going to move the needle for my company and I focus on doing that stuff really well and either eliminate or delegate the rest of it. The second best lesson that I’ve learned when it comes to time management is the idea of how useless meetings are. Now, if you’re a boss or an owner or you’re an employee, you might follow one or two different sides of what I just said right there. But let me tell you, my life totally changed when I switched my meetings with my team members to. Only once a week on Monday. And remember, I’m on a team of 20 plus people. And as far as meetings with other people that want to talk with me. I only meet with him twice a week from 12 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Monday and Thursday. And the third and final critical lesson when it comes to time management is blocking your time? So you batch task into windows where you just do that one thing over and over and over again until that thing is completed. So you sit down and do that one thing until completion before you move on to the next thing. Rather than picking up doing a little bit of it here, then getting distracted, doing other tasks than coming back to a little bit there.

So let’s go a little bit more in-depth for my first lesson on how to manage your time effectively, which is less is more. In the crazy world we live in today I feel like we’re constantly reminded that we need to be doing this, we should be following that person, we should be buying this thing. You know, we should have our schedule planned out like that. I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s just a constant barrage of information, the things that we should be doing are things that we’re missing out on, which causes us to always feel in an almost a scarcity mindset. If you read the autobiographies and listened to the interviews, I was on the most successful people in the world. You’ll hear they all say the exact same thing. The ability to eliminate stuff on your life will have a direct correlation with how successful you will be. It’s not the idea that you’re supposed to be this yes man that says yes to Aboriginal opportunity that comes your way. But more realistically, it’s actually saying no to opportunities, even if they seem like they’re the most incredible thing you’ve ever heard of, or even if it seems like you’re missing out on something amazing so you can say yes to those 1 to 3 smaller things that you’re consistently doing in order to actually get some results.

That could be saying no to going out to parties. It could be saying no to going to family gatherings. You could be saying no to switching industries or switching your offer, switching your services or whatever else it is. It’s just the idea of saying no to about 99 percent of the stuff that you’re hit with or that goes to your brain every single day. So that 1 percent that you focus on saying yes to is the thing that delivers the most results. My to do list every single day has literally maximum 1 to 3 things on it every single day, just 1 to 3 days across all my companies and everything that I have going on literally one or three things. And even then when I wake up in the morning, I leave that to do list the person. I ask myself as if I didn’t do this stuff today. What would happen to my personal life or my company life? And if it doesn’t seem like the world’s going to blow up and it doesn’t seem like I can fix it with, let’s say, five hundred dollars, that I’m most likely put it off or just totally forget about it and don’t have to worry about doing it.

This allows me to spend times on what we talked about and scale was awesome on money generating activities. So things are really going to make myself, my team members, my family, millions of dollars rather getting bogged down on stuff like returning a movie that I need to return so I don’t get hit with a $5 late fee. I know what you’re thinking right now, running in the last eight years or any movies. Now, I have returned to movies to figure of speech movies. I use Netflix just like you guys, but just go along with the movies. So keep it up. Thanks. The second lesson on time management I wanna share with you so you can plan your day effectively is the absolute uselessness of meetings. So when ask anybody that question. But do you guys love meetings? They might raise your hand if you guys love meetings, going to meetings, showing up to meetings. Hosting means you guys like it in the back. No. Nobody. Nobody likes meeting. So are you guys doing it?

I mean, are there really any of you sickos that are watching this video right now that goes Ravi? I’ve got to tell you what, I love showing up every single morning and sitting down for 45 minutes to an hour and hearing. Ninety nine percent of the other people my company talk about something doesn’t relate to me that I can’t put input on. I have no direction on the output of it. And the whole time I’m scrolling and going through Tick-Tock and Instagram, just waiting for them to skip through me or ask through my questions so I can go back to scrolling on Instagram. And Tick-Tock, more often than not, meetings are a colossal waste of time. There’s a great book called The One Thing by Gary Teller I recommend people check out. But essentially idea behind is while your team members and employees are in those meetings, I’d say you’re doing them daily or even worse, twice a day. They’re not doing the things that they should be doing, the things that you paid them for in order to move the needle forward in your company. So they’re in the meeting. They’re not doing this something they shouldn’t be doing to make your life easier. And that’s why it seems like nothing ever gets stopped.

