How To Grow Your Business On Facebook [Expert Strategies]

Did you know that 71% of Americans use Facebook for their daily dose of social media?

Your best bet right now is to grow your business on Facebook. Most businesses are shifting to digital platforms to reach more people and generate revenue. It’s the platform to reach millions of people within your target audience. 

There’s cash sitting on the table waiting for you to grab it.

Get your brand at the forefront. It’s how you stay in the game and emerge as an industry leader. 

But how do you use Facebook to grow your business? Some companies might be trying, but seeing little results when it comes to getting customers and clients from the platform. 

We’ve put together a guide that shows you how to grow your business on Facebook using the latest digital marketing strategies. Let’s get started.

How To Get Started With Facebook Marketing to Grow Your Business?

Facebook (Meta) is the largest social media channel, with over 2.6 billion monthly active users. That makes it the perfect opportunity for you to get your business in front of a lot of people. 

How to use Facebook to grow your business:

1. Start A Conversation

Do you know the pain points of your ideal customers? The first step to growing your business on Facebook is by starting a conversation. You want to get to know your customers so that your business is fulfilling their needs and wants.

You want to know your customers well so that your service/product development and your marketing messages are tailored to them.

Find out what kind of content gets more engagement. Keep engaging with your audience that way, whether through videos, infographics, photos, or longer captions. As you engage in more conversations that your customers want to be having, your conversion rates will go up.

This is because you’re continuing to adapt the content to their needs, and they will see the value in consuming the content you post. The more they refer to your business for actionable tips, insight, and entertainment, the more likely they are to buy from your company.

2. Find Out What Works With Insights

If you’re thinking about how to grow your business page on Facebook, tracking your insights is a great place to start. Facebook Insights is a goldmine for finding out what content your audience really engages with, and what content can be ditched. 

Insights are extremely handy when you’re running Facebook ads. They help you create ad copy and creatives relevant to your target audience. Always refer to the ad insights to see whats working and what isn’t. 

Split-testing two different versions of ad copy can help you to find out what exact change is creating higher conversions. Maybe your audience prefers the language of one of the ads far more, and if so, you have that data to now make a decision on how you write future ads.

How to get Insights on Facebook:

  • Click Pages from the left menu of your Feed.
  • Visit your page.
  • From the left menu, click Insights.

3. Expand Your Audience

You need a loyal following to grow your business on Facebook. The goal is to expand your community by reaching new people within your target audience. Create custom and lookalike audiences using your current client data.

You’re now reaching out to people interested in your product or service. This makes Facebook ads more cost-effective than traditional ways of marketing.

Setup A Facebook Business Page

Want to know how to grow your business on Facebook? It starts with setting up a business page. Think of your business page as your virtual storefront. It’s the first thing people look at, so it’s important to make a great impression.

facebook business page
  • Choose A Professional Profile Photo: Your profile can make or break your brand. It can be a trademarked logo, your picture, or your team.

Keep the same picture across all social media platforms. It makes it easier for people to find you. They start recognizing and trusting you more when they see your face everywhere.

  • Get A Cover Photo: Your cover photo is an excellent opportunity to tell your viewers about your services or offers concisely.

The goal is to create a cover page that directly speaks to your target audience. Include your brand logo, image, offer, and USP.

  • Enter Contact Info: If you want to connect with a business or work with them, you would want their contact info at your fingertips.

This applies to your target audience as well. They’ll move on if it takes them forever to get your website or email. Make your contact information easily accessible and update it, so your audience knows where to find you.

  • Use The About Section: This is where you put your value proposition. You must tell your audience about your business offer, results, and core values. 

For example, you’re a business coach helping other coaches scale their businesses through organic marketing. Your about section can be something along the lines of this: 

“We help coaches in the online space build a million-dollar coaching program within 90 days through organic marketing.”

  • Create Your Call To Action (Cta) Button: This is how you convert cold strangers into raving fans. Send traffic from your page to your Facebook group, website, or opt-in funnels with a CTA.

