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One year ago I had $2,000 in my bank account and $6,000 in credit card debt…
Nothing was working.
I decided to try one last thing.
This was it.
If this didn’t work I would start applying to law schools again.
I bought a ticket to a private mastermind in Atlanta, GA where I could learn directly from people who were where I wanted to be.
The event ended up altering the trajectory of my life.
One year later I had the privilege of speaking at that same event.
Now people were paying to listen to what I had to say.
Before I left I told myself I wanted to change at least one life like someone changed mine.
It was a pretty surreal experience, this is a recap of the whole thing…

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[00:02:08] We’re in Atlanta about to speak at a conference Saturday and Sunday one year ago this weekend, I was a doe eyed entrepreneur coming here with less than $2000, in my bank account. Now coming back to the same conference, speaking at it, helping other entrepreneurs move themselves into business. Scale it up and live a life they want to live. How do we work right now? You were going to dinner tonight. It’s funny. No matter where I am in the world, we’re still fucking grinding still making daily decisions every single day. That’s how you live this lifestyle. Would everybody make him money? What, what, if you hang out with Ravi what, what. They don’t call me Ravi Money Abuvala for nothing. People have me in their phone as a million a month in their phone as my contact name. When you think of Ravi Abuvala, you think of money. But not just money. How Ravi is making me money and that’s my favorite fucking thing about my name is that people legitimately think of money when they think of my name. You get nine thousand dollars, you get nine thousand, you get nine thousand. Unreal. The line real and not just money. How I am making them money because as a wise man once said, if you can make other people money, you will always be wealthy. And judging by my house in San Diego, I’d say he’s probably right.

[00:02:11] What’s going on, guys? Ravi Abuvala here. Welcome my YouTube channel. What’s going on, guys? Just woke up early. Did our daily routine, meditated, wrote in our journal and just got a good lift in here in downtown Atlanta. We’re about to head over to the airport hotel where we’re gonna go see Jeff speak. Meet some of my students. Meet some of potential future students and try to add as much value as possible, see you guys there.

[00:03:50] So today we just got finished, listened. Oh, Jeff, speak. I network with all of my current students. Heard some awesome success stories. Also signed somebody else off the program right now. So super excited to get him started. And right now, we’re doing the next sensible thing after a long day of speaking and working. And we’re gonna go on a helicopter ride in downtown Atlanta. So I’ll see you guys there for some Hanson some. I’ll tell you that this because we’re literally in February of this year, we said we need to speak on stages. And then you and I both spoken on like over half a dozen stages. Yeah.

[00:05:11] What’s going on, guys? This is the day today, is it? I’m speaking we’re here at the airport hotel. I’m going in there for a little bit. Going to watch a few people speak. And I’m getting onstage and talking about my journey, how I came from becoming here one year ago as an attendee, not knowing what the hell I was doing. Now, a year later, running multiple businesses and speaking on stage, trying to change the lives of somebody like my life was changed here. The credit card and I call you a hundred times a day, whatever it is. That’s not what kind of business was to work for you. I got a business to work for myself and to deliver you a good or a service that you ask for and I’m delivering for you. The problem is people would be like bend over backwards and do whatever their client says. And at that point, it’s like you own your business or you be almost bankrupt. But I did the same thing and everything. I was the first six months and I think that was the first six months. I was. Yeah. Whatever you want, man. Yeah. Take your kid to school. Sure. No worries. Just please pay your invoice next month. Like literally your invoice will be.

[00:06:15] That’s like you’re not touchable. Like you people can’t just speak to you. So when you’ve an issue in your company and you come down to fix that issue, like I had to fix one little at this event. The guys, I do thank you so much for taking time in your day to do this. I mean, even though we dub, he’s like thanking me because I took my time out today in order to make that happen. Show exactly. You’re CEO, showing up or on the call like, oh my god, Ravi, you have so many days. Like I didn’t think I to get on the call with you. I’m like, hey, man, yeah, I’m doing this every single day. So that’s the benefit of it. May be me in my agency. There’s only a little bit difference because I’m selling a system that I’m fully removed from. So like, yeah, they see me on Fox News and see me on all that stuff. So when I get on, it is a little bit of beneficial. But like I was on the phone with the other day with a guy in Chicago total asswhole and he was like in a qualifying questions, he’s like, dude, I don’t want to answer these questions. Just tell me the price. And as I look, man, I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t think you’re ever for the system like your attitude is kind of shitty. And we don’t want you in our company. You’re making the biggest mistake of your life. Let me speak to the CEO right now. Like this is the CEO, man. So, like, you have to be super brutal in your qualification process. When you’re talking to them because you want to waste your time and you don’t waste their time.

[00:07:31] I always go to Ravi. I know he’s always gonna have a quick and simple solution. I meant like the next 10 minutes that’s going to have a massive impact. So I know for sure for a fact that everything I’ve learned is going to be extremely practical, extremely valuable. And this is a lot of a lot of the stuff that I need to implement in my business as well. Inside of this financial success, which is just a result of who he is as a person who inspires me about Ravi Abuvala the most is the speed at which he influences people. I was sitting there last year, now speaking on stage with his this year. I hoped on to only provide as much value as I got last year.

[00:09:09] What’s going on guys, Ravi Abuvala back at you live. We’re in Delta Sky Lounge in the Atlanta airport. Super stoked that we had an absolutely incredible experience past few days in Atlanta. Was amazing. Got to see my dad. Got to see how he check in on see how he was doing. Got to go to the event. Got a network of some incredible people here. My roommate Jeff talk. Here are some of my mentors. And so my idol speak as well as meet some really incredible people there. I had the opportunity to speak today and absolutely crush. I loved everything that I did. I love the feedback that I was getting and the energy in the room. And I got to network with a lot of people afterwards. I’m super excited to get back in, connect with some of them in the future. Hopefully do some business. This is just the beginning, my guys. This is my YouTube channel. This is where we’re gonna be launching off. Stay tuned to everything you see in here. Subscribe click the like button down below. And next up is San Diego

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