Each one of my companies and like I said, we employ over 20 people has one meeting every single week at Monday at 11:30 a.m. PSC. I have one meeting for each of my companies. And other than that, I don’t have to talk to my team for the rest of the week and I let them do what I paid them to do. I let them do what they’re actually fantastic at and it allows me to focus on the things that I need to do, allows them to focus on things that they need to do. And we’re not bogged down by switching and showing up to meetings and getting off meetings, etc., etc. even the other meetings that I had to take. So for people that potentially want a Javy partner with us or, you know, people that I have to do any kind of other meeting outside of the meetings that I have with my team members and I have a sales team as well. I only take those on Mondays and Thursdays and only from 12 to 6. And even then, my friends, I will most likely send an email to those people in the morning and say, Hey, look, my skull has got a little tight. What exactly did you want to talk about? Can you just put in this e-mail below and I’ll call this a seven times out of 10. They can tell me exactly what they wanted to talk about the email. They had to be concise because it’s written. I can make the response back and tell them what I think the next step should be. And then boom, I just say myself thirty minutes or an hour of both their time and my time. Remember, less meetings means more money.

Finally, my third tip for you, for you to follow so that you can actually achieve effective days where you get everything done on your to do list. And it seems like finally you’re getting on top of the pile. That is your life. Is something called time batching or time blocking? Do you ever hear somebody tell you or maybe this is something that you say all the time as I oh, I work 14, 15, 16 hour days. And yet it doesn’t ever really seem like they’re doing anything or really getting anything done. So inside my coaching program, scaling with systems, one of the first things that we have people do is audit their time or we make them set up a timer on their phone. And every hour they look back on what they were doing that past hour or write it down in the journal. And over a two week basis, we look back and see what they were doing that was actually moving the needle forward and what they were doing. That was actually a time filler. Just avoid distraction or procrastinating from doing the stuff that actually matters. And as you can probably guess it more times than not, when somebody says they have no time, really, they’re spending most of their time scrolling on Facebook or on Instagram, checking email, talking at the watercooler, just walk around the office and doing other tasks that are pretty much keeping them from doing the uncomfortable task. But the most important task they need to do inside of their company.

Some recent studies have shown that whenever you switch more than three times during a certain task between different activities, you can lose up to 80 percent of the time that you have to complete that activity or complete that task. To the energy that’s left switching back and forth between those three activities. That means that if you work 50 hours a week, 40 hours out of that 50 hour week is little. You just spent switching between tasks. And I promise you, it happens more than you think. Right now, you’re probably literally having this video play on your phone or on your computer while you look at your phone or on a computer, on your phone, while you look at your computer. You’re watching TV. Somebody is talking to you and you’re really not consuming this content. And at the same time, you’re also spinning the mental energy switching between trying to listen somebody else’s times scrolling on Instagram and you’re not really effectively getting anything done. I forgive you for doing that, by the way. Only thing that I asked you to do so you can gain my real forgiveness back and allow you back in my life. It’s just like this video hit discribe button down below and turn on the bell notifications and then I’ll accept your apology.

That’s why whenever I work, I eliminate all my distractions. I have no notifications turned on on my computer, noton or face to turn on my phone. Actually put my phone in a drawer outside of my room so I can totally focus on the task at hand. And that allows me to do what takes people’s eight hours in a day or two. I can chunk that down to literally 20 to 30 minutes, a real deep focused work, and then I can move on to the next thing. For example, every single morning I bak’s different activities that are really important for me as a CEO of my company. So writing email campaigns for my different companies, newsletters, you know, checking our paid advertising campaigns to make sure that we’re so pro from all those checking my social media and responding back to my. Just that people are sending me or finding out the comments on YouTube, et, etc., and each one of those activities really just takes me ten to fifteen minutes. I do that one thing that I close that application out and I don’t have the touch for the rest of the day knowing that it’s totally done and I can move on to the next thing.

So there you have it. Three incredibly simple yet effective things that you can do every single day in order to boost productivity, get more on your time and honestly make more money. So now that you’ve freed up your time and you have a little bit more time throughout the day, do you know you should be spending that time doing do you know what you should actually be following or listening to a reading or or spending the actually money making activities? You know what? Those are involved in your company. Feel free to click the link in the description down below. I want to give you invite access to one of the courses that I created totally for free. called The Three Steps of Scale where I walk you through the exact steps that I took in order to scale two companies to seven figures in under two years. And I’ll talk about that elimination part in there as well, about how I’m getting your time back and how do you focus on the money, your activities. But then I talk about three other parts of there, the absolutely essential for you to take that newfound time and turn that into money.

Thanks so much, guys, for watching this video. If you have any questions, please, please, please common down below. I go in every school day and respond back to everything. That’s one of the batch activities I do. Make sure you like this video as well. Share it with somebody else that needs to have more time. Data need to be more effective throughout the day. And I look forward to seeing you guys.

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