How To Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Looking for proven strategies to get clients for your digital marketing agency? You’re in the right place.

Despite running marketing services for other businesses, many agencies fail to get clients because they don’t focus on their own marketing approach. 

It’s like being an overworked fitness trainer that has their clients seeing epic results, but they’re dropping the ball at their own exercise regime because they’re working too hard.

You might know business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing like the back of your hand, but your B2B strategies could probably use an upgrade.

Most companies have their businesses online now, so digital marketing and sales are getting a lot more competitive. It’s no wonder every company wants loyal clients. To get there, you have to find leads. 

This is where our guide comes in. We’ll walk you through proven strategies that will help you get clients for your business on autopilot. By the end of the article, you’ll have the foundations you need as we share how to get clients in digital marketing.

Start With Decisive Planning

Identify who your potential customers are before you start any marketing campaign, whether it’s inbound or outbound. When you know your potential customers, you can tailor your marketing efforts to reach and engage them. Decisive planning refers to having a set strategy for your marketing so that you are always taking action toward specific goals. 

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Here are some ways to get clients for your digital marketing agency with decisive planning:

Who Are Your Potential Clients?

Potential clients (aka leads) are people who might become customers. Having existing clients makes it easier to create an image of potential clients. Study their profiles – who they are, their business, and what’s unique about them. 

Once you analyze who you are currently serving, you can determine who to target (and who isn’t the right fit) for your potential clients. This’ll help you get clients for your digital marketing agency more efficiently.

If you don’t already have clients, make a profile of the perfect client you’d love to serve. What do they earn already? Where do they hang out online? What would they be searching for online? Knowing this also helps you qualify (and disqualify) potential clients that come in as leads, so you aren’t wasting your time in the sales process with someone who isn’t a good fit.

What Should Be The Targeting Criteria? 

If you want to get clients for digital marketing, knowing your target audience is super important. After understanding more about what potential clients you’re looking to attract, the next step is to refine your targeting. 

You need to find the specific needs and interests of your ideal client to create a marketing plan that works. That way, your marketing copy on posts, landing pages, and ads will be talking directly to them. Also, the platforms you choose to market on will be decided on to define your targeting.

In B2B, targeting criteria would be based on the following:

  • Geographical Location: You have to take into account the geographical location of your target group to successfully target your marketing strategies. For example, if your agency mainly serves local businesses, you should target people in that specific city or region. 

For digital businesses, you can expand your reach by targeting customers in multiple countries if you cater to a global audience. Be sure to also hone into select markets. If your offer a high-end service with a high ticket price, you’d likely target areas with higher wages and cost of living.

  • Business Type: The data you gather for the type of businesses that you’ve worked with successfully, or that are often most attracted to marketing agencies will help you refine your marketing plans. For example, if you’re great at helping businesses that have not yet launched campaigns or set up outreach strategies, then a startup business would be a good type to target.
  • Company Size: This factor is very important when it comes to choosing who you’re going to work with. It affects their buying power, needs, and pain points. 

For example, a big company might have the pain point of spending far too much money on advertising. Since their budget is larger than a small company, they could be less careful about budgeting for ads, but instead, blow out the cost of advertising. Their marketing adjustments (in this case, lowering customer acquisition costs) will differ from a start-up enterprise (that might have the pain point of having no budget for running ads).

  • Interests: When you know the interests of your target audience, you can create more targeted campaigns. You can craft content that is directly solving their pain points. 

This will increase conversions because people are most likely to respond to relevant content. Also, knowing your target audience’s interests can help you choose the right platforms and channels.

Lead Generation Through Open Directories

To get clients for digital marketing, you need to generate qualified leads consistently. When you generate more leads, you can send more campaigns and forward more warm leads to sales. 

We could speak to every strategy out there for how to get clients as a digital marketing agency, but not all of them are effective. We’ll share what we consider the most impactful ones for your B2B company, starting with open directories. 

Open Directories

It’s easy to get clients with directories like YellowPages, Yelp, DMOZ, Manta, and WhitePages. You can filter thousands of companies by geography, business type, and niche. Many of these directories also give you contact info like an email address and a phone number.

open directories for digital marketing agency

You can quickly generate a list of possible clients for digital marketing with this quick research techniques. For more tips on different online tools, check out our lead generation tools video, next. 


Larger companies have been using this method for years. They buy access to a database of potential digital marketing customers that are already verified, refined, and pre-generated. 

Databases have built-in features that help you generate a lead list in a few minutes. 

