Are you learning from your losses

Every Time I Have A Set Back, I Make Sure To Grow From It.

Do you learn from your losses?

Because every time I have a set back, I make sure to grow from it.

In this clip from my interview on Andy Dane Carter’s Podcast, we’re talking about losses, setbacks, and how to move forward.

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I don’t learn shit from my wins, I don’t learn anything. Except they feel good. But even the flip-side of that is true as well, right? I was having this conversation was on the other day, like a lot of people that I know and you know us, myself included, like everyone has family problems. Right. I want to talk to my dad. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And we had bouts of months or years where same thing happened with us as well, of course. But I think honest to God, just like the cancer, just like things that all seem like this is the end of the world. How God, why me? It’s just like you’re growing thicker skin and your grow. The having not seeing my parents day, but just any kind of rejection or any kind of like, you know, problems that I had a child growing up, whatever it is that just made me whenever I got into the real world and people started telling me to, you know, you suck fuck off whenever I was asking them for business. That’s all right. Oh, yeah. Okay, cool. The next one is where most people that are called old and, you know, taking care from childhood with a silver spoon in their mouth all the way to when they graduate college and all of a sudden they go out there and the real war hits them in the face.

So that’s why when I tell me why I get on on a lot of my YouTube videos or Instagrams, you measure me. I’m dealing with these family problems. I’m dealing with the problems with whatever my spouse might. And it’s just like these are the refrain them, just like I talked about the happiness advantage you kind of got to refrain. And like, this is just preparing me for what’s not what’s next? What’s the gentleman that does the crazy like athletes? He’s like he does all the long run marathons. Goggins Yeah, dude, at least he talks about the reason why he runs thirty miles when he wakes up in the morning. He’s not for the thirty miles me wakes in the morning. It’s so that when you gets a call at 3am that his mom passed away, he’s like there and rock solid and it just cal lis that’s essentially what he’s prepared for any. Exactly.

Here’s the thing that I’ve learned in my short term on this earth. I don’t learn shit from my wins, I don’t learn anything. Accept they feel good. All the losses, all the heartache, all the pain is where all the growth happens. I talk to my wife about it this morning. I can like I’m like, babe, I got nothing is going to come from winning every single fight, like and you see those fighters like actual fighters that do that, they get smoked their last couple of fights. Their complacent and then they got broke. They’ve never been broke before. Like there’s so much that goes into that which I absolutely love like so. Yeah. To your point, if you have a bad childhood, you use it as fuel. If you have a good childhood, like you still kind of use it as fuel. So like, that’s the thing. Like there’s there’s so many different angles you can go, which is again, why I love real estate.

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