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In this video I’m going to show you how you can spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ads. You can find out what’s working for them and you can create your own profitable Facebook Ad campaigns from day one!

Spy on your competitors Facebook ads for FREE! Find out what is working best for them so you can run profitable Facebook Ads campaigns!

This Facebook Ads spy tool let’s you start from scratch even if you’ve never run a Facebook Ads. This tool teaches you how to be profitable from day one using Facebook Ads.

With this tool provided by Facebook you’ll know what Ad Copy is and how well it works for your competitors. You can then model what works for them and tailor it for your own Facebook Ads and funnels!

If you’re running a Facebook advertising agency this is going to be a go-to ad research tool for you and your clients.

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Hey, what is going on everyone, Ravi Abuvala here, founder of scalingwithsystems.com. So one of the questions I get all the time, whether it’s one of our clients inside scaling with systems, a friend or even a family member that’s trying to run ads on Facebook for the first time is, Ravi how do I know what I should be running? How do I know what my ad should say? Should I use a video show? I use an image to be a stock photo should be a personal photo. What’s the words that I should use? A.K.A. What’s the copy on it? And the truth is, the right copy can make you literally millions of dollars were the wrong copy can actually cost you tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. And in this video, I’m going to show you exactly how you can find and use the right copy for your business so that you can make money from the beginning.

So you’ve been following me for a while. You might know some of these tools or you may have never heard some of this stuff before, but it’s important you pay attention, this entire video, because I think give you some reasoning behind this. So a lot of people come to me and they go, Ravi, how do I know what type of ad I should be using on Facebook? Right. I think everybody here, if you’re watching this video, if you follow me, you follow scaling with systems. You probably know by now that online advertising is probably one of the most powerful and powerful things you can do inside of your company in order to generate sales and profit as soon as possible. Organic and referrals is a great way to grow a company, but if you can add in paid advertising on top of it, you can literally set on fire your company, your sales, funnel, your leads and your pipeline. And that’s exactly what we do inside scaling a system. So this exact training going to show you in this video is the same stuff I do for other people inside cooling systems that allows people that I’ve never run ads before, literally never run ads. Don’t know anything about Facebook advertising to set up an ad, haven’t converted from day one and beginning, you know, $3 or $5 appointments. I’m one guy right now generating three dollar appointments with chiropractors or to speak with them for marketing services and is using the exact same method I’m talking about here. And so this will give you a great idea on what you should use inside your company and what you know is already working. Let’s just dove right in the computer right here and I’ll show you right now.

OK, guys. So you may or may not know what this is, is called Facebook ads library. It’s w-w-what Facebook.com slash ad slash library. OK, and the very cool thing with this Facebook came out with this, I think a year ago and a year or two ago, essentially. And what it allows you to do is it allows you to look at other people’s advertising campaigns. And if you’ve been in this game long enough, you probably know that anybody that does anything great. Most likely, they’re building what’s known on the shoulders of giants. So it’s like, hey, someone else did something great before you. So why not take all the money that they’ve spent, the time, the energy, and change it a little bit to fit your own model and then use that instead of starting from scratch? It’s not copying. I’m not saying copy and paste people stuff, but I am saying that it’s a lot smarter to find something that’s working from somebody else and your own little twist on it to run it yourself. Because that other person, as I’m going to show you here in a second, has already spent literally hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and thousands of millions of dollars proving a framework. So there’s no need for you to do that.