Include one clear CTA that tells your users exactly what needs to be done to take the next step in their journey. Examples can be: “join my Facebook group here”, “clic to learn more”, or “book a call with us.”

Your Content Type

Facebook offers you a variety of content types. Video posts have the highest engagement rates with the introduction of reels. Posts with high-quality images have more engagement rates than just text-based posts. 

Use Facebook content to funnel to your website, like our example below of one of our posts leading to a blog article.

scaling with systems facebook

But every content format has a specific purpose in the algorithm. So, how to increase business on Facebook with the right content format? You’ll have to figure out what works for your audience and how you want to engage them.

We’ve listed out different content formats that you can use to grow your business:

  • Text-Based Posts: If your goal is to start conversations with your audience, this is a great way to do that. Ask questions or get feedback.
  • Cta-Based Posts: End your posts with a CTA when you want your readers to take a specific action. Also, ask them to go to your website or funnel by adding the link directly to the post. 

Let’s assume you’ve got bonus training to share with your clients to get more leads. Create a post asking them to message you to get the link, which takes them to the opt-in funnel.

  • Use Photos: People tend to scroll a lot faster on social media. While it can be super hard to get their attention, showing your face does the job. Use pictures to catch their eye and let your caption work its magic. It can be anything – CTA, links, promo campaigns, or life updates.
  • Videos: Facebook is pushing video content with the ‘reels’ feature. Several business owners are creating short videos (60 secs or less) to share really valuable information. Use short videos to build trust, convert your audience into raving fans and grow your coaching business.
  • Stories: We cannot stress this enough. Stories are a great way to get in front of your audience every day. Many business owners haven’t realized how much money they’re leaving on the table because they’re not active in their stories. 

62% of people get more interested in your brand and offer after seeing your stories. Get more leads, opt-ins for your training or email list, booked calls, and start conversations just with stories. So if you’re still on the fence, start posting stories today.

Relevant Content And Targeted Audience

The secret to how to grow your business on Facebook is to understand what your customers need, not what you want. It’s not just about getting eyeballs but creating something worth engaging in. People connect with brands when their pain points are mentioned in the brand voice.

The second part of creating relevant content is having a targeted audience. To grow your business on Facebook, you need to laser focus on who is your ideal client. Remember, when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

Your content strategy will only improve when you understand common patterns and behavior trends. This’ll also be useful when you’re running ads. Make adjustments based on how they engage with your content and what’s working the best.  

The goal is to be clear on the messaging of how to grow your business Facebook page. You want to speak directly to your audience in their language. It’ll not only bring your more leads but also build more trust and reputation with your brand. 

Generate Engagement In Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great place to connect with your target audience, potential partners, and industry leaders on a personal level. It’s also a great place to promote your brand and tell people about ongoing discounts, promos, and other updates. 

facebook groups for business

The goal is to create content your members will find helpful and engage with. This can be commenting on your posts, reposting them, or taking action as per your CTA. 

You’ll get inbound leads through organic marketing when you increase engagement within your Facebook groups. Qualified leads will come to you instead of you cold-emailing or cold-messaging them. 

Side Note: If you go on Facebook right now and look for groups in your niche, you’ll see 20-30 groups. But, when you open them – it’s just crickets. No one is posting. The admin isn’t doing anything to build engagement. Don’t be one of those groups.

Facebook is a goldmine of leads, leads, and more leads. You need to know the right strategies on how to grow your business on Facebook. 

Motivate & Involve Your Customers

You want to involve your audience in your content. Share strategies, hacks, tips, and real-life examples that have helped you in your journey.

You don’t always have to share business-related content. People relate much more to your brand when you’re vulnerable, sharing your struggles and transformation.

Imagine the impact you would make when you share your story of how you went from point A to point B and how you did it. 

We often share Ravi’s story of how we went from a law school dropout to a multi-millionaire in less than two years. People want to hear this story. It motivates them to get at it and keep doing things. 

They want to be involved in conversations where like-minded individuals come together to celebrate the transformations. We also create content around the pain points our target audience is experiencing.