These are usually more costly than other methods, but they’re the fastest way to get clients for your digital marketing agency. Businesses that have a bigger budget for marketing should consider using databases for lead gen.

Best Social Networks For Digital Marketing Lead Gen

With billions of active users on various social media platforms, there’s no better place to get potential clients for your digital marketing agency fast. You can generate leads, build brand awareness, and drive conversions by using the right social networks. 

Here’s how to get clients for your digital marketing agency through social media:

1. Find Clients On Linkedin

If you’re a digital marketing agency, your target audience is other businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers/public figures. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for people to expand their professional network. 

Share content, join groups, and promote your agency’s company page on the platform. Your every move on the forum can help you get leads for your digital marketing agency.

find clients on linkedin

How to find digital marketing clients on LinkedIn:

  • Send Relationship Building Messages

You’ll be surprised at how many people accept cold connection requests on LinkedIn. Try sending connection requests to your target audience. Once accepted, send relationship-building messages like ‘thank you’ and congratulatory messages about their own projects and accolades mentioned on their profile. Lightly promoting your agency after the conversation has been going on for a while.

  • Prospect With LinkedIn Groups

Join LinkedIn groups to network with potential clients who might need your services. Become an authority by answering questions, sharing content, and participating in relevant conversations.

  • Publish Sponsored Content

LinkedIn lets you promote content that looks like organic posts in other users’ feeds. It’s a great way to reach new prospects who haven’t heard of you yet.

  • LinkedIn Ads 

LinkedIn offers businesses a variety of advertising options for promoting their services. Advertise using carousels, videos, messages, and more.

2. Get Clients on Facebook 

With 2.93 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network. In hopes of getting customers, countless businesses have built a presence there. 

But how to find customers for digital marketing through Facebook? You must create a business page informing potential leads about your services.

get clients on facebook
  • Business Page Optimization

Put your agency’s contact info, description, and website URL on your Facebook business page. Remember to create call-to-action buttons so users can take action, like sending an email or viewing your website.

  • Boost the Visibility Of Your Offers

Promote limited-time offers and free consultations to convert warm leads into paying customers. You can set up offers in minutes with Facebook’s user-friendly interface.

  • Q&A Sessions

You can host virtual Q&A sessions on Facebook to answer your target audience’s questions. It’s a great way to build authority and gain traction for your business as you’ll be offering the audience valuable information. This leads them to remember your brand as a knowledgeable leader.

  • FB Groups 

Like LinkedIn, Facebook has a lot of groups where you can discuss specific topics. You can also find brands looking for digital marketing services in groups. 

3. Find Clients On Instagram

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a powerful platform for getting clients for digital marketing. Agencies can use this platform to connect with potential clients through visual content. 

Whether it’s an image or a video, visual content is generally more effective than text. Show your target audience what you can do for them using Instagram.

digital marketing lead gen instagram

Tips on how to get digital marketing clients through Instagram:

  • Instagram Profile Building

Create an official Instagram page with a professional profile picture and description and a link to your agency’s website. You’ll get features like real-time analytics and contact info widgets if you have a business account.

  • Instagram Posts

You can get people interested in your agency by sharing images with actionable marketing tips, quotes, and results. Upload photos of your staff, events, and achievements to show your company culture.

  • Instagram Reels And Stories

The best Instagram marketers show results from previous campaigns with Instagram Reels and Stories. It makes potential clients feel better about working with your digital marketing agency. Show them that you can deliver on your promises by using high-quality images and videos that showcase your agency’s work, expertise, and brand.

  • Digital Marketing Industry Hashtags

Instagram, Twitter, and other networks use hashtags to make their posts easier to find. Find the right hashtags for your agency by researching your target audience. Get to know their interests, needs, and behavior. This will help you choose hashtags that are relevant and likely to attract their attention.

  • Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads Manager lets businesses launch hyper-targeted Instagram ads so you reach the right people. You’ll see Instagram ads mixed in with organic posts like Stories, videos, images, and IGTV uploads.

Lead Generation Through Quora Marketing

Quora is a platform where people can ask and answer questions on various topics, making it a great lead-generation tool. Here are some tips for using Quora for lead generation:

  • Identify relevant topics: Look up relevant topics in your field and look for questions that match your agency’s expertise.
  • Build your expertise: Answer questions in your area of expertise with valuable, well-researched answers. You’ll be seen as an industry leader and attract qualified leads this way.
  • Use keywords: Include relevant keywords in your answers to get more eyeballs and reach a wider audience.
  • Include a call-to-action: Add a CTA button that directs people to your website or contact info. This can help convert them into paying customers for your agency.
  • Track your performance: Keep tabs on your Quora activity and check the performance of your answers. You can use this data to adjust your strategy and optimize your performance.