That’s why exactly what I’m going to show you here is how we are profitable from day one when we launch a campaign. So this is Facebook ads, library. Essentially, the idea behind it is that you can see the ads that other Facebook pages are running. So, you know, when there’s all these like scandals of Facebook, they essentially wanted to be like, hey, I want to show you every single ad that we’re running. You guys can all see it here and see how long they’ve been running it for, how much money they’re spending, all that kind of stuff. And you can see the whole funnel attach the back end of it. And so your minds probably already working right now. But just so I can walk you through it. You can type in the name of anybody you want to write here and you can see all the ads are running for their company. So let’s just go and see. What you do is like, oh, if you’re trying to run ads for your company, you know, you think about. Right. What’s your what’s your market? Right. So maybe your market is real estate investors or maybe your mortgage rules and agents. So then, you know, you can come to Google and type in real estate investors, you know, business or you can type and you got to really want to find out who is your who is your main competitor, who’s the one that’s spending the most money and who’s the one that’s dominating the market.

And if you’ve been in the business long enough, you probably already know who your main competitors are. But like, let’s say you type in real estate investors or real estate investor influencers. Right. That’s a good one. So then you can see like people like Brian Torsella, Tom Faery, all these people in here and you can see that they are real estate influencers and most influencers have some kind of product behind them. So let’s just take Tom Berry, for example, here. So, you know, because you did a little bit of research or because you had to because, you know, you’ve been in the business long enough that Tom Berry is a big competitor of yours. Tom Barry’s running millions of dollars with the ad. You’re not running any ads. You want to get a piece of the action. So what do we do? We come into Facebook ads, Mark ads like right here we type in Tom Faery.

Here is Tom Faery here. It’s the one that obviously has two hundred five thousand likes on it and boom, literally. Just like that, I can see every single ad that Tom Barrett is running on his profile right now. And you can literally see the ad. The ad copy, where the links go to. You can see the photos that he’s using. So this is already incredibly powerful. Right. I mean, you can see the different countries is running up top, etc, etc. But the truth is, I’m going to take you a little bit closer here and show you where most people just like everything else I do inside the shed. I’ll make sure you like and subscribe where most people fall short as they just say, oh, here you go, start running these ads. I’ll give you an issue. This is the ad sort of running on April 10th to 2020. Right now, it’s April 12th, 2020. So to be honest with you, Tom very doesn’t know this ad is working or not. Yeah, there’s not a enough time that has been spent for him and all of this ads working or not. But if you come here and you scroll down and you go back to his mode long for this back and started running. September 11, 2019. So that is, what, five months ago he started running this ad. And he’s still running this ad today, an instrument of 18000 likes on Facebook. So he probably has a good bit of a budget behind this. So let’s just say, you know, conservatively, he’s spending a thousand dollars a day running an ad like this for five months. So five times thirty is one hundred and fifty. So he’s probably spent some one hundred and fifty thousand dollars roughly running this exact same man. Tom Perry is either number one, a genius.

And this ad is converting really well. Or number two, he’s very dumb and he just lost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Which one do you think it is? Right. Obviously, as a former of those. So then you can know that he’s running the ad for a long time, has a good chance. And it’s working, right. September 11, September eleven. And so these are things that you can start seeing. I wouldn’t ever run an ad that just they launched today, yesterday, even the past seven days. I’ve come to profile’s because I do this as well. I look at my competitors where I see ads running for a year plus and they’re big guys running for a year plus they’re really an ad for a year. Plus, there’s a good chance that that ad is making the money. And so all I have to do is take this similar copyright. You can do this whole copier, take a similar image, and then I’ll even do as open a link in a new tab. And I could even go inside of there back in and see what the whole funnel looks like. I can create the exact same funnel as this on something like click funnels or WordPress, whatever it is. And I can just go through this whole thing and see what happens if I schedule my enter my information here or schedule for your call. What does that include? And I can make my exact funnel the same as Tom Faery.