This opens up space for more honest chats. Use this tactic to start a conversation in messenger and follow up with your sales script.

Make Quality Ads For Facebook

High-quality ads can be a game-changer for to grow your business on Facebook. Ads bring traffic, leads, engagement, and conversions.

Create an ad that makes an impact, attracts the right people, and builds a positive brand image. When you get into the flow of creating quality ads, you’ll see a change in your Facebook conversion rate.

Here’s an example:

Company A and Company B are competitors working in the same marketing niche – how to grow your business with Facebook. They create ads that show how organic marketing has helped them generate leads and make money.

Company A’s Ad:
“Paid ads suck. In the past three years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients grow their businesses through Organic Marketing. Our biggest month was $200K cash collected without running any paid ads. We got our leads from our Facebook groups. We stopped doing all cold outreach. If you want to learn more, message us.”

Company B’s Ad:
“We feel organic marketing brings the most traffic. We have seen results for ourselves. Our clients also got great results. They’re posting in groups to get more engagement. People who visit your post and relate to your brand want to buy. Check our profile for more tips if you like our content. We’re doing a giveaway next week. Like our page so you don’t miss it.”

Now, which ad copy is more interesting and impactful? Company A wins, no questions asked. We’ll break down the differences to help you understand how to grow your business on Facebook more efficiently.

Company A is more specific with its ad copy. They’re hyper-specific with their results, cash collected, and revenue generated. The copy speaks directly to business owners; no fluff, talking to the point. Plus, they end with ONE single CTA – to message them.

Company B wasn’t specific with anything. They had multiple CTAs. Their copy felt like being in a classroom where the teacher’s beating around the bush. There is no clear message or next action to take for the reader.

The moral of the story: You don’t want to be company B. Create specific ad copy.

Look At Your Competitors

If you want to find more about how to grow your business on Facebook, spying on your competitors is a great place to start. This doesn’t mean copying their strategies, but understanding what’s working best for your target group.

And yes, this is completely legal. In fact, Facebook has made this so much easier. Open Facebook Ads Library and search for your competitor’s name. 

meta ads

You’ll see all the ads they are running, check out their funnel, and model the winning copy to grow your business on Facebook.

Check out their business page and look at their content. What language are they using? What content is getting the most replies? What is their go-to strategy to create viral content?

Plus, it also tells you what not to do. If you dig deeper, you’ll see feedback from the members about what they didn’t like or how to do things better. This is a great way to research your audience’s behavior and identify what things are a big no-no.

We recommend checking the comment sections whilst you’re at it. People often ask questions, and they’re left unanswered. Pick their question and create a reel that answers it. Do this regularly to bring that traffic to your brand. 

You’re not only solving their pain points but telling them that you care enough to show up. It might look obvious, but it makes all the difference for your customers.

Grow Your Business On Facebook: FAQs

How to grow my business on Facebook?

To grow your brand on Facebook, you need to build your online presence and get eyeballs on your page. Create and optimize your business page to match it with your offer and services. Find your target audience and create a strategy to engage them. Facebook groups are a great way to get traffic to your page. Start posting content that solves their pain points.

Do hashtags work on Facebook?

Hashtags make topics, phrases, and posts clickable on your timeline, page, or group. People can find posts about topics they’re interested in. Make a hashtag by writing # (the number sign) along with a topic or phrase.

Wrapping Up: How To Grow Your Business On Facebook

Facebook Marketing is a beast of a machine if used correctly. Whether it’s paid ads or organic traffic, you have what you need to reach huge audiences and get more clients rolling in. 

We shared a few steps to grow your business on Facebook. But what works for us might not work for you. We all have different niches, target audiences, and marketing goals. 

You need to do A/B split testing to nail down a strategy that works just for you. This is how you stay in the game long-term. You want to show Facebook that you’re here to stay. 

Want more help? We’re generating hundreds of leads per day for our clients through intelligent and personalized systems. Book a free consultation call to find out how we can help you grow your business.

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