Classic Lead Generation Tool: Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get leads for digital marketing. It’s an effective and cost-efficient way to reach your target audience. You can use email marketing to build brand awareness, promote new services, or increase sales.

Image Source:

By the end of 2023, the email marketing business globally is projected to cross the 10-billion-dollar mark in revenue.

Here are some tips for using email marketing effectively:

  • Create an email list: Collect email addresses from prospects through your website, sign up page, events, or other marketing strategies. Clearly explain how you’re going to use their email address and get their consent.
  • Personalize your emails: Use personalization techniques such as addressing the recipient by name or customizing the content. It’ll help you get more engagement and get more out of your emails.
  • Share useful content: In your emails, share news, tips, and insights relevant to your industry. It can help promote your agency as an industry leader and bring in new clients.
  • Segment your audience: Segment your email list into different groups based on demographics, interests, and behavior. This lets you target your messages more precisely and get more attention.
  • Test and optimize: Keep experimenting with multiple elements such as subject lines, content, and CTAs to find what works best. As you send more emails, you’ll see where you can improve.

Other Methods To Get Clients For Digital Marketing Agency

Your success and growth as a digital marketing agency depend on getting new clients consistently (and not breaking the budget whilst doing it). Here are some other methods to explore.

Inbound Marketing

Get your clients to come to you, rather than only going to them. You can do that by focusing on inbound marketing.

Create educational, value-filled content that your audience wants and needs, and you’ll attract clients. Add a CTA button to get them on your mailing list and client list.

This is a longer-term strategy, but it’ll pay off. Your content should be SEO-friendly and target the right keywords so that your potential clients can find you.

Read our article on Inbound Versus Outbound Marketing next.


You’ll establish yourself as an authority within your field by speaking at conferences. In-person events that attract large crowds are fantastic to create very warm leads. Why are they ‘very’ warm? Because you can have multiple touchpoints with them, and you are in person. That is already far warmer than simply emailing back and forth with someone.

Get on the mailing list of events you think would be a good fit and watch for any calls for speakers. Apply as soon as you find a good fit, and be sure your proposal to apply references the unique value you have to share. 

You can already share an outline of the topic you’d love to speak about. This proactive approach is well-received by event organizers.  You’ll want to pick those that your target audience will likely attend, and your topic should appeal to them.

Courses & Workshops 

It’s always rewarding to share your knowledge with others. It’s even better when it attracts new clients.

Digital marketing workshops and courses are in high demand. To reach a wider audience, you can develop your own or partner with others. You’ll build relationships with potential clients by offering actionable advice and education. That helps you to demonstrate that your digital marketing agency knows how to help the learners, and they’ll be more likely to be interested in working with you. 

Networking & PR

The best way to get new clients is to build relationships. You need to meet people and make connections to build those relationships. The traditional way to network was to attend industry events, networking breakfasts, and other gatherings. 

However, you can also network online. Become a member of Facebook and LinkedIn groups and start a conversation. Share helpful content on Twitter. Get involved on Reddit or Slack.

Find the right balance between being pushy and authentic. People don’t like overt marketing, but they like relationship-building. People will think of you when they need a digital marketing agency if you’re helpful, personable, and approachable.

How To Find Digital Marketing Clients: FAQs

How can I get clients for digital marketing?

To get more clients for digital marketing, there are several effective strategies you can follow. You must first understand their needs to create a marketing plan that appeals to your target audience. You can also use social media to reach a larger audience and showcase your services. Networking and building relationships with other businesses in your industry can also help you find new clients. 

How do you attract clients quickly?

Try offering a special promotion or discount to new clients to get them to try you out. Use online advertising, like Google Ads or social media ads, to reach a wider audience. Plus, you can generate new leads and close more sales by partnering with complementary businesses.

How do beginners get clients?

A professional website and social media channels are critical to building your online presence. Doing this will establish your brand and show off your expertise. Also, finding new clients is all about networking and building relationships. Make connections and promote your services by attending industry events, joining online communities, and reaching out to other businesses.

Wrapping Up: How To Get Clients As A Digital Marketer

Getting new clients for your digital marketing agency requires effective strategies and persistence. You can grow your client base by understanding your target audience, building an online presence, networking and building relationships, and offering free trials. 

Be flexible and willing to change your approach. Don’t be afraid to try new methods and experiment with what works best for you. You can build a successful digital marketing agency with smart work, proven strategies, and exceptional results.

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