So I obviously don’t copy and paste. It’s not what I’m telling you guys do, but I’m telling you this for the longest time. You know, if you wanted to see what your competitors were doing, you had to have like a mole or a spy inside of that company. But the beautiful thing about online advertising, one of the million beautiful things about it is that everything is open and you can see how everything works. And so if you were able to find an ad that’s been running for five months and it’s connected to a funnel and you know that this person is making money because they’ve been run over five months, you can take that exact same ad, make it your own that exact same funnel, make it her own. And then instead of it leading to Tom Faery on the back end, it leads to you on the back end and now you’re the one making money. It’s as simple as that. You can do it for anybody, any edit. And the other thing is, well, let’s say you don’t know. Let’s say you service chiropractor’s, for example, right? So you can go on this little search bar here and type in chiropractor. Chiropractor, right. And maybe you do run ads for chiropractor or maybe you’re curious what other people are using to run as a chiropractor. So let’s say here’s Ruth’s family car back at one point seven thousand likes. And, you know, obviously likes are exactly like indication. Their Facebook page lists aren’t exactly the occasion or the followers of how successful, how much money that’s been on ads. But, you know, it is a good indication. Honestly, it is a good indication. So, Dr. Joshua, I know he’s a chiropractor, 3.4 thousand like.

So here is OK. So he actually looks like he is running ads to chiropractors. Is that what it seems like right now? Elevator fracture to the next level. I always go all the way down. This one’s running February 1st, 2020. So, too, over two months, he’s been running this ad right now. So I was starting chiropractors. I probably watched this video and see exactly what he’s saying. I’ll see if I can do something similar. I’d see the copy, see if I can do something similar, and I create a similar funnel from that as well, I guess. Well, let’s see. We’re actually trying to service chiropractors where we’re trying to get the more patients. Right. Chiropractor Terry, if you guys are a on all you know, I’m not a great speller. So here’s Roots Chiropractic Live webinar. So you can see that right now during during the crisis where they can’t help, where car cannot, so they see their patients. These guys right here are running a live webinar on. I’m assuming some kind of offer that they’re doing as a chiropractor to patients. Right. So there eyes Karamargin are running a webinar targeted towards patients and people that need help. So they found a way to make money right now during the crisis. This is a million dollar idea that I literally just stumbled across while I’m on here because they have found a way to make money while other chiropractors aren’t making money.

So this chiropractor is I’m going to do this for himself. And then if he’s very smart and this works out really well, which I can see that he’s been running this. For only about 10 days now, so I would probably check on this in about 10, 30 days. But if he’s running us really well and he’s smart, he’ll probably show readiness for other chiropractor so they know how to make money. Also, I think this little button right here, I can see what his funnel kind of looks like. So this one’s an Eventbrite, so he didn’t even create a funnel on the back in his little just Eventbrite. And I don’t know if you can see a number of attendees on this. I don’t think that you can.

But but you’re gonna get the idea here, guys, some very, very easy for you to type in anything that you want to type in, whether it’s an industry, whether it’s a specific influencer name, whether it’s your main competitor, see what kind of ads are running. You can opt into their funnel and see what their emails look like. Opt in their email list. There’s no reason why you should be starting at scratch. There’s zero reason why you can start to scratch when you could do something as simple as this and you can really just jump ahead and start working and and have everything be very, very similar to what your competitors are doing x over the end when they get out on a call with their competitor. Now they’re going to get in on a call with you. OK. So that’s where it is. It’s called Facebook Ads Library.

This is the ethical way to steal your competitors research. If you guys got a lot of value out of their studio, quick favor, please click the like button, click subscribe down below. Make sure you share it with one of your friends. And also comment down below. There’s any other tools or any other questions you guys have about Facebook advertising or legionaries. You click funnels and I’ll be sure to answer it as well. And then if you guys want to get a little more personal with me, you want to go a little bit further with me and see, you know, ask me a little more questions. Toppings on Tuesdays. Maybe some calls that I host live inside of my free Facebook group, Scaling with systems. I’m going to drop the link for below. I please, please, I ask you guys to join. It’s totally free. I engage in message every single person that’s inside of there and a lot of the content pieces that I get for my YouTube channel. It comes from people that are asking questions that I grew up so linked to that’s going to be below. Make sure you like Common Scribe and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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